Parents Have Daughters Arrested For Partying

    October 23, 2013
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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It’s normal for teenagers to see what they can get away with when their parents aren’t home, but two teen girls found out that their parents aren’t so easily tricked. When two sisters, ages 15 and 16 decided to throw a party while their parents were out of town, they thought they would be the talk of twitter, and now they are, but not in the way they wanted.

The parents decided to shorten their trip away and did not tell their two daughters they would be home earlier than expected.When the parents of the two teenage girls arrived home and found 20 to 30 youths with alcohol in their home, they immediately called the police on the other youths and their own daughters. The two girls were arrested and charged with permitting a minor to possess alcohol.

Other youths who were underage and drinking alcohol at the party were also arrested but many ran away from the scene. Authorities are asking that anyone with any information concerning the party or the youths involved come forward.

The names of the teenage girls arrested were not released because of their age. The location of the party was Neipsic Road in Glastonbury, Connecticut and the party took place on October 13. Police are hoping the parents of other youths who fled from the party will come forward.

Were these parents right for having their own daughters arrested or should they have dealt with them a better way?

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  • Wow

    Teenage girls are getting away with murder nowadays. Teenagers in general are. Our teenagers are not kids anymore and any parent that thinks they are still children are delusional.

    Having said that though, you never call the cops on family. Contrary to popular belief, the police never make situations better. The situation will get ultimately worse because the police are involved. I worked in the judicial system and trust me, it is wise to stay away from it because often innocent people get caught up in it and something that starts out as relatively harmless gets blown out of proportion.