Paris Jackson Pregnant And Engaged?

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Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson's 16-year-old daughter, has been sparking some pretty serious rumors lately. Though probably through no fault of her own, the young lady has put the media speculation in full swing.

Paris' engagement became all but imminent when a fan spotted her with an unidentified young man shopping for what appeared to be engagement rings.

Then things really got going when some fans spotted Paris Jackson and her young man dining out at a restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah. She drank water instead of alcohol and the onlookers claimed she was sporting a baby bump.

That's it. That's all the evidence as to Paris Jackson's engagement and baby making.

Unfortunately for those on a witch hunt for scandal, the evidence is...well...a bit thin.

Paris Jackson is 16. Granted, 16-year-old girls get pregnant every day in America, but it still shouldn't be considered a common occurrence.

Also, if you remember, Paris attempted suicide last summer by taking large amounts of Motrin and cutting her arm with a meat cleaver because she couldn't go to a Marilyn Manson concert.

Paris Jackson has since been on psychological medications which sometimes tout weight gain as a side effect. Perhaps her "baby bump" was nothing more than a little extra meat on her slender frame?

As far as her abstinence from alcohol, well that's just a legal issue. Again, Paris Jackson is 16. Most establishments are not going to risk their business to serve alcohol to a young girl. According to Viral Global News, it's hard enough to get a drink in Utah when a person is over 21. Utah has many dry counties that have to be sorted through before a person over 21 can even locate a place to drink!

Paris Jackson is most likely just doing some casual dating like all of the other girls her age do. Cue the 15 minute countdown until the next "baby bump" is spotted!

Lacy Langley
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