Paris Hilton Dresses As Miley Cyrus

    October 29, 2013
    Nicole Barnes
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The Playboy Mansion kicked off its annual Halloween party on October 26th. All of the attendees donned their sexy costumes including Paris Hilton, the ever-returning party princess of the Playboy mansion. Hilton emerged in a cleaner, un-botched version of Miley Cyrus’ concert costume from the MTV Video Music Awards.

We can thank Kanye West-Kardashian for initially bringing cartoony-looking teddy bears into fashion, but Miley can be accredited with maintaining this loony trend, and Paris Hilton for keeping it off the endangered list.

The look of Hilton’s leotard-style costume was a sleeker version of the actual costume. The costume features a creepy, gray bear who is licking his teeth for whatever reason. We’ll say he’s hungry, Hungry for what? We have no idea, but we intend to stay as G-rated as possible.

The original was a lot furrier than the suit worn by Hilton. There are also other tiny detail changes and additions, such as the silver tooth in the corner of the bear’s mouth, and silver straps instead of the original nude straps seen in Cyrus’ costume.

And let’s be thankful that Paris decided to nix the dorky, white platform shoes that Cyrus wore in the performance. In Miley’s defense however, she was dancing (and quite freakily). Walking around in the Playboy Mansion and drinking cocktails requires a different kind of footwear. In place of sneakers, Hilton was seen sporting a matching pair of slingbacks, which elongated her legs achieving a sexier look.

Hilton stayed true to some of the look’s most basic elements, such as the metallic shimmer, the necklace, and red lips. Oh, and of course, the hair!

Paris Hilton wasn’t the only Miley at the ball. Playboy’s current first lady Crystal Harris also wore her own version of Miley’s nude VMA costume while her hubby Hugh Hefner dressed as Robin Thicke alongside her.


Images via Instagram, Paris Hilton and Facebook, Playboy

  • Perfect Plan

    Miley’s plan worked perfectly. Months after the VMA awards and people are still talking about her. She fundamentally knows what America is all about — it is a big hypocrisy that is so sensitive that if you do anything the least bit sexual, then you will be talked about.

    Think about it. America overreacts to everything and we are so politically correct that everything is an issue. If you ever look at the comments people write, you would think that no one in this country has sex. All the comments are so prudish and holier-than-thou. Yet, if you actually look at the data about American society, you see that we are all about sex. Everything from internet porn to divorces to adult entertainment to how we sell products to TV shows us this, but we deny it.

    It is the ultimate hypocrisy and Miley knows it and she exploited it. We will be talking about this for decades.

  • John

    I guess Paris thinks portraying a sleaze on stage is is awful but being one is OK

  • Richard

    This is not news. This is distraction news from real issues