Pat Robertson: Cheating Husband’s Wife Should be Grateful [VIDEO]

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Pat Robertson is well-known for making controversial statements. In addition to failed end of the world and presidential election predictions, the well-known conservative Christian has blamed everything from the 9/11 attacks to hurricane Katrina on gay people and non-Christian society.

This week, Robertson has made headlines again, this time for blaming the victim of marital infidelity.

While addressing questions on his Christian Broadcasting Network, Robertson told a woman who was cheated on and trying hard to forgive her husband that men can be expected to do that sort of thing. He goes on to tell her that she should be grateful for all of the things he provides for her and attempt to “fall in love with him again.”

“Stop. Talking. About. The. Cheating,” said Robertson. “He cheated on you. Well, he’s a man, ok. So, what you do is begin to focus on why you married him in the first place. On what he does good. Does he provide a home for you to live in? Does he provide food for you to eat? Does he provide clothes for you to wear? Is he nice to the children?…”

After that, things get a bit cathartic for Robertson, who gets specific on a scenario the question did not even mention.

“You’re praying ‘oh, God, keep me not to hate him for what he did when he was with that stripper in that hotel room ten years ago and I’ll never forgive him…please help me.'”

Robertson goes on to make his excuse for men even clearer, and implies that the woman who sent the question may, in fact, be at fault.

“Like it or not, males have a tendency to, uh, wander a little bit and what you want to do is to make a home so wonderful that he dosen’t want to wander.”

Pat Robertson: Cheating Husband’s Wife Should be Grateful [VIDEO]
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  • zenepher

    He is beginning to sound dementia and he is prejudice against our President.

  • Joe

    Another hateful comment by a website that hates Christians.

    Robertson is RIGHT. Move on. It’s up to the women to handle the situation, no one else. If she does nothing but focus on the problem, that’s all she will see. Common sense. Well, not for sites like this.

    • http://yahoo Lisa Felicetty

      Are you crazy…no it’s up the woman to handle the situation..she didn’t create the situation you moron! And you have no common sense!!! He is the one who drove the car into the ditch, let him fix the situation.

      • ubyy

        Lisa, He is absolutely right. Please get out of your emotional state and listen to her question. Noone asked if the man was at fault. He was definately at fault.

        The question is, how does she get to where she can forgive her husband. Not how can she continue to blame her husband or trample over him for his sin. How can she forgive him.

        Pat is correct. She must start to focus on the good things not the bad. Even those who are depressed have to do this. focusing on the bad will keep you down, God said to thing on things that are pure, honest, just, lovely of a good report, virtuous and praise worthy. People dont want to do that, and that is why there are so many mental illnesses.

        • http://yahoo Lisa Felicetty

          @ubyy-not sure what “he” you are referring to but I was talking to guy above me (Joe). I have been thru this and it’s hard to get over being trampled on. He ought to be begging her for forgiveness. To think of things “pure,honest,lovely,virtuous”…too bad he wasn’t all of those things. It’s very hard and we even had counseling. It is hard when someone has betrayed you, especially when you have followed all the rules as a wife. Some marriages don’t survive this. So unless you have experience in this, then you need to not say anything!

  • Richard

    Pat Robertson has lost his mind.

  • Rev. Riley

    He is thying to tell the wife how to forgive a cheating husband. Forgiveness is the foundation of christianity and marrage. Love and cherish your spouse. Thank God for each other. Satisfy and fullfill each others desires at home. The there is no need to seek outside stimulation.

  • Common Sense

    Mr. Robertson, isn’t one of God’s commandments thou shall not commit adultery?

    • ubyy

      what does that have to do with the topic of her question? HOW DO I FORGIVE HIM? NOT was what he did ok.

  • Jo

    Pat Robertson is either getting senile and doesn’t know what he’s saying (family members ought to intervene), or he knows EXACTLY what he’s saying ’cause it appeals to men and it brings in the $$$. Having been the target of this guilt and blame myself, well….I’ll save my lengthy comments for another time. Plenty of women who read this know what I’m saying.

    • ubyy

      he knows exactly what he is saying and he is correct. Yes, I know what you are saying, you are saying, ” I am emotional and cant listen to what someone is saying to me”. There you go.

      Listen to the topic again Jo and keep out of your emotion.

      She asked how she can forgive her husband and get on with their lives. She did NOT ask if what her husband did is OK.

  • Robert Cote

    When are people going to understand that Pat Robertson is described in Revelations. For they will be many false prophets. Pat Robertson is a false prophet. His insprition comes not from God but from another source. Those who follow Pat Robertson are being led down a path that is not God’s path but man’s path. He knows not what he is talking about.

  • TimBo

    HAHA Hypocrite this is one reason why marijuana should be legal CUZ PEOPLE DONT KNOW HOW TO PRACTICE WHAT THEY PREACH just like our government

  • Elaine

    So, “If he is nice to the children”… How can committing adultery be “nice” to the children. A cheating spouse can cause discord among the home, therefore, having the children suffer for the adulter’s mistake. That is not being a nice parent. And I use no generalization for male or female, because both sexes (not in this case) can commit adultery. However, Pat has generalized and shunned the woman in this case. He basically told her to keep the home well kept and her man won’t wander. Wow.

  • mary ann

    This lady ask what to do to forgive him so he gave her advice on what she can do to forgive him He didnt say it was ok for the man to cheat. He was helping her with what she ask for how do I forgive and forget.

  • hbeale

    Pat Robertson is a degenerate just like every other christian that hides behind a book of lies to justify their evil and nefarious ways.

  • Lilly

    IT’S THE THING MEN DO!!! Does he realize that women and men are aching inside because their spouse cheated on them. He has never experienced this!!! He has never known what kind of evil is evident within an affair. Tell him to watch “Dateline NBC – he’ll realize it’s not a pretty picture. And who in the —- does he think he is when he is letting it off as some kind of “thing” that men just do!! It’s called “family bashers” and “heartbreakers”. I’m one who has been through this kind of atrocity against the family. Are you insinuating that we as women should thank him for “caring” for us? Do you know what happens when the affair goes on??? Irresponsibility, he becomes invisible to the family, he leaves in the middle of the night, and he doesn’t blink and eye, and then you expect us to just shove it under the rug!!! It’s an emotional hell-hole!!! That’s what it is!! I don’t care if he is a minister…my ex-spouse was a minister too!!!

  • Charlene

    Has he not read the basic commandments? Thou shalt not commit adultry?
    Geez, way to make someone who was cheated on feel WORSE, like they are at fault.
    Terrible. Now, I can see why people think that us Christians are full of garbage

  • Tim Mayer

    Pat Robertson becomes more arrogant and angry all the time. He is ignorant and is usually the one attacking others. These are NON-CHRISTIAN traits. Listen to what everyone has been saying…it is about disrespect and a lack of compassion for the woman’s pain. It has nothing to do with feminism, which helped women rise above gross mistreatment. COMPASSION for everyone, male or female, is the message. Compassion opens the door to love.

  • jeff

    Listen to the question that the woman ask in the first place…….How would you have responded? I think that the advice was dead on. The woman wants to learn to forgive her husband. Im not a big Pat Robertson fan, but i see nothing wrong with this advice. People need to lighten up and ask themselves the same question. Quit making a big deal out of this. People would complain no matter what he said. People love drama. Lets all grow up or shut up!

  • Dre

    The problem with a majority of the comments is that they are directed toward whether the man deserves forgiveness and how it should look coming from the wife. Ivy already knows that she has to forgive her husband and wants to. She was asking Pat what she could do to help her forgive her husband and that is exactly what he provided to her…a new focus. If you do not like the way your life looks, change the way you are viewing your life. Think of the good things about this man and fall in love with him again. This is good advice for a Christian woman who does not believe in divorce and wants to make her marriage viable again. So many of us have forgotten that we all stumble and fall at times. This man fell and he cannot reverse the situation, but Jesus has the power to heal that relationship. The wife’s heart has to change toward her husband in order for the relationship to move forward. As a Christian, she must honor and respect her husband. He must love his wife and be willing to lay down his life for her. An indiscretion does not mean that he would not die for her. It does not matter what it looks like in the eyes of the world. Christians live by s different code so you haters can just keep on hating. We have to do the hard things. When the world says hate…we show love. “Let he who is without sin…”

    Why are people acting like Pat said something that was plain crazy. Everybody knows that men cheat more than women. If that is news to anyone on this post then you really need to get out more. Is anybody out there believing that this is not true? Technically, the data only reflects those that get caught. More than half of the women responding to Pat’s comments have been cheated on and are speaking from a place of hurt.

    • ubyy

      The thing is, men are visually stimulated and many if not all women know that.

      Women cheat too. HELLO, Pats advise would be the same for a man who was dealing with forgiving a cheating wife. NO DIFFERENCE.

      Women are also visually stimulated just not to the same extent as men. Some women also have problems with pornography.

      I see no difference in the advise that would be given to either sex.

      but I am not very emotional !

      • Sandy

        You’re not very bright either if you can’t see where Pat stops giving advice on forgiveness and starts giving marriage advice on how to make him want to come home. Because Obviously in his mind, she wasn’t already doing that. I’ll give you a clue, it starts around the 2 minute mark. I don’t have much faith that it’s going to sink in though…


    • http://yahoo Lisa Felicetty

      @Dre-We all get that she’s asking how to forgive, and how you describe it, it’s all up to her…I don’t think so. It’s all up to him…he now has to earn trust back..so her new focus is always going to be if he is 5 minutes late, where is he. He has to make her fall in love with him again. We all know that people can make mistakes..and if we choose to stay and forgive doesn’t mean it’s going to be peachy keen..there will be work on BOTH partners. Hate to tell you but Jesus cannot heal the relationship, the husband has to be by being an open book and very transparent. Christians live by a different code…please..most of you preach it, then do the opposite. We are not haters, just realistic. Once you have been betrayed, you are always going to be on guard.

  • Donna S.

    From what I have seen over the years women can usually forgive the man..for many different and varied reasons…for being unfaithful. Men usually can’t seem to get past it or forgive when they have been cheated on.

  • Lin

    Per Article above “He cheated on you. Well, he’s a man, ok. ” Would if I could bold that last sentence. This is taking personal responsiblity of the man right out of the equation and giving a free pass.

    • No Androgyny

      Nope. Only a feminist manhater would read all that into his comment.

      • Chris

        Oh stop…we all know you are a feminist man-hater…or perhaps…you bat for the other team. Such a woman hater. Feel sorry for all the women in your life. Especially your Mom…poor woman, probably got cheated on by her hubby.

    • ubyy

      in the bible the word man is used referring to mankind. feminists dont like it but oh well.

      Mankind are ALL sinners, thus his comment. Women cheat too, same advise for the husband of a cheating wife. He must thing on the good things not dwell on the bad.

      • Sandy

        For once I agree with you. The Bible does use mankind for men and women. But that wasn’t a Bible quote. It was Pat’s quote and he wasn’t including women in his meaning. Shall I tell you how I know this. Hold onto your Bible and observe the capital letters I use in Pat’s quote. *wink*

        “He cheated on you. Well, *HE’S* a man, ok.” See, “he’s”? That is specifically talking about the member of mankind that has a penis. The male.

        You’re Welcome.

      • CuriousCursor

        ^ What Sandy said. Lin was quoting Robertson, not the bible, and Robertson wasn’t talking about all of mankind; he was talking about a specific member of it.

        By pretending that his statement was broader, you engage in sophistry in order to lessen the gravity of his reply. It makes me wonder whether you have ANY honesty, but then I recall how much sophistry you use to whitewash the parts of the bible that you prefer weren’t so bad, and I end up answering my own question; sophistry is hardly something that’s new to you. Oh, but sometime I also forget that you call it “using your brain.” lawlz.

  • John Phillips

    Why people listen to this moron is beyond me.

    • ubyy

      there was nothing he said that was incorrect. Tell me, do you think she would ever be able to forgive her husband (which was her question) if she dwells on the sin he committed?


      Pat never excused the mans sin, just pointed out that man has a propensity to lust and satan and his world are always pushing naked females in the face of men.

  • Chris

    Clearly a dinosaur who is preaching to an audience that won’t exist much longer.
    As if women don’t cheat. As if women don’t provide homes, food, clothing to their families. As if women can’t see that there are others who may make better biological mates. As if all the sexual opportunities available to us don’t entice women as well as men.
    This old man knows nothing about the 21st Century marriage.

    • No Androgyny

      Clearly a feminist who is preaching to an audience that will abort it’s offspring.
      As if men don’t have more testosterone. As if men don’t PRIMARILY provide homes, food, clothing to their families. As if men can’t see that adulterous sex is far less risky for them than women. As if all the sexual opportunities available to us is much more of a burden than women.
      This wet behind the ears woman knows nothing about anything other than androgyny

      • Michele

        Hi-larious! So testosterone justifies cheating? Hmmmm, so if a woman’s hormones dictate her sexual desires and an hot guy wants to take her to bed, it’s ok? Because, ya know, hormones and all. Hey! There’s a sexual opportunity walking by my window! Wonder if my husband would be OK, I mean, and eye for an eye right? Isn’t that in the bible too? Well, off to do the work of God! Thanks Pat!

        • No Androgyny

          We have testosterone. You have ovulation. Did I say anything about justification? Nope. But of course you like to throw your feminist spin and androgyny apologism into my comments.

          PS. I’m sure you’ve been cheated on a lot!

      • Chris

        No An, I’m a man. I’ve been married for 27 years to a beautiful woman who contributes as much to providing shelter and necessities for our family as I do. I daresay that she has more extra-marital sexual opportunities than I do, too.

        • No Androgyny

          Geez another silly androgyny. Of course your wife has more opportunity that you do. She’s a woman. But women do not have more desire. Duh!

  • Rich

    Who cares what this BOZO says about ANYTHING? He’s just another turd that refuses to flush itself down the drain

  • J

    Anyone ever heard of “Adam and Steve”? :)

    • No Androgyny

      Gender is just a construct. Men and women are no different. It might as well have been a Steve. Didn’t you get the email?

      • Chris

        You’re a dope. No doubt about it. Whatcha smokin’ there No Androgyny. Dope? LOL!

        • ubyy

          listen again, closely to her question and his answer. He is correct. you heard the wrong question. She did not aske if what her husband did was OK. HELLO

          Liberals have a hard time paying attention, close attention. listen to every single word, they all have meaning.

          • CuriousCursor

            ‘listen to every single word, they all have meaning.’

            … says the troll who doesn’t know the difference between “bare” and “bear” and can’t be bothered to research the Greek and Hebrew texts of the book on which he’s chosen to model his entire world-view.

  • Sista Rae Rae

    What about the 7TH commandment?

    • Johnny Cee

      O K…what about the 7th Commandment. Does the 7th Commandment override forgiveness????

      I Cr 13:8a

    • ubyy

      was not part of her question. So irrelevant. The question was on how to get to where you can FORGIVE the cheating spouse and it is the same answer for either case.

      think on the good, not the bad or you will never forgive them.

  • Rondee Striegel

    I would love it, if I had a wife I could give a hundred dollars to every time I wanted romantic sex; when I was really in the mood. My first wife thought, being a church girl, you would burn in hell for having sex at all. I would hope GOD allows romantic sex, for pleasure, in a marriage as much as both partners like!

  • J. W. Griggs

    You all seem to be missing the point. She is asking how to forgive her husband, not whether or not she should stay with him. In this context, he is supplying different ways of looking at the issue so as to help her do just what she requested. If she had asked him whether or not she should stay with him, his answer would probably have been different. He was just responding to the question in a way that is helping her to forgive and move on, not judging the man who made the mistake. How would he have answered that question any better?

    • Johnny Cee

      J. W. … you’re absolutely right
      I Cr 13:8a

    • Sandy

      By stopping at around the 2 minute mark. He didn’t need to tell her to keep her house. Make him want to come home. That has nothing to do with how she can forgive. He assumes she isn’t a good wife, one who doesn’t make him feel welcome. He implies that that must be why he cheated. In other words she drove him to it and she shouldn’t do so again.

  • Johnny Cee

    Pat and Christy are right on. Forgiveness can be hard but if you focus on the good stuff you’re way ahead

    I Cr 13:8a

  • Kris Ealy

    Okay… I am not a fan of Pat Robertson at all, but the author of this article is seriously reaching. He is not condoning the man’s cheating. He is trying to get the woman to forgive her husband for cheating. And let’s not pretend that men aren’t more likely to cheat than women because they clearly are. Men are wired differently. It doesn’t justify men cheating; it’s just stating the facts.

    • Sandy

      Actually , no, he isn’t trying to get her to forgive. She wants to know how to do it. She didn’t ask to be called a bad wife, told to keep her house welcoming (as if she didn’t already) and blamed for driving the man to adultery for her lack of homemaking skills.

    • CuriousCursor

      ‘Men are wired differently. It doesn’t justify men cheating; it’s just stating the facts.’

      No, it isn’t. Men are not wired SO differently from women that they are slaves to their impulses. IF men are more likely to cheat than women – and I do NOT stipulate that they are – do you honestly think that the behaviors pushed by society as gender-appropriate have nothing to do with this?

      “Hai, bro! U saw dat fayn-azz poon n u didnt tap dat??? Wut r u, GAY?????????”

      “O, hai, Sally! I herd u kissd Brandon last nite, w/TUNG! U r such a slutbag!”

      The truth is, manboys aren’t considered proper manboys unless they sleep around, and girls learn that even ADMITTING the extent of their physical desires and responding to anything even remotely sexual with any reply other than “EWWWWWWWWW!” can leave them with a scarlet letter.

      The perceived gender gap in sexual response is an illusion. Social pressures overestimate the male libido and underestimate the female libido (and even SAYING so is likely to get me branded a harlot if the internet thinks I’m a woman and either gay or impotent if it thinks I’m a man). Ignoring this and blaming the Y chromosome instead is a rationalization intended to diffuse blame away from the individual and spread it out among an entire gender.

      News flash: Some people don’t appreciate taking the blame for what others of their gender do. QUIT passing the buck already!

  • Lee Stanz

    Tell em like it T.I. is Pat. Let the world see the good ole boy mind at work plain and clear. Pat has been in the Dark Ages for years and people think “oh, it’s just Pat being Pat”. No, that’s how the good ole boys think. And you wonder why this country is divided between the new and the old way of thinking.

    • ubyy

      your ignorance is amazing. OK tell us in all your wisdom. How is she to be able to forgive her husband so they can get on with their lives, YOU KNOW, the answer to the question she actually asked him?

      Pat was correct in what he said, you in your emotion, did not hear it.

      you cant forgive if you are dwelling on the problem, so think the good things.

  • Josh

    Fool me once, shame on you? Fool me twice, shame on Pat.

  • Paul

    Pat R. has fathered at least one child out of wedlock.

    • No Androgyny

      Did your mom tell you this?

      • Chris

        Duh, it’s in his autobiography dopey dope. He admits it. Such a God loving man. I wonder if the 700 in the 700 Club means how many times he has diddled another woman. Thoughts to ponder.

        • YES Androgyny

          What size shoe do you wear No Androgyny?

  • B.W.

    As an ordained minister and former pastor, I am horrified at this word from a man of God. Ignore the problem because he’s a man and focus on the good things? What if he is NOT nice to the kids, is on unemployment, does not provide a stable home life for you and the family, would Mr. Robertson’s answer then change? Perhaps but, all that aside, God’s word is infallible and doesn’t ever change; never! The answer is the same whether he’s a good husband or not. Can you forgive him for his infidelity? If so, it’s going to take hard work on both parts. I’ve seen marriages survive and they are truly stronger now for having worked through it together. More often however it ends up causing the marriage to disintegrate. It’s not an easy fix and to summarize it by saying, “listen, he’s a male and males will, ummmm, wander”, is totally wrong and not a Biblical approach to the solution.

    • No Androgyny

      You sound more like an ordained Feminist than a Christian.

    • Sandy

      I get your point but she wants to forgive the man. We don’t know if he is a good man or a bad one but it kind of doesn’t matter because she *wants* to forgive him. Pat crossed a line but he did in the beginning give her the advice she was looking for.

  • Margie

    I listened to the interview and the question was about how can the wife forgive her husband so they can move on in their marriage. Apparently it is her desire to forgive him and I commend her for taking that attitude. I think Pat Robertson gave a completely appropriate answer to the question. Why are you out to crucify this man? He is not perfect…none of us are but he answered the question that was asked—in a biblically sound way.

  • Rhonda Griep

    Is this idiot for real. What a jerk!!! Never liked him and his ilk. Holier than thou and biggest sinners around. He better get on his knees and ask the Lord’s forgiveness.

    • ubyy

      you people are such nimrods! HELLO, listen to it again carefully, he did not excuse the mans sin. He told her the answer to her question, what did she ask, please try to focus you liberal ignorant minds on the question. No wonder Obama is president, you nimrods dont pay attention to anything people are saying.

      • CuriousCursor

        I’m gonna tell you a little secret, Mr. “4 degrees and 239 college credits.” It’s something the overly emotional, bleeding-hearted liberals don’t want you to know:

        WE ALL READ IT THE FIRST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Imitating a spam-bot didn’t do much for the Android. What makes you think it will work for you? Do you have this notion that constantly posting the same message over and over is going to make your stance any clearer, or are you just stuck on stupid?

        Hey, I’ve got it! My new name for you is now Four Degrees of Stupidity. Do ya like it? Do ya?

  • Philip Mullen

    Robertson let’s the adulterer off the hook, much easier than God/Christ does in Holy Scripture! I’ll always take God’s commandment’s over man’s opinions.

    • No Androgyny

      Wrong. John 8

  • Paulette Goulet

    Oh brother! Some people need to learn to be still and give no answer! Let alone a stupid one like that!

    • ubyy

      try listening again, HE was correct. you cant forgive anyone if you think bad thoughts about them all the time.

      She did not say was what he did OK. Some people live on emotion and dont listen, most on this site do.

  • Dell

    I know that we are supposed to forgive…but saying that infidelity happened because one is a man is as absurd as saying that one punched him in the throat because one is a woman…

  • Michele

    What about wedding vows…I, (name), take you, (name), to be my [opt: lawfully wedded] (husband/wife), my constant friend, my faithful partner and my love from this day forward. In the presence of God, our family and friends, I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful partner in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow as long as we both shall live.

    What woman could live with that picture/thought in her head of her husband doing to another woman what he does to her. I am guessing Patty boy cheats and hides behind God to justify it. Yoh, women, suck it up, I’m Pat Robertson and I approve this message.

    • No Androgyny

      So you were a virgin when you got married?

      (What man could live with that picture/thought in his head of his wife doing to another man what she does to him. )

      • Michele

        Actually, not that it is your business, I was a virgin, 21 when I was married. He wasn’t. That was fine. But when he started bringing strange women into our home and screwing them in our bedroom while I fed our newborn in the living room. Well, unforgivable. Only so much a HUMAN can handle and the sounds of my husband having sex in our marital bed is more than I could handle.

  • Angryamerican

    Why does anyone listen to this man??? He is so out of touch with reality he is in another world. Seriously. His advice was good 60 years ago. Today things have changed. Why does the Media keep bring up the things he says, as if he speaks for the whole Christian community? Old, out dated, and out of touch.

  • Alfred

    Really… yes I agree to forgive… but this guy is not the guy to give advice…. It’s obvious he likes to talk, but educated responses is not his best suit… Interesting that a man of God would go after the President like he does.. of all the Presidents, this one is black and educated, and because they know he’s educated… the world and Pat find ways to be critical..his religion, his ideology..he’s a communist..WOW.

  • http://yahoo Lisa Felicetty

    That’s why I feel very apprehensive with people who claim they are so religious and talk about God then say stuff like that. What he should have said is “he was wrong and that we sometime make mistakes and if BOTH people are willing to work it out along with some type of counseling then that is a good thing.” He has the nerve to say what has given her like a house, nice things, etc. What about what she has given him, maybe children and giving up her career to stay home and raise them. It takes two and I can say this because I have been thru this. You may be able to forgive but you will never forget. So this applies to anything in life…if you choose the behavior, then you choose the consequence so if during the forgiveness process she is feeling insecure and may bring it up then he should be man enough to listen and feel compassion and comfort her. I think Pat Robertson is an idiot and I bet if we dig deep into his skeletons we might not like what we find!!!!

  • kermit humphrey

    pat robinson in the past thirty years has been known as being a cold,calculating husband to his wife, so this writer thinks now that robinson is only trying to cover his own sorry tracks with this nonsense.he is a cold,smart,conniving,controlling man who this writer thinks is a play preacher who has no standing as a man of god

  • Susan

    As a Christian and also a female who is almost done with her Psychology degree with an emphasis on Christian Counseling I can say that Pat Robertson is correct. Let me explain, the media loves to distort things and there is so much pornography out there that is directed at men. There are also many many ads, programs, etc.. directed at women’s bodies that portray us at sex objects that men are very very tempted to stray. However; statistics show that women cheat almost as much as men do. The bottom line on the question that was posed to Pat Robertson is how do you forgive. If a person has made the decision to stay with the spouse who has cheated they have to focus on the positive and not the negative. They needs to seek Gods help in forgiving.

    • http://yahoo Lisa Felicetty

      Well if this is Christian counseling, then count me out. The media does distort things but really? Blaming the media and pornography, etc for men straying…that doesn’t give much credit to men, do they not have any self control or common sense? And two wrongs don’t make a right whether it be men or women cheating. Again because I have gone thru this..I can say that you have to get thru the negative to get to the positive and it takes a very long time if not the rest of your life and if your spouse doesn’t get it then he doesn’t really have true remorse for his/her actions.

      • No Androgyny

        Temptation. She said temptation. Why do you hate men so much that anything short of castration is viewed as lenient on us? Your female ego is in the way of your personal growth. What was your part in creating a relationship that cheating was on the table for your man?

        • YES Androgyny

          Oh good LORD! You truly HATE women! What’s the deal with that?

        • http://yahoo Lisa Felicetty

          @No Androgyny-Screw you…and that’s the nicest way I can say that. You don’t even know me. Just to let you know..he came crawling back to me!!!

          • CuriousCursor

            Was it the tire iron or the baseball bat?

      • ubyy

        Lisa you need to learn how to listen to what people are actually saying. He never said men have no self control, he pointed out that men are sinners…including you, woman! All have sinned. That is what he was saying and if you expect God to forgive you, you have to fogive others.

        You cant forgive anyone if you dwell on the problem all the time.

        • http://yahoo Lisa Felicetty

          @ubyy-I do listen, and you just are talking about semantics..just because he didn’t say those exact words..he basically said that’s what men do because they are men. Yes we are all sinners, and I do forgive but when you are talking about a trust issue you have to earn that trust which takes time so that makes you “dwell” on the it. So unless you have experienced this then zip it up idiot!!!

  • Jay Gee

    So God decided to create men as weak creatures who cannot control their sexual life? Pat Robertson is a fool. Stop using the Bible or Koran or Torah as your excuse for bad behavior. She should forgive him since forgiveness if for the one who was harmed, not the won who did the bad deed. Then get to a Lawyer as soon as possible.

  • andy

    Do people not have enough to do without sitting around waiting for Pat Robertson to make a blunder? Surely there is more in the world to report than this. Get a life, people!

  • http://yahoo don edwards

    Robby doesn’t know if hes scratching or winding – U know what! End of world – elections Etc – etc- hes a notorious liar and that is a true fact -as a few more fake ministers on tv & futhermore they they get big monies to sit n tell big bodacious whoppers !

  • Tim Mayer

    Another thing…if “the media” was against Christians, it would expose much more of the propaganda and hypocrisy that is rampant in it. The crusades that happen today against those who are different, including women for equality, Gays, Lesbians, and Transgender people are no less evil than those that happened hundreds of years ago. Don’t whine and say that Christians are being attacked when it is actually the other way around. Truth is not harassment. By the way, I am a Christian and I am ashamed of much of the so-called leadership today.

    • No Androgyny

      You aren’t Christian. You are Churchian.

      • Pat

        Ha ha ha, making up words. Good one!

    • ubyy

      wrong Tim. The crusades were not christians, they were catholics. The inquisitions also, they were murdering the real christians because they would not convert to catholosism. God is against any sin, because it hurts people, adultry, fornication, homosexuality, AIDS, AIDS, AIDS. Sin also affects the innocent, AIDS<AIDS, AIDS.

      Catholics were murdering people just because they had a bible written in their own language. you see, the priest was to tell you what to believe. God gave us his word, to tell us.

      • CuriousCursor

        ‘Sin also affects the innocent,’

        If that is true, then most of humanity has a better sense of justice than your “benevolent” deity.

        Please, go crawl back into the poisonous pit from which the Westboro Baptist Church sends you delusional nutbars and leave the well-adjusted alone.

      • Sandy

        What were Catholics if not Christians? There weren’t any Protestants yet, the Catholic Church was the ONLY Church. Maybe some were good and some were bad but the point is that there was a lot of bloodshed by Christian leaders aka Catholic leaders. Really are you learning Church History from Carman’s video’s? The problem with claiming that other Christians aren’t real Christians is that then only YOU get to decide who is real in their religion and who isn’t. Only YOUR view of the Bible can be true, and isn’t that what you are saying the Catholics were doing? All you are doing is transferring the power they had to yourself. Before you say the Bible was hidden and now it’s not and the Bible judges what is true… *points at the approximately 41,000 Christian denominations that fight each other over what is true.*

  • Cynthia

    Many make comments but unless you have experienced a spouse cheating, you can’t really understand what someone goes through. I’ve unfortunately been through this – more than once. While God does say we must forgive, being as flippant as Pat was in his comments is extremely hurtful to those of us who have walked through this “unintended journey.” Not surprised, really that he made comments like this. I honestly don’t think he’s completely stable – old age or something else. He’s make way to many “out there” comments for me to even think twice about what he said. The only reason I’m commenting is to let people know that the hurt and pain from adultery does not go away… you get over it but the pain will always remain.

    • No Androgyny

      If guys keep cheating on you, you might wanna look in the mirror.

      • Chris

        Oh snap! That was quite the bitch slap Androgyny. Maybe you call yourself that because you are ‘confused’ I think the No was a typo. Hey, they rhymes! :D

      • Chris

        Come on, I DARE you to post a pic of yourself in all your manly glory.

    • Michele

      I completely understand what you are saying Cynthia. My ex-husband fathered a child with another woman while I was pregnant with our second child. Then he cheated on her…and wanted to cheat on her with ME! She left and he married a 3rd time and she cheated on him and he ended up in therapy and actually called me and apologized for cheating because now he knew how it felt. What goes around comes around. I believe in the words “harm none” especially the person you pledge your love and commitment to in front of God.

  • HW

    Ummm…Mr. Robertson should not be calling himself a “Christian” with anything he said. “Men tend to wander” and it’s the woman’s fault. Ummm….last time I checked, a Christian dies from his old self to become new, which also is stepping away from sin and moving toward the better life Christ died to give us. My ex husband cheated on me, for over 11 years. It was the lousy advice of “Christians” and my fear of hell that kept me in that lousy relationship, constantly forgiving him because it was the “Christ like thing to do”. The fact is…NO where in the Bible does it say, stay married to a cheating or abusive spouse. I believe it says in the Bible that if you don’t take care of your family, it is a sin. It also says that if a man looks upon a woman with lust, the man has already committed adultery and also, I believe one of the 10 Commandments says: You shall NOT commit adultery. So with all of this said, A Christian is supposed to share TRUTH, NOT give a pass to sin and say it’s acceptable. That’s wrong with the country now…TO MANY PEOPLE are OK and saying it’s OK to sin and truth is…IT”S NOT! Sorry for the blog.

  • Nancy Johnston

    Spoken like a true man! This tells me he has probably cheated himself!

  • roberta

    This is just a sign that it is time for Pat to refrain from giving advice. Even the most popular get old, senile and out of tune.

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