Oxford University Press Endorses Google Book Settlement
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The world’s largest university press has sided with Google in the ongoing Google Book Settlement debate.  Yesterday, Tim Barton, the president of Oxford University Press, spent about 2,700 words explaining that he believes even a flawed settlement is better than nothing.

U.S. IT Spending Set For Rebound

Growth in U.S. IT spending is expected to rebound in the fourth quarter of 2009, and 2010 is on track to bring a revival of IT buying in other markets as well, according to an updated forecast by Forrester Research.

Global spending on IT services by businesses and governments in 2009 are projected to decline by 10.6 percent, compared with a 3 percent decrease previously projected at the beginning of the year by Forrester.

Google Showing Altered SERPs
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Google appears to have rolled out (to what extent we’re not sure) a design change to its search results pages. The change seems to be very minor and insignificant, but Google altering SERPs is just something that can’t be ignored by the search industry.

The (hardly) noticeable changes are a little bit of padding on the left-hand side, and a slightly smaller version of the Google logo. It’s just enough to make you wonder if it’s changed or if you’re just crazy.

Ads Convert Better on Bing Than on Live Search?
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Online marketing firm the Search Agency says that based on analysis of its own accounts, Microsoft search ads appear to be performing better since Bing launched.  The firm looked at the final three weeks of Live Search’s existence, and the first three of Bing’s.

Facebook Hires New Financial Chief
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Facebook has announced it has named David Ebersman, as its new chief financial officer.

Ebersman is the former executive vice president and chief financial officer of biotechnology firm Genentech. He replaces Facebook’s former financial chief, Gideon Yu, who left the company in March.

Google TV Ads Go Broadway
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Google announced today that it has entered a television advertising agreement with Broadway Systems. Apparently Broadway Systems announced this back on the 16th, but Google is talking about it today on the Traditional Media blog.

The Collaborators of the Global Mobile Industry

Today the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) announced new members of its global board of directors and officers. If you are unfamiliar with the MMA, it is an organization that is made up of agencies, advertisers, hand-held device manufacturers, carriers and operators, retailers, software providers and service providers, and other companies focused on the marketing with mobile devices.

Reports Say Microsoft Could Be Selling Razorfish

When Microsoft acquired aQuantive in 2007, it wanted to bolster its ad network. Unfortunately, it also ended-up with a conflict of interest, as aQuantive came with Avenue A | Razorfish–an ad agency.

Important Bing Developer Leaves For eBay

It seems that Microsoft’s taking three steps forward and one step back, with its hiring of other companies’ employees. It just lost Hugh Williams to eBay.

Online TV Brings In Ad Revenue
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The online TV services of the four major U.S. networks, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox, along with Hulu, accounted for a combined 53 percent of the ad-supported online TV market that generated $448 million in revenues in 2008, according to a new report by Screen Digest.

The remaining share of revenues was made up of the online video services of major sports leagues, video services from traditional online portals, and direct services from other major channel groups and content owners.

8 Tips for Combating Social Profile Spam

The way of the web has become very social, as you are more than likely aware. Fortunately, this makes for more widespread conversations about any and all issues that are deemed worthy of discussion by anyone on the Internet.

Unfortunately, it also opens up many pathways for abuse including spam, which can quickly turn a positive user experience into an ugly one.

Microsoft Readying Two “Mega” Data Centers

With regards to data centers, it looks like Microsoft’s moving full speed ahead.  The company has announced that it will open not one, but two "mega" data centers in July, and some of the technical specs are rather astounding.

Europe To Get Standardized Mobile Phone Chargers
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Major producers of mobile phones have reached an agreement with the European Commission to standardize phone chargers in an effort to reduce unnecessary waste and provide convenience for users.

The first generation of the new interchargeable mobile phones is set to reach the EU market in 2010.

Online Shopping Affected By Security Fears
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The economy has not played a significant roll in the way people shop online, according to a new study released by McAfee and conducted by Harris Interactive.

Google SMS Launches
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Google’s Android represented a big step in the mobile market; it’s meant to run on the newest devices and keep up with the best competing operating systems.  Yet $400 smartphones aren’t really all that affordable, and so for people in Africa, Google SMS has been introduced.

Google Has Plenty of Competition
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When we think of Google’s competitors, Yahoo and Microsoft often come immediately to mind. We think of other search engines. There’s no question that Google is (by far) dominating this space. What do you think Google’s greatest source of competition is? Share your thoughts.

Microsoft Seeks Buyer Of Razorfish

Microsoft has put its online digital ad agency Razorfish up for sale and has hired Morgan Stanley to help find a potential buyer.

French marketing company Publicis Groupe, which is planning more acquisitions focused in online advertising, is thought to be a possible buyer of Razorfish, according to the Financial Times.

Google Tests Ad Targeting According To Credit Score

Credit scores have long had major impacts on people’s lives; they’ve affected consumers’ options in terms of buying cars and houses, and sometimes, even in terms of securing jobs.  And in the future, if Google has anything to say about it, they may influence what ads individuals see, too.

With the assistance of Compete and around two million consumers who opted into the project, Google’s apparently been interfacing lists of FICO scores with the Google Content Network.  This has led to some impressive targeting opportunities.

YouTube Gets Serious About News
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Over the weekend, YouTube made a couple news-oriented announcements. It would appear that the site is looking to become more of a resource for news content than ever before, and that means news from established publishers as well as amateurs.

Publishers Invited to Become YouTube Partners

Corporations Lag On Adopting Social Media
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Social networking has increasingly become more visible in the workplace, and its functionality is being leveraged by companies globally, according to a new survey from Frost & Sullivan.

A majority (80%) of respondents said they personally use Web 2.0 technologies to connect and share with friends and family while at work. More than half  (54%) said they use social media for professional purposes such as connecting with colleagues, generating leads, and working on projects.

Amazon Ends Relationship with North Carolina Affiliates
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North Carolina residents who are Amazon Affiliates recently received an email telling them the company would be ending its relationships with them due to the North Carolina state legislature getting ready to, as Amazon puts it, "enact an unconstitutional tax collection scheme."

What the North Carolina government is proposing would apply sales tax to purchases made through online affiliates based in NC. It has not yet passed.

Facebook Up to Those Twittery Ways Again
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Facebook is already the big boy of social networks, but it’s hard to shake the feeling that the company really feels threatened by Twitter. Just look at some of the things they’ve done in recent memory.

Can a Redesign Affect Your Search Engine Rankings?
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Google’s Matt Cutts has an interesting video up (one of many) on the Google Webmaster Central YouTube channel that deals with switching to a new content management system and how that can affect search engine rankings. Someone asks:

We are changing a farily large HTML site to CMS. What are the essentials to keep in mind so that we do not lose our search rankings?

Michael Jackson’s Death Hits Twitterers Pretty Hard
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Michael Jackson, one of the biggest music icons of all time, has passed away .

The death of the Michael Jackson is hitting Twitterers especially hard. Take a look at the screen shot below, 9 out of the 10 trending topics deal with some aspect his death.

Michael Jackson trending topics