Pat Robertson: Cheating Husband’s Wife Should be Grateful [VIDEO]

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Pat Robertson is well-known for making controversial statements. In addition to failed end of the world and presidential election predictions, the well-known conservative Christian has blamed everything from the 9/11 attacks to hurricane Katrina on gay people and non-Christian society.

This week, Robertson has made headlines again, this time for blaming the victim of marital infidelity.

While addressing questions on his Christian Broadcasting Network, Robertson told a woman who was cheated on and trying hard to forgive her husband that men can be expected to do that sort of thing. He goes on to tell her that she should be grateful for all of the things he provides for her and attempt to “fall in love with him again.”

“Stop. Talking. About. The. Cheating,” said Robertson. “He cheated on you. Well, he’s a man, ok. So, what you do is begin to focus on why you married him in the first place. On what he does good. Does he provide a home for you to live in? Does he provide food for you to eat? Does he provide clothes for you to wear? Is he nice to the children?…”

After that, things get a bit cathartic for Robertson, who gets specific on a scenario the question did not even mention.

“You’re praying ‘oh, God, keep me not to hate him for what he did when he was with that stripper in that hotel room ten years ago and I’ll never forgive him…please help me.'”

Robertson goes on to make his excuse for men even clearer, and implies that the woman who sent the question may, in fact, be at fault.

“Like it or not, males have a tendency to, uh, wander a little bit and what you want to do is to make a home so wonderful that he dosen’t want to wander.”

Pat Robertson: Cheating Husband’s Wife Should be Grateful [VIDEO]
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  • Ann

    Why do people say that Pat Robertson is not saying anything short of foregive the cheater because he’s a man and men wander do things like cheating? It’s like a back-handed compliment, in my eyes, to hear someone say to the person who’s heart has been ripped out and who DOES remember why they married this person and has this happen to them, that they should foregive this person and make a great home so he’ll not want to wander. Give me a break! this is not Leave It To Beaver days, so let’s get real with what today’s marriages are like. Most couples are both contributors to the household financially, but what they both should be is faithful to each other, in whatever way that means to that couple. When one breaks that trust, no amount of baking cakes, doing laundry, and offering up infinite sex will undo the infidelity. Can she foregive one day? Of course she can, but it takes time and a show of determination on the cheater’s part to make things right. It is not up to the one who was cheated on to make it better until the cheater decides to come around. Give me another break!!

    • No Androgyny

      You are a feminist not a Christian. Thus your “Leave it to Beaver” comment.

      • David

        If she’s a feminist (which she’s probably not, but it doesn’t matter if she is ) it doesn’t change the fact that what she says is true.

        • No Androgyny

          Actually it does matter… Never heard “consider the source”?
          Both you and Ann are wrong!

          • Sandy

            Either you are an internet troll or you are the most ignorant person I’ve ever come across.

          • CuriousCursor

            “Consider the source” = genetic fallacy. Look it up.

          • No Androgyny

            “genetic fallacy” = fallacy fallacy. You look it up.

          • CuriousCursor

            lol I already know what a genetic fallacy is, which might be why I mentioned it, Einstein.

            If you think the genetic fallacy is a pseudofallacy, then you obviously haven’t been able to wrap your head around the concept. Perhaps some examples will clarify:

            “You can’t trust that report on the safety of cigarettes because it was paid for by Phillip Morris.”

            “You can’t trust that report on the dangers of second-hand smoke because the anti-smoking campaigns are always looking for popular appeal.”

            Both arguments use the genetic fallacy: While it may be true that anti-smoking campaigns seek to reach as wide an audience as possible (what social or political campaign doesn’t?), it does not follow logically that a report supporting their views must be false. The report must stand or fall on its own merits.

            Likewise, while it may be true that Phillip Morris funds studies on the effects of cigarettes, it does not follow logically that a report conducted with those funds must be biased. The report just stand or fall on its own merits (although, in this case, they DO generally fall).

            By implying that nothing can be true if it comes from one you’ve labelled as a “feminist,” you are invoking the same argument ad hominem, and it is STILL a fallacy of logic. If a feminist says that the sky is blue, would you suddenly question whether the statement was a trick?

            The truth or falsehood of a statement must be evaluated based on the statement, not based on its speaker.

            Now comes the test: Will you impress me with your understanding of what I’ve just explained, or will you yawn, type, “TL;DR” and confirm my suspicion that you’re just another troll trying to win the internet?

          • Chris

            I wonder if the cheating husband ever gets the source of his lust pregnant? If so, who is the Mother and how do you explain to your existing children that they will have a new sibling and a 2nd Mommy.

        • Su Hodgson

          Excellent response, not reaction. Thank you for sticking with the issue and not falling for the smokescreen!

      • Su Hodgson

        oohh, easy there; you do not know if the writer is a Christian or not. Is that not God’s call?

    • ubyy

      Ann, every part of what Pat said is true. He is not excusing what the man did. Gods word says we are cursed if we put our trust in a man. Why? All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. We cant expect man (or woMAN) wont sin at some point. God said forgive and YE SHALL BE forgiven. Men are visually stimulated and ALL women over the age of 12 know this and try to use it to their advantage to get a man at some point, thus the sun tanners! and sexy outfits, what does sexy mean? I can draw lust out of someone….

      I know people dont like to hear truth but that is the problem, they dont. Gods word has the answer to all of mans problems, man just does not want to hear it.

      The womans question was how to forgive her husband and Pats anwswer is right. I am studying biblical counseling right now and what he was talking about, we call a stroke file. It is for:
      a husband, a wife, God…whoever someone is mad at. If you dwell on crap, you will get crap in your head, thus all teh depressed people out there.

      Gods word say to thing on whatsoever is pure, honest, just, of a good report, lovely, virtuous and praise worthy, think on these things.

      If man would just do that one verse it would change the world and people would be much happier…..and her husband would have never cheated in the first place…

      God is right and man is wrong. Might make people mad, but Gods word also says “they shall be keepers at home”. Why are both out working? Because they dont want to believe and or trust God!

      • Sandy

        You’re an idiot. If you were a human being that had a womb you would not like the laws made up by your God. Like the one that says a woman must marry her rapist. All this woman did was ask HOW to forgive. She didn’t ask to be blamed for everything, told to keep her house welcoming. Do you know why women aren’t forced to marry their rapists today in America? Because some people who read that law from the Bible thought to themselves, “That’s not right.” It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know in your heart that something is wrong. You aren’t special because you have a penis. You keep trying to sucker as many women in as you can, take advantage of the fact they’d like to know the truth about God and are willing to humiliate themselves and be abused in order to gain his approval. The fact is if there is a God and he really authored that book, he hates a woman. She is nothing more than property.

        • No Androgyny

          Don’t blaspheme the feminist. They will shriek. My penis does make me special. Just like your vagina makes you special. There is no androgyny!

          • CuriousCursor

            Her vagina makes her good at bearing children, and your penis makes you good at peeing for distance. That is the grand tally of gender-based talents, and one is about as important as the other when it comes to who you are as a human being. The bits that are truly important to whether you can die saying you’ve lived a good life are not held in monopoly by either sex.

          • Sandy

            Yeah bitches like to shriek when they are denied human rights. Ariel Castro, is that you? Who gave you a computer to use in your jail cell?

          • No Androgyny

            Lmao. And te cult of androgyny going off the deep end… again. One is obsessed with genitals… the other on extreme news.

          • CuriousCursor

            ‘One is obsessed with genitals…’

            Actually, YOU’RE the one who started typing about his penis. I guess I can’t expect you to remember that far back, though. Not enough RAM allocated to your spam function, eh?

          • Sandy

            And you, No Androgyny, are obsessed with a middle aged book that you think you can make everyone live by. Besides I’ve said penis way more than CuriousCursor. PENIS PENIS PENIS.

        • ubyy

          sounds like you are the idiot, going against almight God, creator of the universe. you are so bright in your own mind. Odd, i dont recall seeing any woman being told to marry her rapist. The rapist, in the old testiment would have been stoned.

          Where does it say God hates a woman? right, nowhere! Funny, it does say “husbands love your wives as Christ also loved the chruch and gave HIMSELF for it.”

          HE died for her and told husbands to love their wives like he did the chruch, so where is this hatred you talk about?

          people get aids by being whores and whoremongers. He does not say not to commit fornication just to keep people from having fun, it is harmful to us, spiritually and physically when done outside of his design.

          • ubyy

            spiritually, men and women are no different. God loves both the same.

            Where the distinction is, is in our design. He created us for different purposes and when we cross those purposes, we create problems.

          • Sandy

            “If a man happens to meet a virgin who is not pledged to be married and rapes her and they are discovered, he shall pay the girl’s father fifty shekels of silver. He must marry the girl, for he has violated her. He can never divorce her as long as he lives.” (New International Version)

            Sorry but no one who loves is going to make me marry some asshole who raped me.

            The Bible doesn’t specifically say God hates women that is my opinion from reading all the horrible things he says they must do. It’s called reading comprehension.

            God condones slavery.

            God thinks unruly kids should be stoned.

            He is real gem.

            You should read all of that book you try to force on people.

          • Sandy

            That cheating husband really “gave himself” only it was to another woman. Still his wife gets the blame.

          • Sandy

            People get AIDS from blood transfusions also. Don’t use people with AIDS to instill fear in people and try to force them to follow your religion. That is sooo 1980’s. Get a new trick.

          • YES Androgyny

            God doesn’t hate women, No Androgyny does. I think he needs himself some strange.

          • ubyy

            Sandy, I would not give you 2 cents for your new international version. King james version does not call that rape. It is talking about what is happening today. He committed fornication with the girl and must marry her, yet today they dont do that, they just commit fornication.

            sorry but aids is a result of many acts of fornication and adultry, like it or not and yes innocent people do end up paying for others sins and dying of aids or other diseases.

          • CuriousCursor

            ‘King james version does not call that rape.’

            Written like a truly brainwashed idiot. The story is the same no matter if the word translates as “rape” or “sexual intercourse without bothering to inquire as to the other person’s consent.”

            Your kind of semantics obscures the truth so badly that what should clearly be considered a crime is wholly acceptable to you. No amount of abuse is forbidden so long as you can find a biblical precedent for it, eh? And you lot are supposed to be the MORAL ones.

        • ubyy

          so when you go out to a bar and have sex with some guy, he is now called a rapist? so why did you go to the bar if you know that kind of person is there? is every woman who has sex, raped in your mind? As I said before the NIV says rape, the King James does not and it was translated in 1611, not in the 1960’s. It was also translated from a completely different text. It was not the textus receptus like the King James was. Satan warped the NIV.

          • Sandy

            You don’t know what Rape is?

            When a human has sex with another human and they both want it it’s not rape.

            When a human forces another human to have sex that is called rape. Even if the one of them wants to call it dating or wooing or loving or whatever word he wants to put on the act. A rose by any other name will smell as sweet. And a sex crime by any other name is just as wrong.

            So when an army (OF THE LORD) comes into a town kills the men and takes the women for cute little fuck toys that is rape.

            Do you really think a woman who just watch a brute from some other country and culture kill her husband that she wants get busy with him.

            “Oh baby, that’s so hot! TAKE ME NOW!” Sure you do because women have no feelings, they are like cows or dogs, just provide them a meal and they will willingly spread their legs for you. How can you justify that attitude?

          • Sandy

            Obviously you are too lazy to look it up in the KJV so… here. *sigh*

            Deuteronomy Chapter 22

            28 If a man find a damsel that is a virgin, which is not betrothed, and lay hold on her, and lie with her, and they be found;

            29 Then the man that lay with her shall give unto the damsel’s father fifty shekels of silver, and she shall be his wife; because he hath humbled her, he may not put her away all his days.

            It says the same thing. If a guy rapes a woman he has to pay her dad and marry her. She has no choice in the matter. And you can’t see why this would be humiliating to the female? You think the woman is being LOVED here?

        • Becky

          Here, here! Well said Sandy. A book written by men for their own gains.

      • Su Hodgson

        Wow! For someone studying biblical counseling you have made huge assumptions and given men plenty of reasons to blame women . . .”Well, she tempted me with that outfit, it’s her fault, not mine.” Er . . .did I just make a ‘biblical counseling assumption’? Is it so hard to hold people accountable?

        • ubyy

          I didnt blame women for anything. I just pointed out that men are visually stimulated and please show me the fool who denies that one. The bible says dress in modest apparel. NO it does not specify sex there..HELLO. not sexist. It is called personal responsibility, regardless of who it is. I never said anything he did was OK, NEVER. You leftist love to assume, just like with what Pat said, he never excused the husband either. He just noted man are sinners, all man, mankind, including women.

          AGAIN, her question was, how do I forgive him and all of you bleeding heart liberals cant get past his adultry, that was not the question. the only way for her to get over her sin of not forgiving, she must focus on right things, not dwell in the past.

          Same could be said for someone who lost their loved one….if you dwell on missing them, you will NEVER be able to move on with your life.

          • CuriousCursor

            ‘AGAIN, her question was, how do I forgive him and all of you bleeding heart liberals cant get past his adultry …’

            Something is amiss when I see someone accuse another of being cold and unforgiving while at the same time calling it a “bleeding heart.” I suspect that you have no idea what that term means; that you just use it as an automatic qualifier, like referring to “stupid Americans” as if there isn’t any other kind.

            Let it not be said that Mr. “4 degrees and 239 college credits” lacks a sense of irony, too!

        • ubyy

          Sandy, Im not saying you have to follow my religion. You love to twist everything because you are so full of hate, anger and bitterness. Sorry for that. I have not judged people for sin. All are sinners. I leave that to you guys who are smart.

          If you continue or anyone else does, to follow satan and his worldly lusts and hate and keep spitting in the face of God becasue you want your sin and noone can tell you what to do, you will suffer the consequences to your sin.

          you hate God because of your twisted view of God and your twisted version of the bible. Satan twisted Gods word in the garden of eden and has been doing ever since. Note how many DIFFERENT version of the bible there are. They cant all be right, the are different. HELLO, satan has many version out there to cause confusion

          God does not condon slavery, never has. Those servant….do you have a job? HELLO, we are all servants

          • Sandy

            “Sandy, Im not saying you have to follow my religion. You love to twist everything because you are so full of hate, anger and bitterness. Sorry for that. I have not judged people for sin. All are sinners. I leave that to you guys who are smart.”

            You don’t know me off this board. You have no right to judge me as full of hate bitterness and anger. I am defending my position just as you are defending yours. Does that make you full of hate, bitterness and anger? You don’t know if I am a liberal or leftist but go on and label me. I don’t care. Jesus said hating someone is the same as murder in your heart. So for you to say you aren’t judging me is more bullshit. You are basically, according to your religions logic, calling me a murderer. I may be a sinner to you but in my world sin does not exist so yeah, you are trying to force your religion on me by saying that I better repent. You are using fear (and it isn’t working) to scare me into following your ways or either you are getting off at the thought of me burning in hell for having the nerve to not agree with you.

            “If you continue or anyone else does, to follow satan and his worldly lusts and hate and keep spitting in the face of God becasue you want your sin and noone can tell you what to do, you will suffer the consequences to your sin.”

            Right! You aren’t trying to scare me into obedience and convert me to your religion! That’s laughable.

            “you hate God because of your twisted view of God and your twisted version of the bible. Satan twisted Gods word in the garden of eden and has been doing ever since. Note how many DIFFERENT version of the bible there are. They cant all be right, the are different. HELLO, satan has many version out there to cause confusion.”

            I was a dedicated Christian for 40 years. I’ve read many translations of The Bible from cover to cover more times than I can count. I can’t convince you that I was sincere in my religion, but I was. No matter what I say or how I answer any question you may ask about my experience you WILL find something I did wrong, and you will blame me for not being *whatever* enough. You have already pointed to “MY” New International Version in another comment and make reference to it here by saying “twisted version”. Now, I was taught that the blood of Jesus was payment for my sins and that if I accepted him as my savior I was saved by his unconditional love. But… then come conditions. Depending on which Christian Cult you end up in they are different. Mine said I had to be Baptized, then Baptized in the Holy Spirit. I needed to tithe. Then comes all the things Paul saddles the Church with. Don’t be unequally yoked with unbelievers. Think pure things. Don’t let women talk in church, don’t get married if you can control your lust, Don’t let a woman teach… I could go on but hopefully I’ve made my point.
            Now I said all of that because I had just as good a foundation in scriptures as anyone. And I’m sure (because Christians can’t agree on shit) that I did everything wrong and if I will only listen to you, you will straighten out my life and show me the only right way. Because all other denominations are wrong and only you have the truth. No thanks. I read the KJV more than any other. I only used the NIV because when I Googled the chp and verse for the rape scriptures that you didn’t know existed, it was the first entry. And you have seized it as what has damned me to hell. It’s not. I have chosen with my free will not to serve the hateful, awful character in the OT. I call him a character because that is what he is. A character in a book that some people wrote to control other people. Do I hate God? That guy in the Bible called god is an asshole. I think he is no more than a terrorist. I hate terrorists. If there is a God out there, I don’t know about him. And if it turns out that the guy in the Bible is really THE GOD then I choose hell. I will not serve him. I have way more morals than he does.

            “God does not condon slavery, never has. Those servant….do you have a job? HELLO, we are all servants”

            Thank you for the friendly hello. Greetings to you too. God does condone slavery. In fact one of the verses CuriousCursor used in his explanation on Rape pointed to the children being taken as slaves as well as the women being taken for their sexual pleasure. Do I have a job, no. Because Jehovah, the God that healeth thee, didn’t healeth me. I had a job. I went to a business and I applied and they liked me and hired me. I worked and they paid me. I wasn’t a slave. A slave isn’t paid. A slave doesn’t go looking for a master to enslave him. Slavery is forced labor not employment.

          • CuriousCursor

            ‘Note how many DIFFERENT version of the bible there are. They cant all be right, the are different.’

            Not as different as you like to think, sparky. They all have the ten commandments, they all have the gospel, they all tell you to be brutal to unbelievers, and they all present life as the same false dichotomy between virtue and sin. “HELLO!” The same message can’t be both “good” when it’s Elizabethan AND “bad” when it’s a 20th-century update. “HELLO!HELLO!HELLO!”

          • CuriousCursor

            ‘God does not condon slavery, never has.
            Those servant….do you have a job? HELLO, we are all servants”

            This is a good case in point, actually. Behold:

            Leviticus 25 lays out rules for how the Israelites were to treat one another. Toward the end, God explains to Moses how Israelites are conduct themselves regarding taking others as slaves. Apparently, God was perfectly fine with slavery as long as either master or slave was a foreigner and the Israelites didn’t go about enslaving one another. The KJV uses the term “heathen,” which can only mean someone who is not one of God’s chosen people, i.e. an Israelite, so the difference is purely semantic. The KJV uses the terms “bondmen” and “bondmaids,” but verses 39 and 40 draw a distinction between these terms and the concept of a “hired servant.” For those unfamiliar with the term, a bondman is one who has sold himself into servitude (as opposed to the usual image of a slave as someone taken in chains and sold into servitude by his kidnappers). Does the fact that bondmen are their own slavers make much difference to how the KJV says they are to be treated? No. Verses 45 and 46 are clear that these bondmen bought among heathens are to be treated as possessions until the end of their days, and that a son can inherit them from his father, just like all the other livestock. The fact that other translations use the term “slave” while the KJV doesn’t is purely a difference in style and NOT a difference in meaning.

            If you happen to think that the New Testament doesn’t also acknowledge slavery, think again. In Ephesians 6, Paul advises that Christian slaves continue to serve their masters; that heavenly reward is not based on social status. The KJV translates the term as “servant,” but Paul didn’t write in English. In Greek, the word he used was “doulos,” which, in his day, meant the SAME FREAKIN’ THING as the concept described in Leviticus – a bondman, which, as I have already pointed out, was a self-sold SLAVE, not a hired worker.

            What is your excuse for the glaring contradiction to what you’ve implied, Mr. “4 degrees and 239 college credits?” Am I to conclude that you haven’t actually read your own bible, or is it just that none of your degrees is in the study of English? A man hired with a wage and a man bought into bondage are NOT the same thing, not even in the KJV.

          • CuriousCursor

            It should be noted that Sandy is wrong on one point, though:

            ‘A slave doesn’t go looking for a master to enslave him.’

            Yet that is precisely what people did in the bronze age. Not all slaves in the Roman empire were taken as captives; some voluntarily entered perpetual service in exchange for a lump sum up front. As you can imagine, most avoided volunteering for certain slave duties; your typical gladiator was either taken captive or condemned to such an existence as punishment for a crime. An educated bondman, on the other hand, might serve as a tutor for a wealthy man’s children. Such a slave might have the opportunity to run his own business, earn his own wealth, and perhaps even repurchase his freedom. Slavery in the Roman empire tended to be only as restrictive as the slave’s duties entailed. Make no mistake, however: A bondman earned no wages for his service beyond what was paid to him from the start, and the opportunity to buy back his freedom only existed if his master was inclined to entertain the notion. “Slave” is most definitely an appropriate word to describe the role, CERTAINLY more appropriate than the implication that a KJV “servant” was akin to the average bloke working 9 to 5 in the western world.

          • Sandy

            “It should be noted that Sandy is wrong on one point, though:”

            It happens. *shrug*

          • Sandy

            “God does not condon slavery, never has”

            Tell that to Joseph. He didn’t warn him with a talking ass, handwriting on a wall, by inhabiting a burning bush, he didn’t send an angel, he didn’t tell a prophet. No he let it happen. God gave Joseph dreams but rather than say, “Hey Joe, get thee down to Egypt.” He let his family sell him into slavery.

        • ubyy

          Sandy, you are so confused. Who is blaming the wife? The question she asked was how can she forgive her husband. NOONE asked how can her husband do right or was it ok what he did.

          get out of your emotion and use your brain. The only way she can forgive is to stop dwelling on the bad and look for the positives in their relationship. If he is still cheating, she should not be with him. There is NO excuse for what he did and God will hold him accountable for it. the LORD CHASTENS those who He loves. Noone gets away with their SIN, NOONE.

          • CuriousCursor

            ‘get out of your emotion and use your brain.’

            OMG ROFL That is the funniest thing you have typed so far! “Use your brain!” LOL This coming from the troll with “4 degrees and 239 college credits” yet won’t even do BASIC research on a book he claims to love with all his being.

        • ubyy

          Another thing, i have not tried to force anything on anyone, there is your liberalism coming through again. Twisting and twisting.

          The bible will prove itself true regardless of your belief or unbelief. I dont have to convince anyone of anything. Gods laws of nature will prevail, thus why he said dont sin.

          Personal responsibility goes for everyone and Gods word tells us all how we are to live.

          Sandy, you might try getting out of the old testiment and God showing us that man cant keep His laws, to the new testiment where He is showing us His grace and mercy and our need for His forgiveness.

          • CuriousCursor

            Having trouble figuring out how the thread structure on this page works, eh, Mr. “4 degress and 239 college credits?”

          • Sandy

            “Sandy, you might try getting out of the old testiment and God showing us that man cant keep His laws, to the new testiment where He is showing us His grace and mercy and our need for His forgiveness.”

            You might want to get into the OT so you can see what kind of God you serve.

            God is supposed to make the rules, why didn’t he just forgive Adam and Eve instead of punishing everyone for all time? Why send his son to die? All he had to do was just forgive. It makes no sense.

            Here is the truth. You have to say I’m wrong about everything and you have to make up some excuse for God no matter how pitiful it is because if God doesn’t exist you aren’t as knowledgeable as you want to be. It takes away your power and you aren’t special anymore. You don’t have a direct line to big daddy in the sky.
            However none of this really matters much. The only point I’ve wanted to make is that Pat Robertson was wrong to lay ANY blame for the husbands adultery on her because he didn’t know any details. She didn’t ask for marriage advice, she asked for forgiveness advice. His assumption that she was a bad homemaker had nothing to do with how to forgive someone. No matter how many times I say that on this thread and others you are determined to change the subject. You want to debate every issue in the bible that has ever been debated and I want to stick to the matter at hand.

          • CuriousCursor

            ‘Gods laws of nature will prevail, thus why he said dont sin.’

            That doesn’t make any sense; it’s self-contradictory. You believe that God’s efforts to stop mankind’s sin goes AGAINST man’s nature to sin and disobey. You even say RIGHT HERE that the Old Testament is God showing you that you CAN’T stop sinning. How is that prevalence of his “law” not to do so?

            I take it that none of your “4 degrees and 239 college credits” required your term papers to be logically consistent from one sentence to the next.

    • Sharmon Hardaway

      Often when I refer to cheating, I’m talking about sinning. Habits you’re not willing to break free. This is also known as playing the harlot.

    • John David Maher

      Why didn’t Mr. Pobertson say the same thing when it was Clinton accused of cheating?

      • Su Hodgson


    • Angrum McCloud

      Considering the a cheating spouse can now offer a death sentence for His/Her cheating,,, forgiveness is not an option !

    • John

      It works both ways. Men wonder and so do Women. It’s because nobody is perfect. Trust plays a big part in a marriage and when that is breached either way, it is very difficult for the other party to forgive. It takes a special person to forgive another for their infidelity. I personally do not know if i could, and do not believe my wife could either. So, it is not a simple thing. You can look to God all you want, but the bottom line is how you are going to deal with the situation at hand. There is no simple solution.

    • Dawn

      Stupid journalists. First of all, way to seriously twist what Robertson actually said. Second, according to the letter he was responding to, the man is not cheating currently.

      • ubyy

        Dawn, please stop putting out the facts. We are having a completely emotional discussion here. What are you trying to do? Make people actually use their brain? Come on!

        Her question was on how to forgive but these liberals dont want to forgive so they twist everything that Pat said to meet their goals, like liberals always do.

      • Sandy

        If only she had kept a welcoming home and made her husband want to come home. You know men like to wander a bit she should have known how to keep that man happy.

  • marty

    Maybe the cheating men in the world caused the horrible tornado yesterday. “men do these things” what a bunch of horse shit, no men that are honest and truly invested in their relationship do not “do these things.” When are these people that call themselves good Christians going to start being honest?

    • ubyy

      Everything he said in this particular article was correct. To forgive you must think on good things not bad. Those who dont want to forgive others, do you expect God to forgive you? Funny, Gods word says He wont if you dont forgive others. Might think on that a bit.

      • Sandy

        He didn’t stop at telling her to “think on good things” he went on to blame her. Did you even watch the video?

        • ubyy

          no he didnt blame her but I will say this. I know of very few situations like this where she/he (the one cheated on) was completely blameless. Gods word tells us how we are to live and people think they get away with things before they marry, but sin has a consequence. whatsoever ye sew, that shall ye also reap! Im not talking about this lady in particular, just how Gods word proves itself true all the time. People hate it when they start to bare the fruit of the seeds they planted while “sewing their wild oats”.

          • Sandy

            He did blame her. Watch the damn video and stop changing the subject.

          • CuriousCursor

            FYI, Mr. “4 degrees and 239 college credits:”

            To “sew,” one requires a needle and thread.
            To “sow,” one requires grain.

            To “bare” is to expose.
            To “bear” is to endure or produce.

          • ubyy

            I did and I speak clintonese so I know how to pay attention to EVERY single word. You dont. But I will play along, give me the quote you are talking about. exactly what did he say that you call blaming her.

          • CuriousCursor

            ‘… I speak clintonese so I know how to pay attention to EVERY single word.’

            Your homophone confusion seems to indicate otherwise, Mr. “4 degrees and 239 college credits.”

  • shawn olsen

    This is exactly how all of these republicons think, look at Sanford and what he did and they voted for him so this is exactly the way these tools think, just despicable you suck Robertson old man.

    • ubyy

      BILL CLINTON ring any bells? your ignorance is amazing

      • Sandy

        Yes. We all know Bill got a blow job. Guess what, his wife forgave him. Guess what else… he doesn’t try to keep her barefoot and pregnant. The point is that Republicans want the Country to be run by religious nuts… It’s one thing to have freedom to practice your religion but when you demand that the country’s laws be the same as your religion’s laws you are taking away the right of anyone who has a different religion. I don’t want to be forced into servitude to men because they just happened to be born with a penis and some ancient book says it’s OK to rape me or sell me or throw me out to a group of men that want to rape another man. Really even if they got their way… which denomination gets to decide which version is the absolute truth? Christian’s can’t even untie within their own Churches. You missed the point.

        • ubyy

          who said this guy did either? you liberals reach a lot. The bible does not say it is ok to rape you. You are so full of lies it is not funny. Stop listening to those satanic liberals. Noone is trying to force you to any religion, that is another libeal falacy. They follow satan and want to make sure you end up in hell. But the choice is yours. Noone says you have to be a slave to any man. no, you missed the point. Pat never said any of what your aree alluding too.

          you took him out of context, but that is what liberals always do.

          the right are homophobes, anti immigration, raicts, anti government, uneducated on and on.

          I love all people, and I hate all sin. they love to join the sin to the person, to make you hate me.

          I am married to an immigrant, who is not of my race! HELLO

          Im a minority in my own home, I have 4 degrees and 239 college credits!

          God established government, how can I be against it. i am against big governemnt or government control over our lives which is liberalism. Im not saying people cant commit their sins, Im saying i dont have to accept their sins and being ok, which is what liberalism is pushing. God created marriage, man and woman. now satan wants it changed. the bible said this day would come…..the end times would be as the days of sodom. HELLO better get saved, time is growing short

          • Sandy

            “All people are sinners.”

            “I love all people.”

            “I hate all sin.”

            It’s like one of those really hard math word problems he just can’t get right.

          • CuriousCursor

            ‘The bible does not say it is ok to rape you.’

            Someone needs a refresher. The bible definitely condones rape, so long as certain conditions are met. You can’t just rape anyone any way you want; you have to follow the rules. Here are some of them,in (somewhat) chronological order, cited so that you can check them yourself to see whether it’s all just liberal propaganda (I’ll break them up into multiple posts, too, to avoid overwhelming the comment form TOO much, lol):

            In Genesis 19, Lot tries to placate a drunken crowd that want to rape his male houseguests by offering his virgin daughters for them to rape instead. God subsequently destroys the rapists, city and all, save Lot and his family, though he kills Lot’s wife for the AUDACITY of looking back. Without a wife, these same virgin daughters worry that their father will now be without a male heir, so they each get him drunk and rape him to fix that problem. You see, it wasn’t the rape in Sodom that angered God; it’s the fact that the rape was sometimes of men. On the other hand, incest-rape goes unpunished (no pillars of salt or ANYTHING!) as long as somebody can get pregnant from it.

          • CuriousCursor

            In Genesis 34, Jacob’s daughter is raped by a village leader. Her brothers attack the town, slay all its men, and take its women and children. The moral of the story: Retaliatory rape also goes unpunished – so long as someone can still get pregnant from it.

            There are other examples of such conquest-rape in the bible (e.g. Numbers 31; Judges 21), and they become codified in Deuteronomy. Chapter 20 refers to the women of an enemy town taken for rape and the children taken for slavery as gifts from God. Chapter 21 describes how a man can single out a particular female captive for prolonged rape so long as he forces her to “marry” him first and then gives her a month to get used to the idea. He may freely dump her when he gets bored with her, and so long as the man never actually takes payment when he gets rid of her, he’s a respectable citizen.

          • CuriousCursor

            Still in Deuteronomy, chapter 22 explains what must happen to those involved with less-socially acceptable rapes: If the victim is a virgin and not already promised (by her father, of course) to another man, the rapist must pay his victim’s father for the insult and then MARRY HER! Apparently, his victim gets no say in this. If, on the other hand, the victim is a virgin and IS already promised (by her father, of course) to a man, then the rapist shall be put to death because he took what was rightfully another man’s to take (i.e. his victim’s virginity), and the VICTIM shall be put to death, too, BECAUSE SHE FAILED TO CRY OUT LOUD ENOUGH FOR THE RAPE TO BE PREVENTED! Apparently, that must mean she was a slut who wanted it. Sick stuff right there, bro – and ALL of it transpiring without so much as a finger lifted by the vengeful, city-destroying Old Testament God in punishment.

          • CuriousCursor

            On the contrary, the second book of Samuel illustrates quite clearly how callous God regards the rape of women in the grand schemes of his punishments. In chapter 12, God sends a prophet, Nathan, to rebuke David for his successful plot to kill another man and take his wife, Bathsheba. According to Nathan, God had decided to punish David by having all his women raped at some future date, and that David should be GLAD for it because God would rather he live to see it than kill him right then and there. Later, in chapter 15, God makes good on the promise when David’s son, Absalom, stages a coup of his father’s throne. Once David has fled the capital, Absalom stages a show of dominance in chapter 16 by publicly raping all of his father’s women. Apparently, not only does God not seem to care that much about rape beyond WHO it is that’s being raped, but he HIMSELF promises the rape of SOMEONE ELSE as punishment. What the hell did those concubines ever do to upset God?

            Oh, and just to add injury to insult, God also kills the first child David had with Bathsheba – all part of the same “message.” It took the child a week to die.

          • CuriousCursor

            In summary, it’s pretty clear that the bible regards women as little more than chattel, and its rules about fidelity and adultery are clearly weighted to the advantage of men in both theory (e.g. the legal context of Deuteronomy) and in practice (e.g. the treatment of the vanquished). If you think the seventh commandment was meant to prohibit men from sleeping around with multiple partners in the time it was written, you’re completely ignorant of the very text you claim to love so much.

          • CuriousCursor

            Before someone goes on about this, no, the New Testament does not change matters very much. In the gospel’s depiction of Jesus’ society, the adulterer Jesus saves from being stoned to death is still a lone woman. Presumably, she had committed adultery WITH some man somewhere, but where is he to be found? The mob certainly wasn’t chasing HIM. As for Jesus, he never mentioned this particular hypocrisy. Instead, his reference to ALL sin is far broader, eclipsing the double standard from view.

            In truth, though, it’s not as if these attitudes are singularly Judeo-Christian. They were typical and widespread among bronze age cultures, and one has to remember that to maintain the proper context. Nevertheless, that context is a far cry from being able to claim that neither the people written of in the bible nor God as depicted in its pages condone behavior that modern society would most definitely consider rape.

          • ubyy

            no, I got it all absolutely right, you just have an inability to understand anything through all your emotion.

            I love everyone. PERIOD I hate sin. PERIOD

            All people are sinners. PERIOD your problem is you dont know the difference between a person and what a person does! HELLO

            Murder is a sin. I hate murder
            MURDERER is a person, I love the person.

            Rape is a sin. I hate rape!

            Rapist is a person. I love the person.

            Homosexuality is a sin. I hate sin.

            Homosexual is a person. I love the person.

            get it yet? that is how it is with
            God. He hates the sin but not the sinner. He died on a cross, shed his holy blood to pay for the sins of sinners in order to save the sinners that He loves.

          • CuriousCursor

            ‘your problem is you dont know the difference between a person and what a person does!’

            No, that’s fairly clear all around, but you’ve missed Sandy’s point. When your ten-thousand-year-old code of morals tells you to judge others based on a laundry list of infractions ranging from the severe (“Thou shalt not kill”) to the inconsequential (“suffer not a witch to live”), one eventually has to ask the question: What is it, exactly, that you love about sinners?

  • Jim

    This guy truly is a nutcase! We’ve known this for some time but he’s so entertaining!

    • ubyy

      Pull your head out, stinks in there. Tell me this, will she be able to forgive her husband while thinking on crap all the time? NO, so Pat was absolutely correct in what he said here. Dont agree with him all the time but here he is right. I am studying this very thing. your line of thinking leads to hatred and depression which are where most mental illness comes from.

      • Sandy

        She was blamed for not keeping a welcoming home. That horrid wench drove him into another’s arms. Robertson has no idea if that’s true or not. He also doesn’t know that the husband is a good provider. Where is the responsibility for the man? Why didn’t he tell her he was struggling with lust? Why couldn’t he be honest with the one person on earth that he wanted to pledge his life to? Why did he give her marriage advice at all? She didn’t ask for any. She asked how to forgive.

  • Jim

    True, he’s no worse than Mark Sanford and the voters re-elected that liar and cheat!

  • RJP

    I am sure he did it for Jesus.

    • ubyy

      no actually he did it because he submitted to the lust that your father teh devil put in him.

      • Sandy

        Wait a minute! Did the devil make him do it or did he just stop thinking on pure things? Either he has a will and can overcome temptation or he is a puppet on a string. Make up your mind.

  • jeff joyner

    Most of the so-called mainstream religions are a joke. It always has been and always will be easier to hate/be intolerant/ discriminate/ and even kill your fellow man because of your/his religion that it is to love him because of your/his religion. If you want to pattern your life around the positive things in your religion that’s fine. Unfortunately many people latch on to the intolerant/discriminate aspects of their faith. More people have been killed because of religion than loved their fellow man because of their religion.

    • ubyy

      you are clueless about christianity. God teaches LOVE not hate. hate is when you sit by and let those you say you love go to hell. Love reaches out to them and leads them to salvation through Jesus Christ (God) who paid their sin debt for them but also says they MUST repent and accept His sacrifice for the payment of their sin. If they dont, they get to pay for thier own. That is their choice. I dont hate anyone, I hate sin, which hurts everyone it touches. FUNNY, why are most hospitals carrying names of religous denominations. You have obvioiusly believed the lie that most wars were because of religion, yet I dont know of any in recent times other than islam fighting islam.

      • Sandy

        Why so many Christian denominations if it’s all about love and acceptance? Anyway, Jeff said nothing about recent wars. Thankfully people have started thinking a bit as of late instead of letting a book think for them. You should study some Church history if you don’t think Christians have been in bloody wars in which their ways needed to be followed by EVERYONE. Supposedly even God gives a choice, why can’t the bunch who claims to know him?

    • Sandy

      Jeff, that’s one of the best comments I’ve read on this board.

  • Joe Eric Davis

    A television show with a g rating where children watch so mr robertson, we will teach children that cheating on their mate is alright not very responsible coming from someone who says he,s a christian inwould cancel his show based on his statements. Inasm certain that satan is happy with mr. Robertsons advise

    • ubyy

      you are showing your stupidity now. Nowhere in this did he say it was OK what the man did. NOWHERE. your ignorance is amazing. The question was, How does the wife forgive the husband who cheated. If you knew the bible you would understand what he was saying about “man”, in the first part. Man being manking, and all people are sinners, it is only by the grace of God that we dont do what comes naturally to us….sin. The second mention, he was showing what happens to a man when he is drawn away by his lusts, due to satans temptations through porn, scant dressed women etc. didnt say it was ok. Just pointed it out. Fact men are visually stimulated and all women over the age of 12 know it.

      • Sandy

        He did not mean mankind, he meant a man can’t think with his head unless its the one on his penis. And now you want to blame women for dressing scantily. You’re a gem, what a lucky wife you’re gonna have. If you’re on a diet and you see a cake, do you have to eat it? NO. If you do eat it did the devil make you?

      • CuriousCursor

        “If thine eye offends thee, pluck it out.”

        That’s Jesusspeak for, “Grow the eff up and get some self control, muthatruckah.”

  • kat

    As a Christian, I agree with what Mr. Robinson says. To look past the indiscretion and focus on the good things about the husband; But… what if there ARE no good things about him? What if he changed so drastically since the beginning of the marriage that she can no longer go on? Providing a house, food & clothing is just NOT enough to call a marriage a good one. Yes, she should forgive, through God’s strength. But she doesn’t need to set herself up for more abuse or cheating. You know the old saying : Once a cheater, always a cheater. He will give account to God for what he has done. She needs to trust God to help her do what is right.

    • No Androgyny

      Once a cheater always a cheater. You aren’t a Christian, you are a feminist.

      • Chris

        Are YOU a cheater you ANDROGYNOUS adonis… ;)

      • Prion

        So saying that a woman does not deserve to be treated like a man’s property would make me a feminist by your line of thinking.

    • David

      Where is the accountability on the husband’s part? Robertson just gave him a jail free card with- he’s a man and men wander.

  • Desiree

    So the wife gets blamed for the husband cheating. Oh so does that mean that the mother who killed her children can blame the children? Lame!!

  • Ann

    Most of what Pat Robertson says is truly “none of his freakin’ business”. Who listens to that cult leader?!?!?!

  • Sandy

    He just assumes that the woman didn’t provide a good home at the same time assuming the man provides well for her. If a man sees porn on the internet, shouldn’t he then want to go home and have sex WITH HIS WIFE? I’m sorry but everyone is tempted, yes even women. He is a man is a bullshit excuse. Because, guess what, she is a woman who has needs too, like having a partner she can trust. The key isn’t to beat yourself up for being mad it is to work through the anger and allow yourself to feel what you feel. Then you either find yourself another man and try again or you stay with the cheating piece of shit and give him another chance.

    • No Androgyny

      Another feminist in church clothing

      • CuriousCursor

        Shut up, Android. The quantity of your robo-comments is NOT making up for their lack of quality.

        Also, you ARE likely to find people who read this article and who aren’t, in fact, christian, so think before you assume – but there I go refusing my own advice, since I’m assuming you CAN think beyond your impersonation of a spam-bot.

        • No Androgyny


          • CuriousCursor

            That’s funny; I get the feeling the rest of this board has said that very thing while reading your litany of spam. Who knew you had a sense of irony?

      • Sandy

        I wouldn’t touch Church clothing you fucking moron. I don’t want to be a door mat and thankfully in this day and time you can’t make me. So go fuck 8 or 10 women, call them a whore, and go home to your wife and give her an STD while proclaiming that if she loves God she will get her ass in the kitchen and make you a sandwich.

      • YES Androgyny

        Another jerk with a penis

    • ubyy

      showing ignorance. The first time he mentioned man, was about manking, both men and women. The bible tells us what we are…SINNERS. God says cursed is a man who puts his trust in a man. why…..we are SINNERS. That does not excuse what the man did and he is accountable to God for it no doubt.

      The question she asked was how to forgive her husband, and pat was exactly right. you cant forgive anyone for anything if your are constantly reminding yourself about it, you will drive yourself to depression and all kinds of mental illness if you dont forgive like Gods says you are to do.

      • Sandy

        I think you are mentally ill because you just can’t comprehend that he could have stopped at answering her question on forgiveness. He didn’t have to make assumptions and blame her for his adultery in the first place.

      • Sandy

        The first time he talked about making man … he made Adam, moron. He later put him to sleep and made Eve. Learn your own religion before you start cramming it down other people’s throats.

  • dannyoy

    WHY do jewish journalists HATE Pat Robertson types and Christianity so much !?!?? They LOVE to splash ANY kind of bad press on anything that paints Christianity in a bad light. See what happens if , GOD FORBID, anything is ever said badly about jewish religion…. Theyll be crying “antisemitism” faster than you can blink!!

    • Sandy

      Not unlike how you are crying Anti-Christian at the moment. Stop being a hypocrite. The article has a video attached so it’s not like they are making stuff up.

  • David

    Pat Robertson said I can cheat cuz I’m a man! Woohoo!

    • No Androgyny

      Nope. He simply says you are more likely to want to cheat.

  • Marie

    Pat Robertson has said plenty in the past that I did not agree with, but I think this article was unfair. The woman was not asking whether she should forgive her husband. Evidently, she already decided to, but she was struggling with really forgiving and letting go. Robertson focused on that aspect–forgiving and moving on. I do think that his flippant reference to infidelity as something to expect from men is deplorable. “Thou shalt not commit adultery” applies to men and women alike. Because some men have a wondering eye and a weakness for loose women does not mean all men do or that they act on it. True men of God hold themselves to God’s standards.

    • Sandy

      Some women have a wandering eye too. Pat didn’t just answer her question about how to forgive he made assumptions and blamed her for not keeping a welcoming home.

    • CuriousCursor

      ‘“Thou shalt not commit adultery” applies to men and women alike.’

      … only if you take an anachronistic view of the bible. The ten commandments were formed for a society in which – both before AND after their forming – it was commonplace for a man to support a handful of wives and as many concubines as he could afford. The idea that the seventh commandment applied to men is as modern as the “biblical definition of marriage.”

      The sad fact is, Robertson’s view of men is merely a continuation of the gender roles as they’re depicted in the bible; that part of his monologue is no more out of place than the rest of it. If you truly have a problem with it (and what self-respecting human being wouldn’t?), then perhaps it is time to rethink whether scripture truly reflects your own values.

  • Cindy

    She said she WANTS to forgive and HOW to forgive. He told her how to forgive. Whats the big deal? Oh yeah, society tells us to hit him with a golf club, break the car windows, go crazy and divorce his butt and take half of what he’s got.

    • No Androgyny

      Yes. Because Feminism is the modern Apple from the garden. As you can see from all the “Christian” women.

      • Chris

        Hey! i love Apple products! Oh and BTW, you are SO a woman hater. Did someone pretty lady turn down the teenie peenie?

    • Sandy

      No one advised her to do any of those things. What’s the big deal? Pat Robertson blamed the wife for the infidelity in the first place. How does he know that, did the question come from Pat’s wife? Is this how he has such intimate knowledge?

  • Naomi

    I can’t believe what this publisher is doing. When Pat Roberson says he is a man, he is saying he is human and made a mistake, he is giving an advise about forgiveness. You see? Why the world is calling the bad good, and the good bad?? so, the best advise could be go divorce him, or what. I have seen how forgiveness brings blessings and keep families together, because forgiveness is part of love.

    • Sandy

      She was asking how to forgive she wasn’t asking to be blamed for not keeping a welcoming home. She didn’t ask any marriage advice at all, ONLY how to forgive. You know what is calling good bad… overlooking all the horrible things he said to that woman so you can show your love and respect for God. Pat Robertson is a man who makes mistakes… if you can’t admit that he said some things that are way off base then you are calling good bad.

  • Stevie

    I’d love to hear the interview. I do think he’s right! I’ve always thought this about marriage if you’re happy even 85% of the time it’s a good marriage. Like Pat said if he’s bringing home the money and doing most of what he should be doing…..there it is.

    Harping on him cheating every day is NOT going to make the situation better. I don’t agree that if someone is cheated on it’s their fault because they didn’t make home such a wonderful place no one would want to wander BUTTTT I have to admit he has a point. I was “cyber” cheated on and I must admit home wasn’t all sunshine & rainbows……I guess you can always fake it till you make it. Pretend that you’re happy with things……and do what makes the other person happy…..maybe they won’t leave or cheat?

    • Sandy

      She isn’t happy, she is having trouble forgiving. She wants to because it’s obviously her religion, but a happy woman wouldn’t have trouble forgiving. It would already be in the past for her if she were over it.

      Pat doesn’t know that the husband brings home money, he assumes it.

      Pat doesn’t know the woman was a bad wife, he assumes that too.

  • Donna S.

    Would he have given the husband of a cheating wife the same advice? I somehow doubt it.

    • lolakitty89

      EXACTLY what I was thinking!

    • No Androgyny

      No he wouldn’t. Because he’s actually read Genesis and isn’t a Feminist.

  • barbara

    I wonder if Pat Robertson might have alzheimers. Outlandish behavior comments…no filter…early onset alzheimers??

  • ralph phillips

    I for one do not believe in cheating, as a police officer I saw alot of
    it. However, it was always hard to feel sorry for some of the officers
    wives that used sex as a reward/punishment system. There are plenty of
    ready,willing and able out there ladies that are more than ready to fill
    in for you. That system only works if you are the only woman that has

    • Sandy

      I agree. I think it’s wrong for women to use sex as a reward or punishment. I still say it’s wrong of Pat to blame the wife without knowing details.

  • bruce yarbrough

    i have long thought that pat should be removed from the air, because he does so much damage to christianity with his off the wall advice…. basically , he is a fool.

  • zz

    Oh, Pat. You silly (& dirty) old man.

    • Jani

      “silly?’ how kind of you. i think moron is a better word.


    oh ok! How silly of me…”make my home so wonderful he doesn’t want to leave..”…and even better yet…”he’s a man…they wander”…Thanks Pat! Thanks so much for helping me understand…NOT!!!!!!!!

    • No Androgyny

      Why do you have the name of a pop culture Blood sucker?

      • Chris

        LOL! So you have seen Twilight? What a ma-roon

        Keep on thumping. Thump Thump Thump…eventually the clouds will part and you will see…OH NO! A strange vagina! Hey, God said it was OK…thump thump thump LOL!

      • Prion

        “BELLA” IS ITALIAN for BEAUTIFUL. Moron.

  • Thomas Flewellyn

    The bible seems to suggest that a bill of divorcement can be written for infidelity. It is the only justification I found in the bible for divorce. I am not suggesting that divorce should be sought after all of the time; however, there is a damage that cheating creates that is very deep and would take a great deal to repair. If the couple is willing to go through that then great. If one cheats, the trust is broken and that is immensely hard to regain. But if Christ be in the center of the reconciliation it is possible. Having said all of this, Pat Robertson is to be listened to as infrequently as one would listen to Rush Limbaugh. They are both lightining rods and should be avoided and if you do listen hold a few grains if not a shaker full of salt in your hand.

  • http://rebeccasavage.om Rebecca

    I’m gonna go thrown up now….and tell my boyfriend to sleep with a different woman everynight just because he’s a useless , feeble guy and that’s what they do;
    and we’re stupid, forgiving women and we let them……….

    • No Androgyny

      He already sleeps with an unmarried woman so what difference does 1 more make.

      • CuriousCursor

        “You know, the sad part is that they actually think they’re being original.”

      • Sandy

        Yeah what’s the difference? You’re just a vagina made for poking by married and unmarried men alike and you are shit for it. He on the other hand is real great guy. Sorry Rebecca, I’m not really slut shaming you. I have to feed the troll. Poor thing needs attention.

  • Ryan

    Best advice I could have offered would be to seek first God’s kingdom Matt 6:33. If we put God first in our lives he will give us the strength to forgive. By seeking God out he will put the love in our hearts to forgive. I would advise to pray for your spouse day and night. Pray that God delivers him from temptations pray that God softens your heart heart toward him. Through this struggle and trial you can even grow closer to God. Place all trust in Him. Remember God wants to prosper you He will not leave you nor forsake you. We must also remember not to put trust in people but God because people are sinners and will fail us every time. God is willing to forgive us we must be willing to forgive others.

    • Sandy

      Wow. You might actually be a Christian.

  • http://Yahoo NormaJean

    Good advice in one way but also far out for someone suffering as the woman evidently is. Men have no more right to cheat than women do. God did not set down one set of rules for men and one set for women. Sin is sin, male or female makes no difference. There are some who will cheat no matter how good they got it at home. If the man was doing his job as a husband, he would not have time to cheat, he would be busy at home.

    • No Androgyny

      Actually… Note that in Genesis… the punishment for Eve is different than for Adam. Why is this? Stop worshiping the Goddess called Feminism and become Christian! You spew androgyny and it is blasphemous.

      • Sandy

        Make her.

      • Sandy

        Because men wrote the Bible and wanted to control women.

    • Sandy

      Norma Jean, It is good advice for that woman. She is obviously Christian and wants help dealing with the forgiveness issue in a Christian manner. She didn’t say she was abused in any other way than cheating and she wants to forgive that. She didn’t mention him being a repeat offender either. I hope their marriage gets on track because it appears both are working on it to the point they are in counseling.

  • Bobbi Ysmael

    I think the best thing to do in a case like this is to just talk to him about how you’re feeling. Tell him you love him deeply and you want to stay with him but you need the time to heal yourself from this kind of pain. Because you trust him with your life and a marriage is a sacred thing. No one should be as intimate with your spouse as you are. It kind of hurts and breaks a sacred promise that you both had. When trust is broken, faith goes out the window and that can seep love for that person away. The best thing to do is to be honest, open minded and talk. Talk to him about how you feel. Let him talk to you about how he feels. Be open. That’s the best way to get through this. Now, in my case, I busted my guy with another woman and instead of trying to get away from her and try to heal with me. He chose to try to murder me because he wanted to be with her. That’s no way to go about things. No way. I was in a relationship when I was young and the guy cheated on me but we talked. You know. I talked to the girl, she talked to me, I talked to him, he talked to me. Repromises were made and that person kept the promises with me but then something happened and he couldn’t stay with me because if he did we would be homeless. That was before this last person I was with who I caught and his reaction was to try to murder me. You can’t stay with a guy like that. When it’s over, it’s over. But, if you can talk and heal do so. I highly recommend it.

  • sarah

    It’s hard for women to accept the excuse “he’s a man”. I know I’m not as smart as Pat Robertson, but this woman needed a little more than that. However, don’t ever discount Pat Robertson! He’s made mistakes, asked for forgiveness, repented, prayed and lived an excellent life. We should all be as rightious as he.

    • Sandy

      Please don’t tell me you aren’t as smart as Pat Robertson. *cringe* It can’t be possible.

  • Rebecca Walker

    Pat Robertson is a FOOL! It really get under my skin about these SO CALLED CHRISTIAN. First they want you to obey the Ten Commandment and then its okay to commit adultery. Pleasssssssse give me a BREAK all of you SO CALLED RIGHTEST CHRISTIANS.

    • No Androgyny

      Feminist shrieking.

      • YES Androgyny

        Jerk talking

  • Lin

    Many years ago I heard him give the advice that a woman should tell her husband she cheated, but that a man probably shouldn’t tell his wife he did. Double standards as always. People make choices everyday that can affect their lives in negative ways, they get in the moment and all wisdom and common sense goes out the door, consequences be damned. If you have been cheated on and choose to stay in the relationship then you do have to work on forgiveness. No sense in staying stuck and punishing that person for the rest of their lives. That implies you have no power. You always have power and can leave the person even if it is the hardest thing you have ever had to do. Or you can work through it and make it clear it is never to happen again, ever, or the deal is off forever. Plain and simple. Personally, women need to not rely on a man for their basic necessities, that way you don’t have to grovel to keep your security or what you think is your security.

  • http://webpronews.com Realist

    What a piece of garbage. He is setting the stage for the public’s forgiveness when he gets caught molesting little boys ….. you know, men do these things…… isn’t this guy dead yet?

  • MrCharming

    First, God’s law was written with the knowledge that no one can keep all of them. That is why sacrifices had to be made until the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus was made for everyone. And no one on this message board has kept all of the law. Breaking one of them means you have broke the all.

    With that being said, God has provide forgiveness for us through his son. And God forgives and remembers no more our sins. He can be bestow that same abiliy to foegive to the wife. In honesty, not just men have the aptitude to commit adultery. Everyone will eventually sin at some point and would like forgiveness.

  • gary

    The problem was getting caught…Be a lot more careful and then no problem!!

  • LP

    I think that a woman can be emotionally and physically distant and then be surprised when her husband has an affair. This advice goes for a man or a woman: If you make your home life miserable and never have sex with your spouse because you “don’t feel like it”, they will eventually turn to someone else. You have to keep your spouse happy at home by submitting to each other and catering to each other’s needs. Make them excited to come home…

    • Sandy

      That’s good advice in general but how does Pat know this woman was a bad wife? He just assumes because she was cheated on that she was a bad one.

  • gary

    Don’t get caught and for God’s sake don’t make a confession out of guilt
    You do this and no problem

    • Lin

      @ Gary—-Don’t get caught? Why get married with the agreement of fidelity then. I guess you’d be cool with it if your woman was banging every dude she could behind your back–as long as she still cooks, right? This whole thing reeks so bad.

      @LP, this is another thing, we are so immature that we need to go find it elsewhere while still maintaining a miserable existence? Makes no sense. Just get a divorce and then go out and get it. There ya go, problem solved.

  • triciaj03

    Why is Pat still alive!

    • CuriousCursor

      Because, according to him, there’s only two places where he might go when he dies – and nobody from either place wants him there.

  • Chester Rebel

    What can you expect from a man who impregnated a woman outside of marriage?

  • Jani

    Robertson just keeps proving what an ignorant fool he is, everytime he opens his mouth. I cannot believe people look to this man for spiritual guidance.

  • Don

    It sounds like Robertson is talking to his own wife… a stripper in a motel room? Whatcha been “Up” to Pat? As a man, I feel no more compulsion to cheat on my wife than I would to, let’s say, attend his church… Most men are honorable, honest and would never think about cheating. Forgivness is fine but seriously…

    • No Androgyny

      And most humans wouldn’t think about sinning because we are all good…Amirite?

  • jo

    Has this “christian” man not heard of adultery? or is this another attempt to re-write the bible.

    • William

      It is evident from your post that you didn’t read or listen to what he said.

  • Jacqueline

    Any Christian man that tells a woman that was cheated on that men “do this” and to “create a wonderful home” so he doesn’t wander is an idiot. He’s putting the blame on the woman for her husband’s cheating. He should be talking to the man. Some men will cheat no matter what their homelife is or situation. Cheating is a choice. There is always temptation but you have to overcome it. You have the right to say no.

    • No Androgyny

      Read Genesis and stop worshiping the Goddess called Feminism

      • Lin

        I agree 110% @ Jacqueline

        If Patriarchy hadn’t abused it’s power there would be many, many happy women and children in this world. As long as the males of this world keep doing what they do, Feminism will be there to balance the scales. Sorry to break it to you No Androgyny.

        • No Androgyny

          Patriarchy? You might as well tattoo feminist idolater on your forehead!

          • Lin

            @ No Androgyny—Hmmmm, now there’s a thought :P

    • William

      You’re great at word manipulation.

  • ss

    Pat Robertson needs to be committed to a psychiatric ward. The man is insane. The fact that ANYONE would listen to a word he has to say boggles the mind.

    • William

      The fact that you’re blogging about it is equally mind boggling, given what you’ve said; you sound like an oxymoron. No offense.

  • MrCharming

    Television have given us a false vision of what love is. Love is patient, kind, not boastful, doesn’t keep record of wrong. It is easy to like someone when they treat you good or everything is perfect. Anyone can do that. The bible says to love your enemy. How easy is that? Can you love someone that did something wrong to you or someone that wants to kill you? That is love!

  • Alexandra

    He’s a fundamentalist. What else what would expect the man to say. Of course everything is the woman’s fault.

    • No Androgyny

      She’s a feminist. What else would you expect the woman to say. Of course NOTHING is the woman’ fault.

  • William

    It is obvious that the writer clearly doesn’t understand forgiveness, reconciliation, and truth. Robertson, never said woman was at fault, rather, he told the woman some of the things she could do in order to help the marriage. Robertson would be the first to tell anyway that cheating is sinful…bad storyline.

  • mack

    Thank you John Cady for your truthful comment! Robertson you male chauvinistic MAN! What about stds? What about AIDS for cryin’ out loud! Jesus gives us ‘permission’ to divorce our spouse that did the cheating. That’s the only reason for divorce so says the Bible, but with our current and sometimes violent society – the woman (usu it’s the woman) has to ‘seperate’ from her ‘loving’ husband and seek protection/help from these monsters and go to a battered shelter and then to court to get sole custody AND support for themselves and children. How dare he make such a comment!!! You do not excuse fidelity in ANY society! Oh, but he’s supposedly a ‘Christian Man’? Robertson you just gave men your permission to stray . . . SHAME ON YOU!!
    our spouse ‘

    • No Androgyny

      You are a male feminist, not a Christian. What an abomination.

      • Sandy

        You’re from Westboro Baptist Church aren’t you?

  • jeff

    Funny considering it is widely known that Pat Robertson used to have sex with african american hookers.

  • Y

    Now divorced from a serial cheater… IT IS NO OK TO CHEAT!! I was a good, faithful, loving wife and mother… I worked hard, provided my share! HE HAD NO REASON TO “WANDER”.


    • No Androgyny

      That’s not what he said.

      • Lin

        Yes it is what he said in a nutshell. According to Mr. Robertson,boys will be boys. And women should be good little girls and keep a nice house and to suck it up.

        • No Androgyny

          Na. That’s your typical feminist spin. He didn’t say boys will be boys. He said men are more sexual and more prone to cheating than women. I know that angers your goddess, but oh well!

          • YES Androgyny

            Did you burn your bra in the 70’s and now they hang to your knees? is that why your are so anti-female? Jesus, thou name No Androgyny needs healing in his heart and soul. Please forgive his sins and put him on the right path where a human is human.

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