Wikipedia to Go Creative Commons
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It appears that all Wikimedia content will become available for free under the Creative Commons License soon. This has been approved by a 75% majority of community voters, though the decision has not yet been approved by the Wikimedia Foundation’s board of trustees. The licensing update/result page says:

Mozilla Launches Jetpack API

The developers at Mozilla Labs have introduced their new Application Programming Interface known as "Jetpack." Jetpack enables ordinary users who know basic web development languages, such as HTML, Javascript, and/or CSS, to write and distribute their own custom made Firefox add-ons using these languages.

Big Changes in Google’s Sales Department

Earlier this year, Google laid off about 200 employees in the sales and marketing department. Head of Sales, Tim Armstrong also left the company to become CEO of AOL. Armstrong then got Senior Google sales executive Jeff Levick to go with him.

Google Not Buying a Newspaper

For a while, the blogs were burning with the rumors that Google was going to buy a newspaper. Eric Schmidt has laid these suspicions to rest by announcing that Google will not pursue that option.

YouTube Upload Rate Reaches 20 Hours/Minute
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This has been true for some time, but now more than ever, it’s impossible for any one person (or even a team of reasonable size) to keep up with all the clips uploaded to YouTube.  According to an official blog post, about 20 hours of video are introduced to the site in every minute of real time. 

Microsoft Hit With Patent Infringement
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A Texas federal jury has ordered Microsoft to pay $200 million to a Canadian company for patent infringement.

"We’re very pleased," said Karen Heater, president of Toronto-based i4i, which said Microsoft had violated a patent held by her company in its Word processing programs.


Twitter Cofounder Takes Stance Against Advertising
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As people talk about what they’re having for lunch, their favorite show’s season finale, and LOLcats, other Twitter users shouldn’t have to worry about seeing ads for Subway, "Lost," and Friskies anytime soon.  Twitter cofounder Biz Stone recently distanced himself from the idea of turning to ads for revenue. 

Kentucky Basketball is Twitterific
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When someone says the name University of Kentucky basketball, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? 7 National Championships, all time winningest program , tradition, Adolph Rupp, Twitter… wait, did I just say Twitter?

That’s right, these days it almost seems like whenever people talk about UK, the famed micro-blogging site is involved somehow.

Google Street View Faces Scrutiny In Germany
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Google said Wednesday it had met demands by German privacy watchdogs over its Street View service, which offers photographs of buildings in cities taken from street level.

Johannes Caspar, who heads the data protection agency for the Hamburg area, had given Google a Wednesday deadline to allow property owners to opt out of being photographed for Street View.

YouTube and ESPN Form a New Bond

YouTube and ESPN have entered a new partnership together. YouTube’s Chris Dale gave WebProNews a few details about it in a quick phone call.

ESPN will be featuring content that is apparently going to be in line with their television programming, although from the sounds of it there won’t be any live streaming, so don’t look to watch games on here (at least for the time being).

Reports: Hulu, YouTube Set To Make Headway In The UK

If Hulu and YouTube have their way, it may not be long before UK citizens are spending a whole lot more time in front of their computer screens.  One fresh report says Hulu will possibly launch in the UK this September, while another claims YouTube is close to sealing some deals over full-length UK TV shows. 

Purchasing Decisions Not Made Through Social Networks
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While the majority (83%) of Internet users are actively involved in social media, less than 5 percent use social sites for research about making purchases, according to a new report from Knowledge Networks.

Additionally, only 16 percent of social media users say they are more likely to buy from companies that advertise on social sites.

Hulu Takes Advantage of its Competition
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While measurements of Hulu’s audience have been disputed recently, there is no question that the site, while certainly gaining popularity, still has quite a ways to go before it catches YouTube.

Hulu has lemonade to make of such lemons, however as its YouTube channel (yes, it has a YouTube Channel – who would’ve thought?) is the tenth most popular channel on the online video leader’s site. And that’s of all time.

Facebook App Directory Overhaul Launched
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Update: Facebook launched the App Directory, App Verification Program, and ne App Profile Pages today.

Original Article: In the coming weeks, Facebook will formally launch its App Verification program, a new Application Directory, and new App Profile Pages, a spokesperson for Facebook tells WebProNews. Each of these will allow users to more easily discover and interact with the applications that are most relevant and valuable to them, they say.

AppRiver Offers Free Email Disaster Recovery Program

Cloud computing services company AppRiver has made available its Digital Disaster Recovery Program, a free email redirection service offered in the event of a natural disaster.

Over Half of Britons Working From Bed

When one thinks of gadgets for use in the bedroom, one doesn’t think of a laptop. But then again, one may not be British.

According to a survey by Credant Technologies, a quarter of UK employees can’t keep their hands off their mobile devices for work purposes, even in bed. Of those who work until it’s time to sleep, 57 percent spend 2-6 hours a week at it despite their partners finding it “very annoying.” So much for eating crackers, eh?

YellowSpaces Launches Local Search App For iPhone

Local search engine YellowSpaces has introduced a free application for iPhone and iPod Touch users called "iLPS."

iLPS offers maps and driving directions with one tap, helping users get where they need to go. Mobile searchers using iLPS are presented with a map view first, allowing them to decide which business location they want based on how close it is to them.

Once a selection is made, additional business details are offered including the business phone number, address, website along with driving, biking and walking directions.

Craigslist Bites Back
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Craigslist has decided to sue South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster. The company is seeking declaratory relief and a restraining order regarding criminal charges McMaster has threatened the company with.

WebProNews has more on the criminal charges threatened. Jim Buckmaster writing on the Craiglist blog had this to say:

New Google Reader Feature Spotlights Chatty Cathys

Here are a few simple facts: some people talk more than others.  Also, some people are more interesting than others.  And a new Google Reader feature called "Friends trends" may help you determine how the folks you interact with online score in both of these categories.

The .ME Top Level Domain Hits a Quarter Million Milestone
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The fastest growing country code top-level domain is .ME. The .ME Registry just announced that the extension has hit a quarter million domains registered.

"This is the kind of reaction we always knew we would elicit with dot-ME," says Predrag Lesic, executive director of the .ME Registry. "Dot-ME has become an Internet phenomenon."

Social Media A Stumbling Block For IT Pros
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A survey of 1,300 IT professionals worldwide conducted by Websense reveals a majority of IT managers are still unsure what constitutes Web 2.0, and are ill-equipped to combat security concerns associated with social media. 

About 95 percent of businesses allow access to social media in the workplace, and 86 percent of IT managers surveyed reported being pressured to expand social media accessibility—most often from marketing, sales, and C-level executives—despite security concerns.

Smartphones See Solid First Quarter Growth

Global mobile phone sales totaled 269.1 million units in the first quarter of 2009, a 9.4 percent decrease from the first quarter of 2008, according to Gartner.

Smartphone sales surpassed 36.4 million units, a 12.7 percent increase from the same period last year.

Don’t Expect a Facebook IPO for a Few Years
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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke at the Reuters Global Technology Summit on Tuesday, and declined to confirm recent reports that the company had held discussions regarding $150 million in funding (as reported by VentureBeat) and turned down $200 million (as reported by TechCrunch).

Yahoo Promotes “Web Of Objects” Concept At Search Event

Yahoo sure likes names that can be shouted.  At a search event the company held yesterday, speakers focused on a "Web of objects" concept – also known as WOO – that Yahoo intends to embrace as a way of moving beyond the standard ten blue links.