Paris Jackson: Wedding Rings And Babies Or Rumors?


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Paris Jackson has been out of the spotlight for a while now.

In 2013 the teen allegedly tried to kill herself by taking a large quantity of Motrin pills and cutting her arm with a knife.

After the suicide attempt, Paris went to live with her mother in Utah and was allegedly being treated for depression.

While Utah may not be the ideal location for a teenager who is used to living a fast paced lifestyle, her family members felt like maybe Paris was overwhelmed with the attention she was getting after her father's death and decided it was the best place for her for the time being.

Now that the suicide attempt is behind her, Paris has some new drama and rumors to worry about. She was allegedly seen with a baby bump and shopping for wedding rings with an unidentified man.

Paris is only 16 and the rumors are not likely true. They were started when a source for The Daily Star reportedly saw Paris eating dinner with a man, sporting a baby bump and toasting with water instead of alcohol. Since Paris is only 16 and is not legally allowed to drink or be served alcohol, it makes sense that she would toast with water instead of wine or champagne.

The same source who spoke with the tabloid also said that they saw Paris shopping for engagement rings just a few days after she was caught dining out with a baby bump. Again, the source claimed that Paris was with a man, but did not say if it was the same man she was eating dinner with a few nights earlier.

Paris hasn't addressed the rumors and will hopefully ignore them and focus on her mental and emotional health.

A few months after Paris moved to Utah, her grandmother Katherine Jackson told Hello! magazine that she was doing much better. Hopefully she can continue to make progress.