Paget Brewster’s “Vengeful” Move Against “Criminal Minds”

    September 14, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Paget Brewster, who worked for several seasons on the highly successful show “Criminal Minds”, landed herself a new gig on “Law And Order: SVU”, and was excited until she realized her first episode was going to air right up against her old show.

“I was so crazy flattered when they offered me this part,” she said. “I didn’t find out until after I took the role that the special two episode premiere of SVU was going to bump against Criminal Minds, which it never does!”

The actress later called her “Criminal Minds” boss Erica Messer to make sure they didn’t think she was a traitor, and it turns out all was well.

“You have to believe that I didn’t do this on purpose,” she said. “I’m afraid it makes me look vengeful, which is terrible.”

Messer assured her that no one thought badly of her for what was obviously a cunning move on the part of her new bosses, and that she probably would have done the same thing.

Although Brewster’s role on “SVU” was initially as a guest-star for the two-hour season premiere, the show has a long history of bringing back their actors for more sustained parts, so she has a good chance of keeping the gig if she wants it.

“I’m so torn because I’m such a fan of both shows,” she says. “I just hope both shows get great ratings!”

  • Anon

    What a misleading, stupid article title. You suck.

    • cb

      i agree!

    • Hope

      I agree 100%!

    • mq

      agreed…btw, I worked on that SVU episode and Paget was a model of professional behavior…wish there were more actors like her


      As an entertainment writer, I found the article to be factual and to the point. The headline tha you call “missleading”, is called a teaser. IT GOT YOU TO LOOK, didn’ it?


        Sorry for the typos.



  • Twinkletoes

    Who is she? Never heard of her before.

    • PDBHDK

      Watch Criminal Minds. She’s great!

      • Becky

        And you should check out Huff and Andy Richter Controls the Universe: two fabulous shows featuring Paget Brewster that unfortunately didn’t last.

  • MatsKno

    If you can’t get readers attention you use such titles. She is a free agent and can take every job she wants. If anything, it surprises me she still feels to be loyal with criminal minds. Something CBS/CM didn’t gave her.

  • Jen Gurd

    I love Paget Brewster and I love Criminal Minds. I also like Law and Order SVU. As long as she doesn’t replace the actress who plays “Olivia”, who I also like.


    I’d love to meet Paget Brewster.

  • Cindy

    I love Paget Breweters, and would read any artical on her actind, I think she is an amazzing actress!

  • Cindy

    I love Paget Brewster, She is a great actress, look for her on the awards show!

  • Mara

    Very misleading title. It implies she made a petty and vindictive move against Criminal Minds, which is clearly not the case. She was clearly ticked at CBS for firing her then forcing her back due to contract terms, but she did her job professionally and then moved on. She was an asset to Criminal Minds and I’m sure she’ll be an asset during her guest spot on SVU.

    • missrightjk

      They didnt force her back. well they kinda did, but it was because the fans reacted so powerfully to her and AJ being cut that they had to bring them back in order to save the show. CBS only did it because they were thinking about themselves.

  • Scott

    Her best guest appearance was on Two and a Half Men “Eckleberry Hound”

  • Nancy Beigel

    I loved watching Paget in Criminal Minds. I think the producers made a huge mistake when they let her go. I will have a hard time choosing which show to watch that day. I have rarely seen SVU but I will give that show a try when she will be on.

  • Leonada

    Shut the front door! No she didn’t! LOL! Wow….that’s all I can say it….wow. Well, maybe now she’ll get an Emmy nod since they continually ignore “Criminal Minds”.

    • Hannah

      Yes!! Criminal Minds is ALWAYS ignored in the awards!!! The show & it’s actors & crew members deserve some recognition for the continual amazing work that they produce!!

  • lily seavey

    paget will be sorely missed- she is beautiful and a tremendous criminal profiler along side aj and the crew. the other replacement blonde for aj was not even remotely interesting when she took the part during that firing of the two. paget’s replacement won’t either-the show will lose the shine now and become a goodbye episode soon. i want to know why we are still seeing the same old same old episodes of criminal minds every week still???? where are all the other yrs that have not been viewed at all and why not??? i stopped watching ion criminal minds as it is stuck w/the same reels from yrs ago. too bad as i mean the same season 24-7-

  • missrightjk

    i LOVE paget, but only on Criminal Minds. (ok, maybe Huff, but thats it) i pretty much hated the SVU ep. because i couldnt take her seriouslly. what bugs me is that the only reason she got back on CM was because her fans fought so hard. then we tried so hard and she just left because she was thinking about ony herself. i love her and all, but it makes me mad…

  • missrightjk

    then i saw an article that was talking about who much herfans were mad and sad and would miss her, and she said, “i dont care what other people think. im doing what i want to do and they cant change that.” ya, i get that, but SERIOUSLY????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://webpronnews.com Jeanne Towsey

    criminal minds isn’t the same without, Paget. Need to bring her back.