Party Down South Cast Wants More Money

By: Daryl Nelson - February 16, 2014

It happened with the Jersey Shore kids and now it’s happening with the cast of Party Down South, the hit reality show that’s on Country Music Television (CMT).

After having a very successful first season, the eight cast mates involved with the show want more money, and they won’t film a second season until CMT pays up. The story was first reported by the celebrity gossip site TMZ.

The reality show centers around eight twenty-something year olds from different parts of the South, and they all share a house where they party pretty much 24/7. At least that’s the way the show comes off.

And just like Jersey Shore, each cast mate has a huge sized personality, so once you combine everyone together, Party Down South is a show comprised of drunken behavior, numerous fights and sexual tension, and that’s just in the first episode.

Reportedly, each cast mate currently makes $500 per episode, which is not much at all considering how popular the show is, and considering it’s their only source of income, each person says they’ve fallen on hard times, especially since they had to take time off from their jobs.

If you remember, the Jersey Shore kids also made about $500 per episode in their first season, but after the show took off, they re-negotiated and reportedly received million dollar contracts.

Tiffany Heinen, one of the cast mates on Party Down South, said she’s the perfect person to be on the show, because she can get wild and crazy with the best of them. Plus, she’s a true country girl at heart, she says, which is exactly what producers of the show wanted.

“I grew up in dresses and stayed covered in mud, at least 90 percent of the time, I was barefoot,” she said in a past interview. “Very down-to-earth [and] always had plenty of animals. Always getting muddy and dirty. I grew up a true country girl, not afraid of mud, not afraid of water, not afraid of snakes.”

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  • Derek Price

    Well they caught the American bug. Get rich acting like moron’s on t.v.
    If I see these cast members in public, I will make fun of them for acting like idiot’s on t.v. They are not good role model’s for kids like the jersey shore people. At least I have a successful full time job in which I know I can make a difference at.

  • Kathy Lynch-Summerfield

    Only the ugly girls want to play “DIBS” when it comes to boys. At the end of the day, it’s the girls and the guys who pair up and disbs are in the trashcan.