Panel Puts Out List Of Top Influences On Technology

    January 29, 2008

Before we get into the details, please keep in mind that no one from WebProNews had any part in making this list.  But a list of influential people in technology is indeed out, and it puts Tim Berners-Lee, Sergey Brin, and Larry Page in the top three.Panel Puts Out List Of Top Influences On Technology

Mind you, the list covers the last 150 years, and that’s where we see some objections coming in; Google’s only about ten years old, and has yet to help defeat Nazis, for example.

Still, a panel put together by Intel came up with the list, and in a statement, Cass Business School’s Professor Clive Holtham admitted, "It was a very difficult task to rate so many excellent candidates and there was a very lively debate amongst the panel.  I think all the judges had a personal favourite who they wanted to see higher up the list."

The rest of the list – 45 people are on it, in all – is available in an article by Claudine Beaumont.  But Guglielmo Marconi, Jack Kilby, Gordon Moore, Alan Turing, Robert Noyce, William Shockley, and Don Estridge rounded out the top ten, and Beaumont saw at least one thing in which we take some comfort: "Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg . . . was notable by his absence . . ."