Netflix Button Coming To New Remote Controls

Netflix said today it is working with major consumer electronics makers to develop  a Netflix-branded one-click buttons on remotes that operate Internet connected TVs, Blu-ray disc players and other devices.

“Daily Show,” “Colbert Report” May Return To Hulu
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Two TV shows famous for reporting the day’s news to hilarious effect may soon return to Hulu.  Rumor has it that important people at both Hulu and Comedy Central are making an effort to bring "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report" back to the site.

The shows were pulled in March of this year after Hulu was unable to secure the rights to keep presenting them.  Reports indicated that Comedy Central wanted monetary payments in advance of whatever ad revenue episodes generated.

StumbleUpon Tops Facebook In Social Media Traffic
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Analytics firm Statcounter said today that discovery engine StumbleUpon has surpassed Facebook as the top source for social media traffic in the U.S.

StumbleUpon had 43 percent of the U.S. social media traffic on January 1st, while Facebook trailed with 38 percent.

Facebook Poaches News Corp. Gaming Exec

This weekend, word spread that Facebook had raised $500 million in funding at a valuation of $50 billion, and following that, we imagine a few early employees and investors placed orders for Ferraris and the like.  The company, meanwhile, has hired Sean Ryan, who previously helped oversee News Corp.’s gaming division.

Of course, the timing may be coincidental, especially considering that neither development was either announced or confirmed through official channels.  Still, it looks like Facebook has secured a valuable asset in Ryan.

Katie Couric Discusses Social Media

The last post in the “Best of 2010? series is an experience that won’t soon be forgotten. In 2010 I launched (R)evolution, a new video series that spotlights the people who are exploring and defining the future of business, culture, and media. In Episodes 11-13, I had the opportunity to sit down with one of my idols, Katie Couric, anchor and managing editor of the CBS EVENING NEWS WITH KATIE COURIC and correspondent for 60 MINUTES.

Chrome Ends 2010 With Market Share Of 9.98%

Most recollections of 2010 will cover both ups and downs, or at least acknowledge that bad stuff occurred while focusing on the good.  But the Chrome Web browser enjoyed an overwhelmingly positive year, gaining market share 11 months out of 12 according to Net Applications, and the latest data indicates it ended 2010 with a share just shy of 10 percent.

Google Adds New TV Partner
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Google has added Vizio as its first TV partner in the new year, joining Sony and Logitech.

The official Google TV Blog offers more details. “We’re kicking off the year with a new partner, Vizio, a leading TV maker in the U.S.”

Android Named Leading OS Among Recent Acquirers
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People who purchased smartphones in the past six months were more likely to buy an Android device than an Apple product by a ratio of about 1.5 to 1, according to a new report from Nielsen.  This led the data research firm to give Android the enviable title "leading OS among recent acquirers" this morning.

Internet TV Users Favor Netflix Over YouTube

Nearly a quarter (21%) of all TVs shipped in 2010 had Internet connectivity and that is on track to grow to over 122 million in 2014, according to a new report from The NPD Group.

Growth of connected TV was fueled by the Japanese market in 2010 and driven by high levels of broadband access. Emerging markets will play a key role in the future growth of this segment, with Eastern Europe forecast to grow from 2.5 million connected TVs shipped in 2010 to over 10 million in 2014.


Android “Newsstand” Said To Be In The Works

Android users might soon be presented with a more convenient way of finding content from their favorite publications.  Rumor has it that Google’s trying to put together a "digital newsstand" through which people would be able to purchase magazine- or newspaper-specific apps.

Office Depot Launches Facebook Sweepstakes

Office Depot has launched a Facebook sweepstakes with the goal to find “America’s Messiest Office.”

From today through January 31st, users can upload a photo of their messy, unorganized office space or desk to Office Depot’s Facebook page for a chance to win a variety of prizes.

Hotmail Emails Go MIA

The Microsoft website has been flooded with messages from unhappy Hotmail users who are complaining of missing e-mails in their account. There seems to be a new bug that deleted e-mails from the users’ inboxes. A lousy way to begin a year for the Hotmail users.

AdKeeper Lands $35 Million In Funding

AdKeeper, a company that allows users to save online ads for later viewing, said today it has raised $35 million in Series B funding led by Oak Investment Partners

The round raises AdKeeper’s total funding to $43 million since it came out of stealth in October and is set to publicly launch in February.

AdKeeper allows users to save ads in personal “Keepers” to review the ads later. Users can click on the “Keep Button” which is embedded in the ad.

Facebook Raises $500 Million At $50 Billion Valuation
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It’s a happy new year indeed for Mark Zuckerberg and everyone with financial ties to Facebook.  Goldman Sachs and Digital Sky Technologies have invested $500 million in the company, according to a new report, and in doing so, valued it at $50 billion.

A couple points of reference: it was only 38 months ago that Microsoft drew laughter by paying $240 million for a 1.2 percent stake in Facebook, valuing it at $15 billion.  And Yahoo and eBay just have market caps of about $21.7 billion and $36.3 billion, respectively.

The FTC Endorsement Guidelines a Year Later

As you may recall, about a year ago, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) set some guidelines into motion, concerning endorsements and testimonials. The main point of these guidelines was to ensure full disclosure when people lending endorsements and testimonials receive any kind of compensation from the marketer or advertiser. 

The Social Path to Organizational Transformation

Social media and marketing have become synonymous over the years. At the same time, social media is placing the customer back in customer service. Each movement represents important and overdue (r)evolutions within business, but this is just the beginning. With every step toward progress we make in social media, we uncover what’s necessary to make real headway in the progress of progress.

The Things Google Did in 2010 (The Fourth Quarter)
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We’re looking at the things Google has done over the course of the year. For the first quarter, read this article.

The Things Google Did in 2010 (The Second Quarter)
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The Things Google Did in 2010 (The First Quarter)
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I started off aiming to write an article about all of the things Google has done over the course of the year, and quickly realized that this would be one massive article, even if I only briefly mentioned everything. So I have decided to split the article up into quarters, so you don’t have to take everything in all at once. Check back for each subsequent article. 

9 Things Businesses Have Learned About Social Media
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Social media has walked the fiery coals of skepticism and has brilliantly performed as a marketing, customer service and relationship building tool beyond expectations.

The Things Google Did in 2010 (The Third Quarter)
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We’re looking at the things Google has done over the course of the year. For the first quarter, read this article. Then find the second quarter here. Now we’re on to the third quarter. 

Watch: New Year’s Celebration from Times Square Online
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If you want to watch tonight’s New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square live online, you’re in luck, because The Times Square Alliance and Countdown Entertainment have partnered with Livestream to stream the event. 

comScore Documents Record Online Retail Holiday Season

Heading into the holiday season, many economic experts seemed to fear that the average present would be a homemade scarf or coffee mug.  Instead, the latest (and probably last) comScore data concerning the holiday shopping season shows that U.S. online spending hit a record $30.8 billion.

That works out to an increase of 13 percent compared to the same period (November 2nd through December 27th) in 2009, which isn’t at all bad.  It certainly beats the rate of inflation and hints that people weren’t trying to be tightfisted.

Facebook Reference Appears On Chinese Social Network
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Before diving in, we should perhaps remind everyone that trademarks don’t mean a lot in China.  Knockoffs of all sorts are produced in massive quantities.  But not long after Mark Zuckerberg toured the country and met with business leaders, Facebook’s name has been spotted in connection with a Chinese social network.