Hitwise Supplies Info On Google-Facebook Email Clash
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Many analysts believe that Facebook will essentially declare war on Google later today, launching an email product that will compete with – and perhaps overthrow – Gmail.  So this morning, Experian Hitwise Research Director Robin Goad weighed in with some stats pertaining to the possible conflict.

There’s More to Social Media For Small Businesses than ROI
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Yahoo Introduces Its Contibutor Network

Yahoo has launched the Yahoo Contributor Network, a new platform for people to publish their creative content.

Yahoo says its Contributor Network will bring contributions from more than 400,000 writers, photographers and videographers to media destinations, including Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports and the Yahoo homepage.

Report: Facebook Tops eBay In Value
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A certain social network may now trail only Google and Amazon in value when it comes to American Web companies.  Facebook’s privately traded shares have apparently appreciated to the point that the organization’s passed even eBay.

AOL Announces Email Redux Ahead of Expected Facebook Email Announcement
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Facebook is expected to make an announcement today that could have a huge impact on the email industry, but AOL made an announcement first. The company has unveiled a preview of a new version of AOL Mail, which it’s referring to as "Project Phoenix."

Check-In Apps Add Key Relevancy Factor to Your Marketing
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Are check-in apps just a fad or are they the future of local business marketing? It may still be too early to tell, but I’m starting to lean toward the latter, because this space is only picking up more and more steam, and businesses and marketers are getting excited about it as more apps continue to flood the mobile app markets. 

Are check-in apps just a fad? Tell us what you think.

Hulu Plus Makes Appearance On Sony Dash

Hulu Plus, the $9.99 per month service that has so far failed to attract much positive attention, scored another (small) victory today.  Now Hulu Plus is available through the Sony Dash, a device designed to inhabit bedrooms, kitchens, and offices.

Clicks But No Conversions? It’s the Landing Page Every Time.
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Are you putting enough thought into your landing pages? If not, it’s probably the main reason your conversions, or more importantly your revenue, aren’t higher. At PubCon in Las Vegas, WebProNews spoke with Brad Geddes, Founder of PPC training firm bgTheory about advanced PPC and landing page optimization. 

Why Landing Page Optimization is Critical

Google Site Search Pricing Changes

A complicated pricing structure does few people any favors.  Businesses just risk annoying or alienating potential customers who don’t feel like pulling out three spreadsheets and a graphing calculator in order to predict their bill.  So it may be a good thing that Google Site Search gained a simpler pricing structure today.

Google Vulnerability Program Meets With Early Success

Perhaps the best possible thing, from Google’s point of view, would have been if it had announced its vulnerability reward program and then heard nothing at all.  But a short while after the program’s launch, Google’s seen a response that it still characterized as "fantastic" as people have been quick to bring problems to light.

Tips For Increasing the Chances of Customers Buying From You Online
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In the fast-paced digital age where everyone wants a piece of that sweet Internet money, competition for small businesses is greater than ever. Fortunately there are  more tools available to small businesses than ever as well. Still, there are so many factors to consider, and so little time. 

WebProNews sat down with Paul Boisvert of Yahoo Small Business to talk about some things that small e-commerce companies are doing wrong and how they can improve their approaches to ultimately get more sales. 

Significant Yahoo Layoffs Rumored
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At a time when people should be decorating their offices in a festive manner, it seems that a large number of Yahoo employees will instead have to carry away their belongings in cardboard boxes.  Multiple sources indicate that Yahoo intends to conduct another round of layoffs in December.

Target Launches Online Daily Deals For The Holiday Season
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Target has introduced new online daily deals for the holiday shopping season.

Target.com’s Daily Deals will offer one-day sales of up to 50 percent off regular prices. New deals this holiday season include:

*“Mega Merry Mondays,” beginning each week with deals on 17 popular items.

*“Total Toy Tuesdays,” offering discounts on five popular toys.

‘Friends’ App May Become Your New Contact List

How much time do you spend trying to keep with all your friends on the various social platforms? Chances are it’s quite a bit. Most of your friends are probably on Facebook, some are hard die heard Twitterers, and some won’t let go of MySpace.

Common Mistakes in Enterprise Pay Per Click

In another article we looked at large scale SEO with Bill Hunt. We also sat down with Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting at PubCon, who talked about enterprise PPC. 

Twitter Founders Discuss The Origin Of The Name With Jimmy Fallon
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Last night, Twitter founders Evan Williams (@EV) and Biz Stone (@Biz) were guests on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and pair discussed the origins of the Twitter name, and a few that didn’t quite make the cut.

Reducing the Yahoo-to-adCenter Campaign Friction

As you may know, the Yahoo and Microsoft advertising transition is complete. Yahoo and Microsoft paid search advertisers must use adCenter to manage their campaigns. But how smooth has the transition been for advertisers? 

Google India To Hire “Hundreds Of Engineers”
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Google India’s HR managers may be in for a hectic time.  Days after Google announced $1,000 bonuses and ten percent raises for all the company’s workers, a high-ranking employee has committed to hiring at least 200 engineers in the country.

Think the Big Brands Got it Great in Search?

There’s no question that big brands often rank very well in search, but you might be surprised at just how difficult it is to scale SEO for large sites and to get the right wheels in motion for big companies. 

Challenges of Scale

Facebook Commits To Second Custom Data Center
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Early this year, Facebook announced that it would build its first custom data center in Oregon.  Then, in August, Facebook announced that it would more than double the size of the still-under-construction facility.  And now the company’s charged forward yet again, committing to build a $450 million data center in North Carolina.

The Rutherford Data Center should be built in Forest City, North Carolina, to be exact, at the site of a former Mako Marine building.  Facebook purchased 150 acres from Rutherford County for $3.1 million to make this happen.

What Does The Future Of Search Look Like?

Tim Mayer, the former head of search product and business at Yahoo, spoke in the keynote session “Future of Search: Mobile, Social, and Vertical.”

Google Has Internal Debate About Content Farms as Spam, Cracks Down on Link Spam
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As usual, Google’s Matt Cutts had some interesting things to say, speaking at Pubcon in Las Vegas. 

FCC Acknowledges Google Street View Investigation

Google’s winning streak with respect to the Street View privacy breach might be coming to an end.  Although the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office and the Federal Trade Commission let the company off the hook, the Federal Communications Commission confirmed this week that it’s started looking into the matter.

Splitting Up Your Social Strategy for Better Results

Marketing is about achieving goals, and that goes for social media marketing as well. In fact, you might say it’s about "micro goals". At least that’s what Jennifer Evans Laycock, President of SugarSpun Marketing says.