Party Foul: Developer Called For Kitten Meanness

    May 19, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Valleywag says co-founder and web developer, Jason Fried, is mean to kittens. Not to propagate a nasty rumor or anything, but the Save The Kitties campaign on Flickr isn’t helping his case. Maybe he’s allergic.

A pair of kittens hang out on Fried’s back porch, because he won’t let them in the house or feed them (feed them, they come back, you know?). As a result, a smorgasbord of good lookin’ gals have sent out a collective “meanie!”

“Blogebrity” Sarah Hatter, to whom Fried sends photos of the kittens, has posted them on Flickr to expose Fried’s cruelty of leaving them to nature where felines have lived for millions of years. The photos include captions like:

“Maybe if we cuddle together we can stay dry in the rain.”


“Mommy I’m hungry, how come that man inside won’t feed us?”

A few young Flickr ladies were fired up enough to really let him have it.

“meanie!” says Willo.

“So mean!” says Ms. Hatter.

“This going to haunt me for the rest of the day,” says wendykay.

Next thing you know, he’ll tell someone how fat they look in their jeans.

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