Pam Dawber To Speak About Robin Williams On Special

    September 3, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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Pam Dawber, who famously played Mindy opposite Robin Williams’ “Mork”, will be featured on a PBS tribute to the late actor later this month.

The actress filmed an interview for the special in which she talks about her friendship and working relationship with Williams and what they talked about before he died. The television program will also feature talks with several actors who worked with the comedian and will give fans access to his last interview, as well as “never-before-seen” moments from his career.

PBS executive producer Steve Boettcher says they wanted to give viewers a glimpse at the man they came to know; the actor’s suicide came as a shock to everyone, and many were confused as to why he would take his own life.

“We wanted to share with PBS viewers the Robin that we saw – the very unassuming, caring, genuine and gentle man who took his acting seriously, but was able to make others laugh. We hope this special provides more insight to this incredible man, in his own words,” Boettcher said.

Williams touched many lives before his death on August 11, from fellow actors to people he barely knew. American Horror Story actress Kathy Bates recalled recently the time that Williams consoled her at an awards show after he read another actress’s name onstage, saying she would never forget his kindness.

“He came to me on the commercial break and said, ‘I really wish I could have read your name. Are you okay? I know what it’s like to lose,’” she said.

  • Paul

    I wonder if his depression had anything to do with the 2+ MILLION he was paying to his ex’s for the rest of THEIR lives.

    • kasia54

      He was clinically depressed not situationally depressed. HUGE difference. People need to learn the difference – in fact a huge light needs to be shined on this horrible disease! I know you were making a funny (haha) but really, I’ve heard so many comments like, “what did HE have to be depressed about?” It has nothing to do with your outsides – it’s an inside chemical abnormality in your brain – millions of dollars, beautiful women, etc etc won’t cure it.

      • Paul

        Absolutely agree with you. I’m just saying that you take clinical depression and add a few more big bricks to his already overloaded cart and it could have been what pushed him over the edge.

      • shaysite

        How’s that unemployment beneies going for you, you mulatto piece of crappola??

      • shaysite

        F-ing negroid piece of dirt

  • Melinda Guinn

    Robin Williams is so funny!! I miss him so much!

  • mjl1516

    He will be missed. I don’t recall EVER hearing someone say they didn’t care for Robin Williams. His humor was universally appreciated.

  • riverrat

    Going to be interesting to see what Pam Dawber has to say. They obviously cared a great deal about each other. When Pam agreed to an episode of The Crazy Ones., she did it because she wanted to do something with Robin, and she got the chance. I wish they would have more things together.