Pamela Anderson Secretly Remarries Ex-Husband Rick Salomon


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Famous Playboy model-actress Pamela Anderson has tied the knot once again. However, the man in her life isn't someone new. He's actually her ex-husband Rick Salomon. On Sat. Jan. 11, the couple officially remarried during a secret ceremony in Los Angeles, CA.

According to E! News, Anderson was attending Sean Penn's charitable Help Haiti Gala in Los Angeles Saturday evening. She was also seen flaunting the stunning wedding ring on her finger. When E! inquired about her relationship status, she happily dished about her day, confirming that she and the film producer had remarried earlier that day.

"We're very happy," Pamela said. "Our families are very happy and that's all that matters."

A few months ago, the former Baywatch star admitted that she and Salomon had reconciled. However, it was never reported that the two were considering marriage again!

Back in October of 2013, Anderson was actually spotted with Salomon in France. A topless Anderson and her long-time beau were enjoying romantic quality time on the beach. The encounter prompted Ellen DeGeneres to ask about the status of her relationship with Salomon. Even then, Anderson was quite evasive, not offering up much information on their level of commitment.

"I say we're best friends…with benefits," said Anderson who's been divorced three times. However, she did say she "was confident in their courtship and didn't want to meet anyone else." The statement was obviously loaded!

Anderson and Salomon married for the first time in October of 2007. However, their love affair was short-lived, as she ended up filing for divorce in December of 2007 just two months after they wed. But, this isn't the first time Anderson has opted to give love another try with a former lover. That revelation was the reason for DeGeneres' response.

"You keep going back to the same guys," DeGeneres quipped. "You're married, then you go back."

"It's recycling!," Anderson said with a big smile. "No, I'm very happy. We're happy. He's a great guy." Its obvious the couple's happy and ready to move forward in the new year!

Image via Wikimedia Commons | Pamela Anderson