Pat Boone Calls Obama a Marxist, Thinks he Was on a Presidential “Enemies List”

By: Sean Patterson - March 15, 2013

Pat Boone made a name for himself as a pop star and film actor in the 50s and 60s. While he was well-known for his voice, many might not remember that he is also well-known as a highly religious political conservative. That, in and of itself isn’t too odd, but it seems that Boone has now adopted the idea that the president of the United States wants to turn the country into a Marxist dictatorship.

Fox Business News anchor Neil Cavuto brought Boone on his program recently to help critisize President Obama for some economic promises that didn’t pan out. Instead, Boone brought a copy of Rules For Radicals and stated that the book, written by Saul Alinsky, trained the president “to be a community organizer, a Marxist, a socialist, a progressive.” It was unclear exactly whether Boone was accusing Obama of being trained to be all of those things or if he was simply stating that they were qualities of the book’s author, but his message about the president was clear either way.

Even Cavuto couldn’t go as far as Boone, and ended up defending the president against Boone’s accusations. Cavuto tried to get Boone back on track by insinuating that such wild theories aren’t needed to criticize the president, but Boone powered through, and even made it personal by claiming Obama had placed him on some sort of “enemies list.”

“Well, I am a target,” said Boone. “I was on his enemies list in the first year of his presidency.”

Sean Patterson

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  • johnb

    “On a day, like today, we pass the time of day, writing hateletters in the sand…”

  • Sandy Brown

    Well I just looked up Marxist, and it could be a good thing, bad thing, or just is.

    • Bill O’Rights

      Good point. Way back in the day, so many bickering groups claimed to be some sort of Marxist, that Marx himself threw up his hands in exasperation and declared. “I am not a Marxist!”

      There is no more simple test, proving beyond the shadow of doubt that that someone with an “opinion” is a complete ignoramus on the complex and ever evolving subject of “Marxism”, than to hear that person put the SECOND TERM President of the United States into a simplistic, “and-we-all-know-what-that-is”, sort of semantic box.

      If I’ve used too many unfamiliar words for you tea party geniuses here — like “complex” or “semantic” — find an eleventh grader who’d be willing to attempt explaining them to you.

  • David Stover

    So what is wrong with telling the truth? Being a Marxist is one of the president’s more positive attributes.

    • Bill O’Rights

      Would you care to go on record describing what you see as the president’s less appealing attributes, then?

  • St R

    The author of this article should learn to proofread before posting. PS. Obama is a marxist, he surrounded himself with this ideology, it should come as no surprise.

    • Bill O’Rights

      You couldn’t put two coherent sentences together defining Marxism if your life depended on it.

      • 848484

        What this person states in his post has nothing to do with the actual performance of your guy…OBOZO. Tell us specifically what he has done since 2008. For every one you provide, I’ll give you two he hasn’t done. Oh yeah, if I were you I wouldn’t start with OBOZOCARE.

        • Bill O’Rights

          See the long post above! You seem to have absolutely no clue. Anyone who cares to — not you, obviously — can check well-vetted, long established, broadly recognized and prestigious sources inside and outside of government to see within minutes that your worldview is delusional. These sources would not include Fox News and tea party firebrands.

          The largest corporations in this country have been sitting on about a trillion dollars in ready-to-invest assets — which are NOT working well for them in this treading water mode — because of the unpredictability engendered mostly by the obstructionist/deconstructionist policies of Republican radicals. They ARE NOT overly concerned with “regulation” — an even playing field, run by stable rules is just fine. They ARE NOT particularly worried about “the deficit” — a red herring argument designed to keep gullible, economics-ignorant people — notably confused, directionless/unfocused, and disgruntled white males, distracted. Even Boehner is at his wits end trying to restrain his own political loonies. Even so, these companies ARE DOING FINE as it is! Even Romney, in one of his so-called “gaffs”, let slip the truth by error and said precisely that.

          These businesses DON”T NEED ANY FINANCIAL OR “DE-REGULATION” INCENTIVE — THEY”RE BLOATED ALREADY WITH ASSETS and INTEREST RATES ARE LOW! One of their huge problems is the inability to find the kind of properly educated and responsible people ready for 21st Century employment — not fading-away, obsolescent, mid-20th Century jobs. …Which won’t be coming back in any really significant numbers.

          They are not hiring more because A- These large corporations are inherently NOT where most job growth comes from; B- Young U.S. males have disengaged from the educational realities, falling steadily as a pct. of college graduates SINCE THE EFFECTIVE END OF THE DRAFT, ABOUT 1973 — these are your ever more chronically unemployable; and C- They simply DO NOT NEED OR WANT TO HIRE the type of people so lacking in 21st Century perspective and skills that they are so easily lead by wildly irrational, counter-factual argument to think that President Obama, a lifelong moderate and mediator, is some kind of Marxist. The style never changed as he entered the White House: an unfortunate fact for him, given his evident naivete about the pervasively immoderate viciousness he was about to encounter from Day-1, and even before!

          And the activist right wingers at Harvard Law School during Obama’s time there had EXACTLY the same to say about the guy in the Biography Channel’s 2008 profile of the candidates. Tune in, deadheads. That’s why they were quite comfortable with Obama heading up the Harvard Law Review. Smart guys who value education are a world apart from the pro-Pat crowd here.

          This sort of thing is proof positive of the lack of knowledge, ability, or willingness to conduct even the most basic of investigations for personal enlightenment (or civic duty) into the broad spectrum of economic indicators or the historical record — even a mere HOUR’S worth — for the sake of having some non-political, evidence-based foundation under one’s concept of what’s going on. 21st Century companies have too many jobs (and yes, immediate job openings) that require more than today’s educationally deficient to fill them. Manufacturing jobs as a percentage of the the total labor market has been in STEADY DECLINE since about 1943-44! Yep, dropping even before the war was over. It’s the SAME all over the world — that’s why they call it a “post-industrial” economy! Duh…

          A large percentage of American males need a serious attitude adjustment. Lunatic fringe, racism-flavored politics do not engender educational and intellectual progress.

          Nor does absolutely inane, baseless science-bashing as a CORNERSTONE of Republican right wing idiot-ology in a world generally moving boldly into the future. …And In spite of crippling, short-sighted policies coming from opportunistic politicians both here and in Europe.

          If you knew the slightest meaningful thing about the European economic situation, you’d have some clue that a principal cause of their dilemma is the FAILURE OF EUROPEAN GOVERNMENTS TO PROVIDE TIMELY AND SUFFICIENT ECONOMIC STIMULUS — exactly the OPPOSITE of what Obama has done (with overall conservative restraint and moderation, I might add). And in the obvious cases (where greater efficiency was not possible), a bitter pill in many ways for him to have to swallow, I might also add. [It was Republican ideology realized under the ruse of “pro business deregulation” that promoted much of the “too big to fail” problem in the first place.] This action and the breaking of other ideological impediments to rational and effective government responsiveness is precisely why WE are in no way, shape, or form in the same economic bind as certain of those nations. That is why they have sent massive amounts of their assets HERE at ridiculously low interest rates FOR SAFE KEEPING — under, a-hem, guess who’s PROTECTIVE WATCH AND ECONOMIC INITIATIVES?! Effectively PAYING US to keep their money…

          Anyone with modest research skills who is willing can check this… and see that you are an ignoramus. Obama sent Tim Geitner over there specifically to work with the European Union extensively to both prod them and guide them TO CHANGE, REFORM, AND STRAIGHTEN OUT THEIR ACT. You are a virtually fact-free zone.

          Meanwhile, “conservative” political ideology is consistently at work to effectively IMPEDE the establishment and growth of small to medium businesses, particularly in emerging technologies. The clients of the political right don’t particularly want the competition. So it’s welfare for Big Oil, Big Ag, Big Pharma, the monopolistically-inclined who spend massively to PREVENT by legislative chicanery and extremist disinformation campaigns, progress in more human-friendly, environmentally responsible, socially just, and economically progressive new technologies. Growth technologies. Here’s where today’s and tomorrow’s jobs are, given half a chance. Today’s conservatives just conserve their personal privilege in protecting the predatory and parasitic interests of the “old turf” establishment.

          BTW, Obama has been no progressive, apart from the modest — but critically important, socially/morally just — advancement in the effectiveness of a still terminally unsustainable healthcare system. He’s merely reformed a bit of the craziness, unblocked some regressive impediments, and restored some efficiency to government operations THAT NEVER WENT AWAY, even as their EFFECTIVENESS was intentionally choked by Bush administration extremist deconstructionists. The Republic plan — your tax dollars unable to work effectively… at the same time the federal bureaucracy and federal spending increases significantly faster than it does when the other party occupies the White House. As has been the case without exception since Richard Nixon took office. And yes, you can look that up, too (but you won’t) — it’s a matter of public record.

          I guarantee you, the Chinese are not much interested in 19th-to-mid 20th Century business models, beyond the fact that they have a huge, essentially unskilled population they have to figure out how to integrate into the modern world.

          And if you think — well, I guess you do — that the most bloated, costly, wildly inefficient, and out-of-control healthcare system modern, economically stable nations have ever fallen into — ours (irrespective of the efficiencies and overall savings Obamacare is independently projected bring over 10 years) — …can, by some wave of a magic wand, still allow us to find a way to compete in a World Economy under continually increasing healthcare costs, burgeoning at a rate far in excess of the growth of GDP — where EVERYONE ELSE IS FAR LESS “TAXED”… well, you just flunked junior high school math!

          It’s a system, BTW, that is FAR OFF being anything like the best in the world — your kids’ life expectancy at birth is 29th in the world and DROPPING relative to the other nations. The infant mortality rate has been, as I recall, 43rd (tied), 38th, 33rd, and 28th in the world (at it’s best) the last four times I checked the World Health Organization statistics. This, in spite of immense resources and metaphysical belief-powered rescue heroics carried to an extreme pretty much unseen elsewhere. Some kind of “right to lifers” we’ve got, screaming against meaningful healthcare reform — the blatantly outrageous hypocrites! BTW, how often do YOU check such data in order to have a foundation for your opinions on healthcare? Oh, don’t bother with some BS… I already know the answer.

          Postscript: In the “shadow” (as right wingers would have it) of “oppressive… unaffordable” Obamacare, present and impending, the rate of increase in U.S. healthcare costs DROPPED by half, or somewhat more, in the 2nd and 3rd year of the Obama administration following the passage of Obamacare — a low rate of increase heretofore unseen in the 21st Century! Not that any of this will influence the opinion of those who live in an evidence-free zone.

  • Patricia

    I agree with Pat Boone. I’ve always thought that Obama does not have our countries best interests in hand.

    • joe

      You are a idiot

      • Coach

        Why is he an idiot? Have you been in a hole the past four years? He clearing does not want America to be a strong independent country, he wants us to be modeled after the socialist European countries. Wake up, read the Constitution a couple of times and see if he has America’s best interests at heart.

        • Bill O’Rights

          Produce evidence for your cultist fantasies. Of course, you cannot.

      • 848484

        Well, I think she is exactly correct and most of you are not paying attention. See if any of this sounds familiar. Destroy capitalism with “crisis strategy” overwhelm the system with the “weight of the poor” get everyone on welfare and government assistance and entitlement to collapse the economy. OBOZO has done nothing to help this economy. Not no, but …no. The unemployment rate is the same now as when he took office. Look it up. The labor participation rate is the lowest since the depression. The debt is twice as high and he thinks this is no problem. Keynesian economics do not work. Look at Europe. There is no multiplier effect from government spending.

        • Bill O’Rights

          Your “statistics” are utterly bogus, and you yourself are delusional. Seek therapy, please. Actual business executives with major clout and a real knowledge of economics laugh about people who think like you do. Including, and particularly, Republican businessmen.

          But in a sense, rather many of them thank you. People like you make furthering the staggering and, OVERALL, economically debilitating growth of income inequality in this country so easy for the truly greedy to accomplish.

          Any rational person with critical thinking skills worth mentioning would find it a COMPLETE and INEXPLICABLE MYSTERY (as in, WTF?) why someone who has lived the ‘American Dream’ like President Obama would WANT “to Destroy capitalism… and… collapse the economy”. This very much UN-COLLAPSED capitalist economy has made Barack Obama rich and will make him, given his relatively young age, stupendously richer.

          You are talking like an idiot. The stupidity on display here is, unfortunately, perhaps a permanent condition, I couldn’t be sure; but maybe your delusional, all-consuming bigotry can be ameliorated some with professional help.

    • Bill O’Rights

      I thought “hands off” is what you wanted.

      Please provide a coherent theory as to WHO ELSE’S interests this absolutely archetypal example of the achievement of the bally-hoo’d “American Dream” could conceivably have in mind, other than that of the greatest cross-section of Americans’! …And a convincing argument as to what motivation could POSSIBLY lead him to have any other.

      Of course you can’t… you can’t possibly make sense of such a stupid and thoroughly illogical and incoherent belief system. Your operational mode is purely ignorant and small-minded prejudice.

  • David W. Brown

    Everybody has an opinion, but I don’t know why anyone but Mr.Boone, would care what he thinks. My heroes are in uniform not on stage! Change is the only constant in life. Marxist,Capitalism,Socialism, who knows? I do know that putting a label on something/someone is the first step towards making them something other than a human and makes it easier to make them into the bad guy or the good guy whichever point of view you see him from.

    • David G

      David B you are absolutely right.

    • Bill O’Rights

      The labels used by this fundamentally right wing bigot contingent have next-to-nothing whatever to do with the performance in office of the president — a subject about which they are profoundly ignorant — and everything to do with an expression of their own educational deficiencies, their helpless inadequacy for comprehending the complexities a 21st Century world, and the self-loathing — outwardly re-directed — that accompanies awareness of such persistent personal failure. Gotta be ENTIRELY SOMEBODY ELSE’S fault, right? Somebody OUTSIDE their own IN-GROUP identification. Somebody with a black face and a “foreign-sounding” name…

      Of course, there are also the big-time and small-time parasites desperately protecting their turf; the self-aggrandizing religious con men; and the ruthless corporate predators for whom no amount of wealth is ever enough, who use these labels to manipulate the fear-laden emotions of those most submissive to artificial “authority” of the least worthy and most vulgar kind — People easily distracted by the most absurd, irrational, and mostly irrelevant contrivances and easily refutable lies. Magicians call this “misdirection”. The difference between a magician and a right-wing pol or pundit today is that the magician tells you up front he can and will fool you!

      The result can be seen by anyone WILLING to examine a true, EVIDENCE-based accounting of to which income segment the preponderance of cumulative growth in the American GDP for the past 40 years — and it’s HUGE — has gone. Hint: It ISN’T to people using food stamps; “lazy” black people “who don’t want to work”; illegal immigrants, “foreign aid” recipients, trade unionists, “service sector” lackeys, retail clerks/”boiler room” telemarketers, waiters and waitresses, white collar “middle managers”, public school teachers… or to, by an APPALLING “unbalancing of the books”, the greatest numbers of the middle class. It hasn’t gone to the most productive; to the “hard-working” salaried/modest-bonus types; and certainly NOT in sufficient measure to the really effective job creators. Hint: Bain Capital operates ONLY to maximize the cut of wealth they can siphon off for the principals in situations where others are vulnerable — NOT to “build” anything productive or “create jobs”. Any positives that should accrue are merely an incindental byproduct.

      No, it’s gone to the “top earners [sic]”… who deal in net productivity-diminishing corporate takeovers and artificial, net wealth-STAGNATING financial contrivances and tax dodges… to grotesquely inefficient “administrators” in the private sector (think health care & insurance companies, for example) who have bought off nihilistic, anti-progressive political hacks rather than have to compete in a real market — The LAST thing the John Boehners in Congress want is to truly free up markets. They are effectively paid off to throttle competition. Why do you think they send a $4 BILLION+ welfare check to Big Oil every year — you know, the guys who cleared $990 BILLION in PROFIT in the recent decade?

      The chumps who think that Obama has NOT in his OWN budgets cut the growth of federal spending to the lowest rate of increase SINCE EISENHOWER (ending the Korean War) IN 1952… who is NOT presiding over one of THE FASTEST REDUCTIONS IN THE RATE OF GROWTH OF THE FEDERAL DEFICIT vs. GDP IN MODERN AMERICAN HISTORY — DESPITE the extremist methods of political sabotage to the broader recovery of the economy being employed by members of the Republican party for their personal gain… or who HASN’T — just to be a bit redundant — produced a FAR, FAR diminished rate of growth of the “bigness” of the big, bad federal government than R. Nixon, G. Ford, R. Reagan, G.H.W. Bush, and G.W. Bush (not to mention J. Carter and W.J. Clinton)… these are the kinds of willing dupes who get their pseudo-“news” from Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly instead of from solidly-vetted Congressional Budget Office records… or the FINANCIAL pages of that infamous socialist rag, the WALL STREET JOURNAL. Hint: Rich guys don’t like to be lied to about money. The undereducated right wing chumps who groove on racist, xenophobic propaganda LOVE to be lied to. Hint: The OTHER, editorial side, of the Wall Street Journal is owned by Newscorp — i.e., Rupert Murdoch… Roger Ailes… Fox News! That side is for the chumps and for the amusement and comic relief of the financially “comfortable”(it’s revenue-producing, naturally).

      THAT’S why things are the way they are. Nothing is really “broken” at all: An artificial aristocracy of wealth and power — the ego-feeding winners in this game — ARE DOING GREAT! They like things just the way they are, at the end of the day. Why do you think people who actually ARE smart and educated are conservatives in times like these when the Republican party is so radically disfunctional, with an indisputable track record of productivity squelching under Republican administrations? …When, of course (speaking of sometimes strange bedfellows), the Jesus of the Gospels, I might add parenthetically, preached such a diametrically-opposed set of social values.

      The under-educated, underpaid, willfully ignorant, self-anointed “conservatives” just can’t, by their own choice (!), GIVE AWAY the real wealth of their families fast enough! …Particularly to a fat-cat artificial aristocracy of statute-shielded, LOW productivity-growth enterprises, and into the black hole of economic burdens growing from the social costs they engender… or to the job-SCAVENGING, job growth-KILLING military-industrial complex.

      And, yeah, it’s MY business; because the rednecks are giving away MY assets along with theirs. Because I don’t have the off-shore accounts and sweetheart deals; nor the distorting weapons of wealth, along with the requisite deficit of personal morality, to employ money managers as ruthlessly predatory and parasitic on a big scale as Mitt Romney can; nor do I have any lobbyists working to twist the law to enrich me at great social cost to the rest of the American people; and to effectively preserve accumulated wealth and privilege from any unexpected outbreak of social justice. Being rats themselves, they’re good at this. Takes one to know one — always a big advantage.

      The irony, of course, is that “the 47%” Mitt Romney explicitly said (more than once) would be pretty much nuts to vote for him, were, and are, in predominant numbers, EXACTLY the ones who DID vote for him. Geez, even Romney couldn’t really believe the con could work so smoothly! His only problem was that there aren’t enough under-educated white guys (and similarly clueless wives, uncritically submissive to old white-guy authority figures) to carry the day in America any more.

      But none of this matters when you’re deeply dissociated from an evidence-based reality in what is effectively an alienated cult of simmering disgust and incipient hatred, unable to find a relevant target.

  • Bullet

    Neil was very rude in interrupting his guest Pat way too much. Why have a guest on if you can’t allow him to talk. Reminds me too much of that guy from England.

    • Bill O’Rights

      Cavuto didn’t want to look like an idiot by sitting there nodding, that’s why.

  • Darrell

    If you do not like President Obama do not say his name at all Pat Boone he have ine foot in the gravyard and the other one on the bananna peel.And by the way I like that Socalism President IS voted for him.I like him so much than I like Pat Boone with half dead self

    • Coach

      What is this comment saying? Are you using “legalized” marijuana while texting on your obamaphone?

    • sharon

      hope u get what u deserve with your socialism dictator. shame the rest of us have to suffer

  • VJ

    Is this man not satisfied by doing his “walk-in bathtub” commercials and needs more attention. He should be on some kind of a list of he thinks he can disrespect the President and have no backup for his words and go on. No more Love Letters In the Sand, Boone!

    • Kay

      Agree! Only on Fox….

  • Coach

    Truth hurts sometimes.

  • http://yahoo Thresa Aloise

    Finally a man who has the integrity to tell the truth. It took guts and I agree with him wholeheartedly. Bravo Pat Boone, your best performance!!!

    • Linda

      Totally agree,
      Neil knows also, but he can’t go that far because of his job. We all know, we all see the writing on the wall. My question is why it’s gone this far, with muslim brotherhood members cozing up to obama and even becoming part of his administration. So he’s past the treason definition, he’s put our country in harm, why oh why are the sane leaders not doing anything> Bravo to Pat Boone.

      • Bill O’Rights

        You’re sick.

        • 848484

          I think some of us on this post fully understand who is the sicko…as in OBOZO. The biggest liar, thug and fraud in American history.

      • George

        Pat, really??? Please, I have a word for you to look up:
        Paranoid. Don’t insult us with your right wing gibberish. WE are frankly sick and tired of it. You were a great hit in the day. That day is long gone. Cavuto did his job well trying to keep the conversation rational, reasonable and responsible. Things the spokespersons of the far-right can’t seem to do.

    • Walter Ray

      It is sad to see these type comments from a person I grew up admiring and respecting. I have now lost all respect for Pat, and hope he gets the help he obviously needs. Such negative comments do nothing but galvanize and support the radical forces of evil at work in our great nation. I can only pray for him, and those misguided folks who suscribe to this type of destructive actions.

    • Bill O’Rights

      Let’s see your evidence, racist.

    • Bill O’Rights

      What? Not “Tutti Fruitti”?

  • Kay

    Loved you in “the day” Pat…think your brain is suffering from old age now…Really!!!!!

  • Terri Armstrong

    Finally, an American in the public eye who will tell the truth.

    • Tom

      Terri, I agree Cavuto told Pat the truth and dismissed him without ceremony. Pat trying to disparage Saul not “Sol” Alinsky who if you know much about American labor history and organizing is a hero to many people who have lived under segregation and political suppression; the founding fathers themselves were community organizers who opposed their lack of rights as a colony and won independence for us but they had to organize and they were opposed by reactionaries called “Tories” who remained loyal to King George and the Crown.

    • Bill O’Rights

      Produce your evidence, bigot.

    • Chris

      In who’s reality is Pat Boone still in the public eye? That eye is so old it has cateracts. Irrelevant X 10.

    • Annie

      You don’t know what you’re talking about..Most of the rock and roll groups of the 50’s were either all black or mixed..It was called ‘Do-wop. When it came to music, there was no predijuce or discrimination.. Most of the music that us white kids danced to, and fell in love to was done by black artists. Elvis was the 1st white singer to record on a black record label. Along with Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis, And by doing so, helped break down racial barriors in the music business, thereby help pave the way for all of the great black artists of the 1960s and beyond. Sun Records,where Elvis,Johnny and Jerry recorded, became the interracial record company in the 1950’s. In 1959, the #1 hit nationwide was held by a black singer. And in 1960,a black singer named ;Chubby Checker, had the whole country rocking to the new dance that he invented called ”The Twist”‘
      I tell you what too. The black singers and groups of the 1950s had more class then any singer or group today.. They dressed better, they looked better and they sounded better. You could take your kids to any of their concerts,and not have to worry about any of them ”cursing” grabbing themselves, or singing violent and creepy lyrics.. Back then, music was all about love, and togetherness.So all of these so called ‘singers”and artists of today, could learn a lot of good and decent things from the black groups of the 50’s

  • Shay

    Pat Boone has been irrelevant since he dropped off the music charts and making such stupid and dangerous accusations isn’t going to change that. What has he done that would put him on the president’s enemies list? I don’t think bathtub commercials qualifies. Sounds like he is suffering from some form of age related senility. Or he things that making such shocking accusations will restart his non-existant career.

  • http://yahoo James Currran

    It was lucky at the time that boone had the chance.If I recall at the time of his so called “fame” that it was nothing but pure bigotry that he had a name.It was the beginning of rock and roll and god forbid that there should be black singers on the radio.That why boone and all of those cut rate singers had their time in the spotlight.However he had the nerve to call Obama a socialist.What is boone living on now?

  • Hell No Kitty

    Don’t you have to be relevant to be on someone’s “enemies” list?

  • sharon

    If Mr Cavuto didn’t want Mr Boone’s opinion he never should’ve invited him on his program. I also feel it was very hypocritical of Mr Cavuto to defend Obama after inviting Mr Boone for the sole purpose of criticizing Obama. I guess he got more than what he bargained for. Thank you Mr Boone for speaking your mind.

    • Bill O’Rights

      Any and all criticism, regardless of how counter-factual it is, is one and the same to hysterical racist bigots like you Sharon.

      • 848484

        …and which statement by Sharon was an indication of a racist bigot? Idiot!

  • Missinglinq

    This from a man who, trying to revive his recording career at 63, appeared on the cover of his ‘heavy metal’ album dressed in a black leather vest and sporting an earring? Oh, yeah, I’m going to pay serious attention to anything he says!

  • Think First

    If the President is such a Marxist, why is the stock market soaring? Home values are up, unemployment down … so by every economic measure capitalism is flourishing. I sitll have my guns, I can write what I want, and can travel where I choose.

    • Tim & Freda Armstead

      Amen Fellow American!!

    • 848484

      OBOZO has been trying to stimulate the economy with record-high government spending funded by higher tax rates and Bernanke’s low interest rates.

      Japan tried that, in the 1990s. Slow growth has become the new normal there.

      So you think what this thug has done is working? Guess again. In a slow-growth it doesn’t make sense to borrow to buy a house whose value will only stagnate. It doesn’t make sense to take out college loans for degrees that won’t get you a job.

      Welcome to OBOZO’S world and try removing your head from the sand.


    Tried to extend his “career” by covering some of the Black artists
    hits and sounded soooooooooooo lame , and , still sounds that way !!!

  • David G

    I think Pat is getting some dementia setting in. Used to be known as nice guy now just another hater.

  • DL Newell

    I.m an Independent conservative voter who believes Pat Boone should crawl back to the 50’s where he belongs.We don’t need the rethoric he brings forward.We’re sorry the electioon didn’t go the way they wanted it in

  • Jim Hardman

    Republicans are great at lying and making up stories. They are sore losers. Remember Obama 330 Romney 207. I’d call that a wipeout. And because Obama won 1 election they show their prejudice against a person of a different color. Disgusting.

  • ed

    he is simply irrelevant these days its his last round up for publicity good bye fool

  • Bettie

    since when is a has been singer a voice for the people who have elected him not just once , but twice?

  • JimS

    Do you deny there is a class struggle going on? Also, how can Obama become a dictator in this country? Now isn’t Pat Boone the one who helped his daughter, Debbie, through deceit, push the Acne Statin product on infomercials? Mr Boone, if you are not paranoid, please tell us where we can see your name on an Obama enemy list.

  • Dnick

    Like many Repubs Boone choose the Liars News Network (alias Fox News) to make his red-baiting comment. Where is your prodf liar! And why should anyone who stole copyright and royalities from Black enterainers for many many years believe you – you are a thief, a scroundrel, and a blackguard. Farther you and your daughter knowingly and openly sold a “snake oil” cure defrauding thousands.

  • Frederick

    A plagarist calling someone a Marxist. Pat Boone got rich from remaking songs that black artist recorded. He is (or should I say was)a talentless bafoon that got rich off of the work of people that he and people like him have shown total disrespect toward throughout their lifetime. Their is a spot nice not so cozy spot in hell awaiting Pat Boone, and thank God his old ass will arrive there sooner than later.

  • http://yahoo Aaire

    Pat Boone is a an old #$%* has been. Why would anyone with a half a brain want to hear anything his lame, stupid, immoral mouth has to say. His entire music career was based on stealing from others. The money he lives on now is funded by his public theft. Has he no shame.