Pandora Jewelry Partners With MLB Host Heidi Watney


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Professional baseball host, Heidi Watney, just found an unlikely partner, Pandora Jewelry. According to a press release, the partnership will include everything from event sponsorships to social media shout outs. Watney is expected to be a firm endorser of the jewelry line.

Top on her list of merchandise to promote may be Pandora's new Major League Baseball collection, which happens to include charms featuring all 30 teams of the MLB. "Our consumers have responded positively to the launch of the MLB collection, and we are looking forward to continuing to reach sports enthusiasts with our partnership with Heidi," Public Relations Director Keshia Holland said. "Heidi makes a perfect fit for the Pandora brand with her approachable personality and on-trend style."

This kind of partnership is not unique. Other celebrities under Pandora's wing include actresses, musicians, athletes, and stylists such as Alyson Hannigan, Kellie Pickler, Gracie Gold, and Cristina Ehrlich. "I am a passionate sports-lover, and when Pandora released their MLB collection, it provided the perfect opportunity for us to join together," Watney explained. "With an endless amount of charms and opportunities for customization, Pandora jewelry allows women everywhere to tell their stories and support their favorite teams in their own unique ways."

Some of the Pandora jewelry line was featured in the MLB's fashion week. According to the official MLB website, the Royals Sterling Silver Charm and Leather Bracelet "was on the left wrist of one of the models at the Fields of Fashion show".

Pandora jewelry is very popular around Valentine's Day. Last year, it was considered a top Valentine’s Day gift.