Patti Stanger Regrets Not Having Children

By: Ellisha Rader Mannering - December 28, 2013

Patti Stanger has made a lot of smart choices to become the Millionaire Matchmaker, but there is one choice that she is not so happy about. Stanger said in a recent interview that she regrets never having children.

Stanger said that growing up she was taught that you should only have children if you were married and because she had never met the right guy, she never felt like it was the right time for children.

Stanger admitted to being pregnant at one time but says that she had an abortion because she didn’t think it was right to have a baby as a single parent and she did not have enough money to support herself or a child.

“‘I was pregnant and I didn’t have enough money and I didn’t think it was ok to have a child and be a single parent,” Stanger said.

The days of searching for Mr. Right for Stanger may be long gone as it seems she has already found him. Stanger is currently dating David Krause who has already bought Stanger a promise ring.

Stanger has not said if the two plan to get married or have children. Although Stanger has said several times that she would still like to have a family. Perhaps the couple will consider adoption. Stanger has already proven that she is a mulittasker who is more than capable of running a successful matchmaking business. Raising a family may require some changes to her life, but she could easily make it happen.

Maybe Stanger will still be able to have the family of her dreams some day. What do you think of her decision to have an abortion and regret for not having children?

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  • Yep

    She had a child. She just chose to kill it. She needs to stop her bitching and realize that. In fact, she knows this. In her mind, money was the cause of her killing her baby and her life has been in pursuit of money. When in reality, it was her choice to kill that baby.

    Women want everything to be perfect in their lives but what they forget is life is not perfect. Life isn’t meant to be perfect. Women are their own worst enemies. Never happy. Never satisfied. Always blaming someone else for their problems and decisions. Always wanting someone to feel sorry for them. Always using the victim card. Typical, spoiled, clueless American woman.

    You had a baby. You killed it. End of story.

    • Yelina Thompson

      I pity you as you sound as if you hate or have little respect for women. I pray that God heals your heart! “To err is human, but to forgive is divine.” Quote by Alexander Pope

      OR maybe you should be the first to cast a stone since you have NEVER SINNED(quote by Jesus Christ).

      • Guest

        I pity you. You’re trying to hide behind a man whose pointing his finger in your direction. You defend a grown woman before a defenseless child. Is that what your Jesus would do? You reference a religion that you yourself are not obeying.

      • @Yelina

        I worked in a courtroom and a prison. There are men serving decades in prison for crimes against people who do not exist, minor drug offenses, or getting in arguments with their wives.

        Oh, I have tons of compassion for people. Believe me. I also see the hypocrisy. A woman can take a life and it is legal. A man gets in a minor incident and his life is taken away.

        Sorry. To break your perspective on this world and life. But that is real life. Go talk to some of the people I know. Men who didn’t even see people and are in prison. Go see their suffering. That is who you should be praying for.

    • Deezy

      Well I do feel sorry for the baby she killed. I mean.. a boy or girl, he or she would be an adult now with grandkids of his or her own. I mean, thats pretty magical.. and she snuffed it out. Bit of a heartbreak yo :\ wow. Other then that, in her 50s.. is she still able to have kids? I mean adopt is kool but her DNA line will die with her.. yea kno. Bout the only way to live forever. Thats what having babies is sorta for.

  • Theresa

    I think it’s her beeswax and not for others to decide.

  • http://none candy

    I hope her show goes off the air she is so MEAN to EVERYONE. I have no idea why people watch her show, use her for a matchmaker etc. She is one mean person I wouldn’t want to be around.