Pageflakes Has Been Working within Social & Education

    January 10, 2008

Below is an update on what Pageflakes has been working on within the topics of social and education.

First some background on Pageflakes

With Pageflakes, you just sign in quickly to the website, add url’s (‘flakes’) to your page (‘pagecast’), shuffle them around in priority of importance, create a snazzy background and off you go. This is now your new home page instead of having to rummage through many websites on a daily basis. You can see all your favorite websites on one page and can create additional pages based on themes i.e. cookery, sports, fashion, celebrities or your own enterprise & business updates etc. Upload videos, use the ‘anything flake’ to add personal messages, calendars and more. Users can chat with other pagecast users directly or through the community section, copy flakes and discuss like-minded topics.


Pageflakes are working with local schools and educational boards to help them organize their class schedules. Teachers are using Pageflakes as the main site for their students to see update calendars, exam timelines, research study information, grade trackers, message boards and the list continues… Check out a few below:

  1. Homepage platform to set up all educational needs:
  2. Class Schedule:
  3. 3. Grade Tracker:
  4. Message Board:


In addition, Pageflakes have now created a series of ‘open’ Pagecasts for the consumer to use as an ongoing campaign – whether you’re a Pageflakes registered user or not. Some of the themes are below and more are to come throughout the year (Mothers Day, sporting events, national holidays etc). Anyone can see these from clicking the links or signing in and looking in the community section. These theme pagecasts have been produced by Pageflakes using both new flakes and incorporating flakes from existing pagecast users: