Guitar Hero III Mobile Sets Milestone

Hands-On Mobile says that Guitar Hero III Mobile has hit 1 million downloads including monthly subscriptions becoming one of the fastest selling games in mobile gaming history.

More than 250,000 songs are played daily by mobile subscribers across the U.S. Interestingly the most played  are re-cords of "Slow Ride", "Mississippi Queen", and "Black Magic Woman". (more)

Twitter Is Over Capacity

Decisions. Decisions. How to stay in touch with the exponential growth of the technical information being developed by our exponentially growing network of contacts. The Internet is a fertile field for all this growth but how do we poor humans stay on top of it.

The Battle For “SEO Trademark” Wages On

Just when you thought it was over: May 19 was the deadline for the man who would be SEO trademark holder to respond to notices of opposition to his trademark application (which were filed by SEOmoz, Arteworks, Beanstalk Search Engine Positioning, SEO.com, Jonathan Hochman, and Rhea Drysdale). Sarah Bird, Esq., of SEOmoz filed for default judgment in the case on Tuesday.

What a Difference a URL Can Make
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Research shows that print ads that contain URLs  are up to three times as likely to drive readers to a website than those that don’t include them.

Not that this information comes as much of a surprise, but it is probably a tactic that many businesses still are not using.

The Research Shows…

Social Networks’ Users Open To Better-Targeted Ads
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People on social networking sites don’t object too much to the idea of ads, according to a recent study.  But before marketers throw more money at Facebook and MySpace, they should know that users also feel ad targeting leaves a lot to be desired.

Houston Files Lawsuit Against Online Travel Companies
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The city of Houston has filed a lawsuit against online hotel bookers for keeping money the city claims should go towards its occupancy tax.

"We believe the (online) companies are, essentially, pocketing the money that should go to occupancy tax," Mayor Bill White told the Houston Chronicle. "It’s unfair to those who are paying the price where the full taxes are paid."

Google Maps Redesign in the Works?
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Philipp Lenssen over at Google Blogoscoped has happened across what appears to be a possible redesign in the works for Google Maps.

The thing is, not everyone can see it. Luckily, he includes screenshots. Philipp had this to say about it:

Dell Sees Growth Internationally

Dell, the number two PC maker in the world says that within five years two- thirds of its sales will come from overseas.

Increasing demand from Asia and other emerging markets along with growth in the UK and Europe is broadening Dell’s sales beyond the U.S., the company said. An executive at the company said that international sales were growing much faster than its domestic market.

Online Television Draws Large Audiences In Europe
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When it comes to online television, American companies and programs are what we tend to discuss.  Research shows that online television is extremely popular in Europe, however, and so Europeans could drive the next wave of advertising trends.

A-Listers Killing Twitter With Tweets
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Popular people with long lists of followers on Twitter may be partly responsible for the micro-blogging site’s performance woes at times.

Paid Click Joy Returns To Google
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The latest monthly assessment of clicks on contextual ads from comScore found Google regaining a little of the activity it lost in recent months.

SciFi To Fidgit With Games
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The SciFi Channel opened a new site in an extremely crowded niche – gaming blogs – with the debut of its Fidgit blog.

Borrell: Local Sites To Earn $13.1 Billion In 2008

Local online advertising should deliver an eleven-figure payday to site publishers, according to a forecast from Borrell Associates.

Google Contacts Gets In Sync With iPhone
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Sometimes the smallest gestures make a big impact, and the Apple crowd seems to appreciate the latest Google-iPhone effort.  In short: the Address Book application on iPhones can now be synced with Google Contacts.

Revision3 Shutdown By MediaDefender

Internet television network Revision3 suffered outages over the long holiday weekend after it was attacked by anti-piracy group MediaDefender.

Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision3, was surprised when he found out that MediaDefender was behind the attack that took down their whole network over the weekend. MediaDefender used Revsison3 BitTorrent tracker for the fake torrents they upload to BitTorrent sites.

Google Getting Lots Of Money From Obama Campaign
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Google’s employees have a reputation for being left-leaning, but it seems they should be Barack Obama fans regardless of politics.  According to a new report, the presidential hopeful spent around $2.85 million on ads with the company in the early part of this year.

Google Files Objection On PayPal Only Policy In Australia
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eBay users have been curious to find out who submitted an anonymous filing to the Australian regulatory agency that is reviewing eBay’s plan to move to a PayPal only option.

The submission says eBay should not be allowed to exclude competing payment methods. An AuctionBytes reader found a 38-page PDF filing that appears to have come from Google.

Akamai: US Home To Attacks, Slow Internet
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The content delivery network tapped its resources to produce the first of what will be an ongoing look at the Internet on a quarterly basis.

MediaDefender blamed in Revision3 DDOS attack

Video site Revision3 suffered a crippling denial of service attack over the Memorial Day weekend, an attack MediaDefender not only admitted to Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback.

Google’s Paid Clicks See Solid Growth

Google had solid growth in paid clicks for the month of April according to comScore.

 Google’s paid clicks grew 19.6 percent in April from a year ago, compared with growth of 2.7 percent in March and 3.1 percent in February. This marks Google’s fastest growth since November 2007 when paid clicks jumped 27.3 percent year over year.

The Coming Link-Buying Storm
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Search engines and webmasters continue to play a cat-and-mouse game over the purchase of links to build one’s site ranking; what’s going to happen when the cat pounces and a little webmaster mouse cries foul over the advice they received?

The Start-Up

On Tuesday, I explained why chasing the "free" start-up model was killing many business ideas. How can you build a company when your business model consists of "get acquired, before we run out of funding?"

The Start-Up

On Tuesday, I explained why chasing the "free" start-up model was killing many business ideas. How can you build a company when your business model consists of "get acquired, before we run out of funding?"

The Start-Up

On Tuesday, I explained why chasing the "free" start-up model was killing many business ideas. How can you build a company when your business model consists of "get acquired, before we run out of funding?"