Pastor Arrested in an Attempt to Burn Korans on 9/11

By: Lacy Langley - September 12, 2013

Anti-Islam pastor Terry Jones was arrested just in time on a felony charge in Florida on Wednesday, police said, after announcing plans to burn nearly 3,000 copies of the Koran on a barbecue grill. NPR reports that Jones was already towing the grill and the kerosene-soaked holy books in the back of his pickup truck to a park in Mulberry, Florida, according to follower Stephanie Sapp, whose husband, Marvin Wayne Sapp Jr., was also arrested. Jones and Sapp Jr. were each charged with unlawful conveyance of fuel, a felony, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said in a statement. Jones was also charged with a misdemeanor of openly carrying a firearm.

Sapp said Jones’s group, Stand Up America Now, had earlier announced plans on Facebook to torch the Korans, the most sacred religious text in the Muslim religion on the anniversary of the September 11th attacks on the U.S. she and her husband, Jones, and four others drove to Mulberry in three vehicles. They made a stop near the park at a fast food restaurant. When the group got back on the road, several unmarked cars pulled them over, she said. Jones and her husband were taken into custody.

Sapp said police “informed them that it is illegal to have a grill with kerosene in it in any way behind a vehicle traveling down the highway.”She said Jones’s group brought 2,998 Korans, one for each of the victims of the September 11 attacks. She said that in burning the holy books, they sought to raise awareness of “the dangers of Islam.”

“We had the Korans inside the grill and we had prepared them by soaking with kerosene, just like you would if you had charcoal on a grill and poured lighter fluid on it,” Sapp said.

Judd said in the statement that his detectives had repeatedly warned Jones that while he was welcome in Mulberry, he would be arrested if he broke the law. Jones heads a small evangelical Christian church in Gainsville, and first drew attention to himself in 2010. He threatened to burn a Koran on September 11 that year, but media attention to Jones’s plans sparked a fury and violent protests from Muslims in the Middle East. Jones was talked out of those plans but has since made similar threats.

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  • Reality

    It always amazes me how people who instigate hatred think they are doing the work of God. The only person who benefits from hate is the devil. In fact, that is what he wants. He wants us to hate each other because that fundamentally flies in the face of what Christ told us to do: Love Your Brother. Christ was very clear on this.

    Christ was so absolutely perfect in everything he did and all he said is the truth. Life will teach all of us that. It doesn’t matter if you are Christian, Muslim, Agnostic or Atheist —- all of us will learn this fact. Christ does not need some fool, who burns Korans and insights hatred, to defend him.

  • Fr, Potter

    You should read your bible and pay better attention. The bible tells us to keep away from those that are of another god, and to destroy all of their statues and corrupt materials. The truth is that the “love your neighbour” is all well, but do not accept their beliefs and certainly not entertain them. As a pastor, he only is subject to the authority of his God unto death. He must carry his own cross and follow likewise.

    • Reality

      Who give you the right to tell me what I should do? The fact you are a pastor means absolutely nothing to me. Many people call themselves pastors and are nothing close to being them.

      You assume I don’t read the bible and that I don’t pay attention. I mentioned absolutely nothing about accepting their beliefs or entertaining them. In fact, I spoke of the glory of Christ.

      You are a prime example of why many people are turned off by many “pastors” and Christianity in general. You don’t truly take the time to listen and reflect and are so concerned about telling people your version of what to do and how they think.

      You are also very short sighted. God speaks to all people and cares about all people. His love is not just extended to Christians or people who call themselves Christians. God does not make mistakes. There is a reason why all of us are here. This includes Muslims. God does not exist in hatred and the last thing he wants us to do is hate others.

      Burning Korans does nothing to bring about peace. It is simply a theatrical show designed to instigate division. The devil is found in the extremes. Extreme Christians are just as bad as extreme Muslims. In fact, both of the groups may end up one day getting all of us killed. The devil exists in extremes.

  • Bravo

    Bravo! Bravo!

    The best way to show the greatness of your religion is by burning the sacred books of another person’s religion and disrespecting an entire culture.