Patti Stanger Talks Motherhood and Past Abortion

    December 28, 2013
    Meaghan Ellis
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While Millionaire Matchmaker extraordinaire Patti Stanger has load of advice for wealthy singles, she recently shared that she didn’t always have all the answers. As a matter of fact, Stanger even shed light on some personal issues that have plagued her over the years.

In a recent Q&A column with OK! Magazine, fans submitted questions to the Bravo TV star via Twitter. One fan asked Stanger what was her biggest regret. Sanger replied, “My biggest regret is I didn’t have children.”

However, the answer to the question didn’t end there. It was quite obvious that the admission touched a sensitive spot for Stanger, as she was faced with a moment of vulnerability. So instead of abruptly moving on to the next question, she offered more.

“I didn’t have enough money, and I didn’t think it was OK to have a child and be a single parent,” she recalled. “Now look, everybody’s doing that. And I think that I didn’t find the right guy at the right time to have one with, I guess, but I don’t think I would adopt and be single.”

It’s definitely safe to say Stanger’s regret centers around the fact that she actually had an opportunity at motherhood. She even continued with an explanation.

“I think I would’ve eventually found a guy, settled down, got the picket fence, and I just didn’t meet the right person at the right time,” she continued. “I wasn’t lucky like a lot of other people. And that’s my biggest regret, not having kids.”

Then, Stanger went on to do what she does best – offer advice. Stanger lightened the sullen mood that came with her admission as she insisted that people shouldn’t give up on hopes of love.

She even offered a different perspective on how people should view love and finding ‘the one’. “You really have to look at it like, you just need one and your’e done,” Stanger advised. “If you constantly keep scoping the field and looking for the biger and better deal, you’re going to be alone. You need to find some good guy, like a 7 or 8, that you can put a nice pair of jeans on, cut his hair, get him a suntan, and he’s sweet and nice and warm, makes a good living, and makes you laugh—and then call it a day.”

Image via Twitter | Patti Stanger

  • Yep

    She had a child. She just chose to kill it. She needs to stop her b****ing and realize that. In fact, she knows this. In her mind, money was the cause of her killing her baby and her life has been in pursuit of money. When in reality, it was her choice to kill that baby.

    Women want everything to be perfect in their lives but what they forget is life is not perfect. Life isn’t meant to be perfect. Women are their own worst enemies. Never happy. Never satisfied. Always blaming someone else for their problems and decisions. Always wanting someone to feel sorry for them. Always using the victim card. Typical, spoiled, clueless American woman.

    You had a baby. You killed it. End of story.

    • Karen

      Maybe that’s what she regrets is having an abortion. Maybe now she wishes she would have had the child. Maybe she made a bad decesion when she was younger and now she regrets its. Have a little compassion…

      • @Karen

        There are men serving decades in prison for getting in fist fights. I know people serving 10 years for getting in fights with their wife. This woman killed a child.

        I believe in compassion. But if you are going to give it to one. Give it to all. Not just crying women.

      • @Karen

        No one had compassion for that aborted baby. Look at every child you meet and realize that 55 million children have been aborted since Roe vs Wade. That is more people than live in the entire states of California, New York and Florida combined.

        America is all about convenience. Most abortions are out of convenience.

        These other commenters are right. There are men serving so much prison time for very minor things. No one has compassion for them. Yet, a woman who ends a life is viewed as a hero or a feminist. No, she ended a life. Just like the person who shot up Sandy Hook.

        I think someone said it well. Selective morality. As long as we don’t see what we are killing it is okay.

        Well, I am sorry it is not okay. Like someone said. Open an abortion bag. See the little hands and fingers. It is not okay.

        • Wow

          Killing live children in school is totally the same as not having a mass of cells grow inside of a person. That analogy is totally legitimate.

    • http://twitter.com/d4m_d33zy Deezy

      Yeah.. I dont kno. I just kant find any sympth for this one. I mean… say you wish you’d had a child & to have had one in the making and to have killed it? I mean, eww.. sound like some horror movie.

    • Kimmy K

      Some People seem to be H double LL bent on criticizing others for there past. We all have a past and I’m sure that none of us live I a glass house. Just say’in! I’m Glad that she has been successful,she seems happy with her new Love.
      One thing that’s for sure, finding a long lasting Loving relationship, you must start with great communication / honesty and friendship. ( finding true love in a singles bar is like finding fish in the desert!! :) don’t you agree?

    • Kimmy K

      It seems Your angry.closed minded and a judgmental person. The God I know would be very disappointed in someone who is so quick to pass judgment.. Nobody’s perfect.
      Your being harsh and unfair…

      • Guest

        You’re judging someone you haven’t met as angry, close minded and judgmental because he/she doesn’t agree with you. I think you’re being harsh and unfair. I guess the god y know is very disappointed in you, too. Does the god you know command “Thou shalt not kill, well, unless that person is inconvenient”?

      • @Kimmy K

        Ever been to a prison. Actually seen how flimsy so many cases are. Men in prison for victimless crimes?

        Prison is hell. People die. People get raped. People get diseases. Then you leave and you can’t find a job. No one gives you a chance.

        That happens to men all the time for things far less severe than ending a human life.

        Harsh and unfair? Go to a prison. Go see harsh and unfair. But you won’t. You won’t go see the realities.

        God may be fair. God may be compassionate. Man? Man does not even understand what that word means and most men are hypocrites.

        Go talk to a guy who is serving 10 years for getting in an argument with his wife. Go. Talk to him. Then come back and talk to me about compassion, forgiveness, and fairness.

  • Sorry Lady

    Look at her last comment. To her a man is this:

    A guy she can put jeans on — what the hell does that have to do with love?
    A guy she can cut his hair —- as if all men are slobs.
    A guy she can give a suntan to — as if having a suntan is really that important.
    A guy that makes a good living —- sorry men are not put on this earth to make life easy for women.
    A guy that makes her laugh — again sorry, men are not put on earth to be your entertainment.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid woman and all her problems are caused by herself. Bitch. Wonder why men get sick of women and we don’t want to get married. Look at the woman above. That is why. Plus, the person above me is right. She had a baby. She just aborted it. Again, she won’t look at her life realistically.

  • unknown

    Millionaire Matchmaker is a bullshit show, they talk about how people find love, bullshit, it’s all about the women going after rich dude. Which mean they all golddigger.

  • http://yahoo red

    Let’s see… no where in the article does it mention abortion… but like any “news” it leads with a captive headline, and of course people will assume the worst and read much more into it. And if she did choose not to have a child that is between her and God. Not that I watch her show often but I do wonder how many couples do get married and stay together.

    • http://twitter.com/d4m_d33zy Deezy

      Its in another one that I read, goes into more detail about it.

    • @red

      Read other articles Red. Okay red, like I said to Melinda. Well, then all the criminals we have in prison well that too is between them and God. Half the people in our prisons are in for victimless or drug crimes. We need to release them and deliver them from the hell they are in.

      A woman can take the life of an innocent child and nothing can happen to her. A man can do the slightest of things and end up in the hell of prison —- where they make money off you.

      Don’t tell me I don’t know what I am talking about. I work at a prison. I read the cases. Half the people that come in prison are poor, don’t have victims, or are suffering from addictions. We destroy their lives in prison. So if you are going to extend compassion — do it to everyone.

      By the way, that baby had a life ahead of it to. So did the guy that is serving life in prison in California for stealing $4 worth of tube socks.

  • noelle

    I am a reality tv junkie…and I wouldn’t touch this show with a 10 foot pole. I have seen the show in the past and I think it is atrocious that she not only advocates but pushes women to change their looks to qualify to get a man. A big one for Stanger is if your hair is curly she wants you to straighten it! Come on.
    A few weeks ago, I was privileged enough to be scanning the channels and witness her telling her staff that they were bringing her “crap”…in front of a woman they’d recruited. She is an abomination.

  • Melinda Bandeau

    I admire her honesty if it is true,,,I believe people All people make mistakes and can be forgiven if asked. Thank God we have a loving God that loves us no matter what we do as long as we love each other without judgement. I myself chose to keep my babies and I am against adortion but that does not mean I hold it against anyone. God is the only person we should aim to please. God Bless and I pray to have eyes as Jesus and Heart as Jesus.

    • @Melinda

      Okay Melinda — I understand and agree with most of what you said. But right now there are men spending decades in prison for getting in simple fist fights. I work at a prison. I know. So a woman can take a life of a child and nothing will happen to her but a man can get in a stupid fight and have his life taken away? Oh worse yet, person can smoke a joint an get 55 years in prison. Go to change.org and read about that.

      It is hypocrisy. A different standard for men and women.

      Women — kill a baby — well that is okay. Men — cause a bloody nose — go to prison.

      God may forgive and Christ may forgive. Man is nothing but a group of hypocrites that cause needless suffering. So yes, it does matter what she does.

      • Kimmy K

        Dear @ Melinda!! C’mon Girl;-(
        Your in the wrong line of work! I was a Deputy SGT. for 17 years.. Been there done that!! WOW! Time to wake up!
        You are about as naïve as the come.
        I get it that your against abortion…. Everyone has a right to opinions of abortion.. Please don’t confuse The Felons in our prison system to this topic…. THATS JUST WRONG ON EVERY LEVEL..

        • @Kimmy K

          I was an auditor for a state correctional department. I know what I am talking about. I read all the cases.

          If you really are a Deputy Sergeant then you know all the corruption in the prison system and all the cops who are disciplined. Heck, half the cops in prison are the ones supplying the convicts with drugs, phones, and knives. Go ahead and deny, it then tell me what state you are in. Go ahead.

          Right now I can give you a thousand cases where a man is in prison without a victim. I can also give you several hundred officers that committed felonies while working in prisons but not one of them saw a day of jail time.

          Don’t tell me about reality. You my dear are part of the problem.

      • Yikes

        “Women — kill a baby — well that is okay. Men — cause a bloody nose — go to prison.”

        If a woman kills a child, she would go to jail. You seem to be talking about a lump of cells inside of her body though.

    • @Melinda

      I agree with the person who replied to you. Have you ever served on a jury and sent someone to prison. Voted for tougher laws. Trust me, people who commit crimes are also suffering in some way.

      A fight is not as permanent as death from an abortion. Gee, smoking pot is not as permanent as an abortion. I assure you we have thousands of people in our prisons for these thing.

      Women who have their babies sucked out of them or pulled apart —- well that is just okay. It is fine. No problem.

  • Ever See An Abortion

    Who out there has ever seen an abortion bag? The little hands and feet of children in it. Cracked little skulls? People talk about abortion and they never have seen it. I agree with the person above who talked about prison. We have men serving prison time for crimes against people who don’t even exist. Crimes that are literally totally victimless.

    Politically correct and clueless Americans who are so very SELECTIVELY MORAL. Walk down to your local abortion clinic. Open a bag. See the little arms and feet. Tell me there isn’t a victim.

    Fucking hypocrites that only do the politically correct thing.

  • Ever See An Abortion

    Who out there has ever seen an abortion bag? The little hands and feet of children in it. Cracked little skulls? People talk about abortion and they never have seen it. I agree with the person above who talked about prison. We have men serving prison time for crimes against people who don’t even exist. Crimes that are literally totally victimless.

    Politically correct and clueless Americans who are so very SELECTIVELY MORAL. Walk down to your local abortion clinic. Open a bag. See the little arms and feet. Tell me there isn’t a victim.

  • Char

    You are such a pretty woman, maybe some day you can still have a family. It’s never too late. One comment/request – when you are screening the people, please don’t use the “f” word so such. It takes away from your personal appeal. Other than that, I really enjoy your program.

    • There You Go

      Wow…. since she is such a pretty woman …. all is okay. What if she was a fat slob who weighed 300 pounds?

      Saying the “f” word bothers you but not the killing of a baby? My God. Are we this shallow? But it is okay. She is such a pretty woman.

      • Yikes

        I missed the part of the article where she killed a live baby. Instead, the headline indicated an abortion.

    • Guest

      Well, then, as long as she’s pretty! Pretty women + rich men equal successful relationships. Got it

  • Jennifer

    I am so sick of people pushing their religious agenda on women’s decisions (especially men, who cannot ever find themselves in the most unenviable decision-making position). I personally think that people who have a pile of kids should go to jail for contributing to the mass overpopulation and complete genocide that we as humans are perpetrating on the rest of the Earth’s population. All your precious children/grandchildren/great-grandchildren will pay for humanity’s ego-maniacal desire to reproduce in the end. But, the interpretation relating the “right to privacy” which has been roughly translated to “keep your hands off my body” applies to your decision to have or not have children equally.

    • @Jennifer

      The earth is not over populated. Are you that dumb? There is more land on this planet than you can imagine. Hell, on my property alone, ten other families could live. Go to texas, oklahoma, tennessee, and look at how much land is not even used. Look at every population study there is. At about 9 billion people, the population will start to decrease due to old age. Hell, in America the baby boomers who are in their 60s and 70s are the largest group of people.

      Get an education. Study. Learn about math. Overpopulation is a complete myth. Then again, maybe we should chalk you up as another Hitler that wants to exterminate people.

      • Yikes

        Gather ’round kids, let me tell you the story of overpopulation. Exciting myth!

    • @Jennifer

      I don’t support religion and I don’t have an agenda. I have an opinion and it’s as valid yours. Every time I’ve expressed my pro-life opinion online, on air, or in print, people like you who claim you’re so fair and open-minded *always* assume I’m religious, and rush t shut me up.

      • guestNK

        Oops. The post above is me, and not the first “@Jennifer” who replied regarding population. Sorry about the name duplication.

  • liberal sodomy

    One less ugly jew in the world.

  • cody

    I think that she needs to be a grown up shes critical of everyone yet shes a lone as for abortion cry me a river. I feel sorry for the life she took, how much of this may just be to get in the headlines. I dont trust anyone on TV. They have never done anything except self loath and do what ever it takes to make money, maybe it is true, but you know what let her adopt if she wishes she had a child. Maybe if this garbage liberal media didnt condone abortion so much and make millions of dollars from these clinics like PLANNED BABY KILLERS I ME PARENT HOOD. She and millions of others wouldn’t feel this regret. 1.5 million babies were slaughtered last yr in the “compassionate” USA, that’s the biggest genocide tragedy in the world today. A baby has at the moment of conception a baby has DNA. Lets start feeling sorry for the real victims

  • Real Story

    America is messed up. America has aborted 55 MILLION babies. We will go to war over 3,000 deaths. We will cry in outrage over Jon Benet Ramsey. I hate to tell you those 55 million babies would all have been like Jon Benet.

    Now what is the reasons for abortion? Health? Hell No. It is convenience.

    On average, women give at least 3 reasons for choosing abortion: 3/4 say that having a baby would interfere with work, school or other responsibilities; about 3/4 say they cannot afford a child; and 1/2 say they do not want to be a single parent or are having problems with their husband or partner (AGI).

    Only 12% of women included a physical problem with their health among reasons for having an abortion (NAF).

    One per cent (of aborting women) reported that they were the survivors of rape (NAF).

    55 MILLION BABIES AMERICA. That is more than all the people in California and New Your and Florida.

  • Selective Morality

    The same people that support abortion would be outraged over Jon Benet Ramsey but would cheer when our drones will attack the Taliban but kill innocent people in Pakistan.

    America is full of hypocrites.

    Anyone who has ever held a baby knows how bad abortion is and the guy above is right. We have people serving decades in prison for things like going to meet someone from the internet after they were set up. Or people who used drugs when they themselves are addicts. Or people that got in simple arguments with spouses. Or when they stole a pair of tube socks (think I am joking — a guy in California has life for this).

    He or she is right. We are so selectively moral.

  • Casey Anthony

    Hey, I am a cute and crying woman. I got away with killing my child. You can too! Just cry a lot and look good!!

    After all, less than 7% of all prisoners are women. We never go to jail. Look at me. The evidence was overwhelming that I either killed my kid or was so negligent that she ended up dead. But I didn’t serve a day of prison time. If I was a man, I would have been hung.

    I am woman hear me roar! Go feminism! Kill as many babies as you like! It is okay! They are only human souls!!!

    • Yikes

      Nope. Not human souls.

  • Sandy Hook

    We mourn over Sandy Hook … but everyday in america…. 3,000 babies are aborted. That is a 9/11 every day of the year.

    America you better get real with your morality. The world knows you are hypocrites. Every baby aborted could grow up and have a life. Sorry, but it is true. Those lives were taken away.

  • Jacquez

    Yep…. if I get caught with a bag of weed I go to jail…. I abort my baby … I become a victim … and get a support group. It is the american way.

    Tell you what … put that bag of weed …. next to a bag with the remains of a baby in it. See who did the greater damage to society.

  • Let me understand this.

    If I have a perfectly good car and I choose to crush it, then turn around and complain I don’t have a car ……well wouldn’t that be my own fault?

    If I have a baby …. turn around and crush it to death …. then turn around and complain I don’t have children … all because I wanted an easy life and money ….. hmmmmm …. well doesn’t that sound a bit fake.

    Spoiled woman.

  • Auditor

    I was an auditor for a state correctional system. I can tell you right now there are many thousands of people in jails and prisons for victimless crimes. You don’t have to take my word for it. Just google “rise of victimless crimes in America”.

    Anyhow, it seems to me that the person above is right. Open an abortion bag. See little hands and feet. Then tell me there wasn’t a victim in abortions. Then go talk to the person doing 10 years for selling pot about fairness. Better yet, go tell the men that are completely innocent and are in prison because some woman lied about being raped.

    Please. Abortion is murder. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t see little arms and feet in a bag. Women should be held accountable for that. Heck, if I go out and chop someone up and put them in a bag, I would get a life sentence or put to death.

  • Casey Anthony

    It is me again! I am not held accountable for anything I do. I am an American woman!