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Live Search Comes to MSN City Guides
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Microsoft has introduced a new version of MSN City Guides in a move the company calls "one step in a long term plan to help users stay in the know wherever they are."

The new MSN City Guides makes ample use of Live Search and Live Search Maps as well as video and social media. Users can share information through Windows Live and Facebook. Microsoft says this makes event organization easy.

Understanding How Competitors Are Driving and Engaging Traffic
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Last month Compete.com launched with a new look. WebProNews had a few words with Compete’s Director of Market Development, Aaron Prebluda who talked a little bit about the new design. Have you used Compete since its relaunch? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts.

Men Want It Fast, Women Want It All
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The following is based on research, not sexism or prejudice of any kind. Conclusions are by nature overly general, and there are many exceptions to the following “rules” of masculine and feminine behavior. Quite simply, there really are general and stark differences in the behaviors men and women, but this fact should never be used for discrimination or other types of abuse. Also, in the following, jokes and wisecracks abound. The author apologizes in advance if you don’t find him funny and reminds you they’re only jokes.

Newspapers Not Effectively Using Social Media
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Newspapers should be using social media more effectively to engage their readers and boost online revenue, according to a new survey by Gartner.

"In the wake of the economic challenges facing the U.S. newspaper industry, publishers are losing focus on the crucial imperative of how to capitalize on those consumers who remain loyal, engaged online and print readers," said Allen Weiner, research vice president at Gartner.

Should Companies Restrict Employees Use of Facebook, Twitter?
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Update: The original title of this article was "USA Today Publisher Restricting Employees from Using Social Networks?" USA Today called WebProNews requesting a change because it made it look like USA Today itself was discouraging social media use, which is apparently not the case.

Can eBay Win Back Sellers with a Shift in Focus?
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eBay recently announced it was returning to its roots as an auction site more focus on the "secondary market". This is probably a wise move as interest and enthusiasm for eBay have both steadily dwindled over the past year or so.

Google Results Polluted By Cybercrooks
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UPDATE: Since this post was first published, Google has said an algorithm change is pending to address the problem. Read more about that here.

eBay Unleashes Changes Galore for Sellers
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Earlier in the year, eBay announced that it would be making two big announcements per year regarding the eBay Marketplace. Each announcement would be made 60 days in advance of when the changes were scheduled.

Cyberbullying Law Makes Being Mean Online A Felony
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I always thought that of all the amendments to the US Constitution, the first one was both the most memorable and the easiest to understand: You can say what you like, outside of the famous “shouting fire” example, and the government can’t stop you. Easy. A toddler could get it.

(My mother taught civics/law and justice for 25 years, and I assure you that when your humble author was a toddler he understood the First Amendment.)

Surfing At Work Makes Employees More Productive
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Visiting sites like Facebook or YouTube while at work can make employees more productive, claims a new University of Melbourne study.

Dr. Brent Coker, from the Department of Management and Marketing, says that workers who engage in "Workplace Internet Leisure Browsing" (WILB) are more productive than those who don’t.

New Google SERP Features
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Google recently announced 2 new improvements to Google Search. The first is an expanded list of related searches, and the second is the addition of longer search result descriptions.

The company says it’s deploying a new technology that better understands associations and concepts related to searches. Google explains:

The AP’s Desperate Attempt To Outlaw Search Engine Links
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The AP is launching an all out assault on any use of its content that is not licensed (purchased) for use by Internet publishers and search engines. As I have said in the past, the AP is not just focusing on the blatant violators such as spam blogs or sites that quote paragraphs without attribution or link. On the contrary, the AP is specifically going after bigger mainstream blogs, Internet publications and believe it or not search engines such as Google.

Twitter’s Follower Limit – Good or Bad?
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Twitter has had a limit on how many people a user can follow in a day (1,000) in place for some time, and on Monday the company said this limit was not being consistently applied to all accounts, but that it would be from here on out.

Tons of Tips for Ranking in 5 Other Google Engines
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It’s not all about traffic. It’s about conversions. But it’s hard to get conversions if you don’t have the traffic, and while Google is one of the best potential sources for traffic, Google has other search engines besides web search that people use all the time, and it will not hurt to rank in them too.

Which engines besides web search do you see big traffic from? Comment.

Google Has Digg on the Brain
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Google has released a gadget called What’s Popular for iGoogle. You may draw some connections between it and a certain site called Digg, and some are speculating that it is even an indication of a broader plan from Google to creep into Digg territory.

Democrats Letting Net Neutrality Die
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Here was what was supposed to happen: With telco-friendly Republican Congress members swept out of the way, Democrats would usher in legislation enshrining Network Neutrality principles and give the FCC the power to enforce them.

Here’s what happened (is happening) instead: The most powerful Net Neutrality supporters (Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton) are kicked upstairs while cable-and-Hollywood-friendly Democrats are killing Network Neutrality legislation in committees.

Majority Use Social Media Marketing, Still Have Questions
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Social Media MarketingAuthor and WebProNews Blog Partner Michael Stelzner, has put together an interesting report based on a survey of 900 marketers. The report looks at the state of social media marketing. Interesting stats from the report include:

Wikipedia Founder Talks Consumer-Generated Content for Branding
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WebProNews recently spoke with Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia for a few minutes, and discussed the past, present, and future of user-generated content as a marketing medium, not to mention several other topics. What kinds of brands do you think work the best for marketing with consumer-generated content? Share your thoughts with us.

State AGs Look Into Google Book Deal
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Google is facing more scrutiny over its proposed settlement it reached with copyright holders allowing it to digitize millions of books.

This time a group of state attorneys general have discussed the deal in a conference call held on Tuesday, Peter Brantley director of the Internet Archive told Reuters.

Americans Turn To Google And Then Google For Swine Flu Info
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When sufficiently scared from TV swine flu hype*, people turned to the Internet for information, specifically Google, according to Pew Internet and American Life.

Google to Advertise Chrome on TV
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Google is not known for being a big television advertiser despite the company’s own platform for distributing television ads (which is getting more targeted according to recent discussions from Google).

Google is now testing those waters for itself though. The Google Japan team created a video promoting the Google Chrome browser, and the company is taking it to televisions.

Study Looks at Advertiser Investments in Online Ad Networks

Results from an ad Network Study from Collective Media show that interactive agencies and advertisers continue to use and invest in online ad networks despite the current downturn in the economy.

Bezos’ Funding Of Speech Studies Kindle Related?
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Billionaires donate to lots of causes for lots of reasons. Sometimes the donations are business related and sometimes they’re not.