Panasonic's New Bluetooth Hearing Aid


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Panasonic launches a new Bluetooth hearing aid, making life easier than ever on the hearing impaired. Panasonic's Healthcare Group introduces the R1-W available to the public today.

What makes the R1-W so unique is that it appeals to the image-conscious consumer, the consumer who favors practicality, and even the consumer who wants something extra. For the image- conscious, the design is much more sophisticated than other hearing aids and is available in over eight different colors. For the practical consumer, the batteries last over 300 hours and are easily changed. For the gadget fans, the Bluetooth feature can automatically connect the wearer to their phones and can store up to 2 hours and 40 minutes of voice memos. Sounds great for both grandma and grandpa!


Panasonic, a brand familiar to most for its TVs and keyboards, is demonstrating their interest in servicing a different kind of consumer- the consumer with special needs. This makes sense. If you are required to have a gadget on you at all times, why not get the most out of it? Yoshi Yuasa, Senior Vice President of Panasonic Corporation of North America states, "With the new R1-W series, Panasonic has introduced a line of hearing instruments with sound quality design that equals or exceeds anything we have seen in the industry. With Panasonic's depth of research and design prowess in the audio field, our sights are set on new innovative solutions that are game changers for the end user and the Hearing Care Professional alike.".