Adobe Posts Security Fix For Reader, Acrobat
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A code injection vulnerability in Adobe Reader and Acrobat 8.1.2 required a quick fix amid reports of an exploit for it in the wild.

Google Gives Up Gmail Name In Germany

After years of trying to wrest the rights to the Gmail name away from a German businessman, Google decided to abandon the fight.

Google Hints At New Service Via WSJ
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Internet usage reporting may be the next free thing from Google, a service that would put them in competition with companies that charge a hefty premium for such information.

SmugMug Taps Amazon For SmugVault Storage

Image sharing site SmugMug opened a new service to handle the storage of larger image formats, as well as any other files their users wish to store.

New Initiative To Push Internet For Everyone
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Some pretty big names will be in one place tomorrow to unveil a new initiative called InternetforEveryone.org, which aims to make access to a fast, open and affordable Internet a basic right for all Americans.

Close To Half Of Americans Favor Internet Regulation
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Close to half (49%) of all Americans think the federal government should regulate the Internet the same way it does radio and television according to a new Rasmussen Reports survey.

Thirty-five percent are opposed to having the Internet regulated by the federal government and 16 percent are undecided.

The majority (73%) of Americans believe that it should be a crime to harass someone on the Internet and 13 percent disagree.

Judge Closes Facebook-ConnectU Proceedings

Anybody not wanting to hear the details of the Facebook-ConnectU case may be able to sigh with relief.  Everyone else might be out of luck.  Judge James Ware has closed the first part of the proceedings to both the public and the press.

Yahoo Announces Two HotJobs Upgrades

Users of Yahoo’s HotJobs site may be in for a slight treat; thanks to two new features, it should become easier to get contacted by (or connect with) relevant, hiring companies.

eBay Challenges EU Trading Laws
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eBay is lobbying the European Parliament over trading laws it calls "last century" that are preventing its customers from potential savings.

The online auction company said that traditional manufacturers  are using outdated regulatory laws to restrict the impact of online trading.

Yahoo India Continuing To Add Employees
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Way back in February, we reported that Yahoo India planned to add around 500 new employees even as the rest of the company fell apart.  Unsurprisingly, the company changed its mind, but the interesting thing is that the rate of hiring has been accelerated.

Google Trends Launches With Some Problems

ith the new feature, you can supposedly compare unique visitor estimates over time for various sites, making Google trends compete with Quantcast and Compete. Despite various screenshots posted, I can’t see the unique traffic numbers for any site I try.

A bigger surprise is that you can’t see any traffic estimates – even estimates! – for Google.com.

Click the image to enlarge further.

MySpace Falls To Facebook In Worldwide Traffic

For the first time, Facebook surpassed MySpace in traffic worldwide. In the US, however, MySpace is still ahead of Facebook with 73.7M unique visitors in May vs. 35.6M for Facebook. TechCrunch has more analysis.

Statistics For Online Video Viewing

134 million people in the us went online to watch an astounding average of 81 videos for a total of 11 billion videos in April, the latest figures released by comScore.

Google Finance Gets A Date

The financial service site operated by Google actually got two dates, allowing visitors to customize the range of activity they see with a stock.

By George (Carlin), The Internet Has Tourette’s
· 2

WARNING: This is the Internet, not TV, where seven words people aren’t allowed to say on TV are permitted. In honor of that, and of recently, well, dead1 "counter-culture" comedian George Carlin, the seven words you can’t say on TV will be said because mincing words would be anathema to Carlin’s life. Plus it gives us an excuse. If dirty words in general offend you, better click out now, because these seven are top shelf, man.

Advertisers favor Google search ad monopoly?

Strange but true, at least for a few advertisers who eagerly await their advertising’s appearance at a Yahoo search near you.

More Than A Billion PCs In Use Globally
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The number of PCs in use worldwide has surpassed 1 billion and is on track to reach 2 billion in 2014, according to research firm Gartner.

"Mature markets such as the United States, Western Europe, and Japan currently account for 58 percent of the world’s installed PCs, but these markets only account for 15 percent of the world’s population," said George Shiffler, research director at Gartner.

Report: Facebook Seeking New Headquarters

When word spread that Facebook would stop giving its Palo Alto-based employees $600 per month in housing money, the decision seemed unfortunate, or even mean.  But the move may now make more sense, as Facebook reportedly plans to find a new corporate home next year.

Big Money Visitors May Boost IAC Ads

An ad network across the various properties operated by IAC sets its sights on advertisers willing to pay well to reach affluent consumers.

Australian Auctions Off Life On eBay
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An Australian man who decided to auction his life on eBay after his marriage ended saw bids that reached $2.1 million in the first day of the sale.

Ian Usher, 44, said in March he was auctioning his life on eBay, that included his $420,000 three-bedroom home in Perth, along with his job at a rug store, his car, motorcycle, clothes and his friends.

Sue Decker Defends Yahoo-Google Ad Deal

The Yahoo-Google search ad deal isn’t so bad, according to Sue Decker.  People who dislike it just need to become better acquainted with the terms.  And Yahoo can always leave if something better turns up.

ABC In Video Deal With Veoh

Disney-owned ABC has struck a deal with online video portal Veoh to make full-length television episodes from ABC and clips from ESPN available on Veoh.

The network will offer full-length episodes of prime time shows including "Lost," "Desperate Housewives" and "Grey’s Anatomy."

Veoh’s content includes user-generated clips along with content from major media companies like CBS, Viacom’s MTV Networks and USA Network. Veoh is backed by former Disney CEO Michael Eisner and other private investors.

Keywords Key To SEO, Says Cutts
· 11

Google’s Matt Cutts dished out some basic advice to the newspaper-reading audience about how to optimize for search.

Social Media is Like Woodstock on the Net

I caught this statement in a discussion elsewhere. It went something like, “I don’t think people over 40 get social media, whereas kids love it.” Having seen this sentiment mentioned before, I thought I’d express my feelings on the matter.

I’m 50 years old. I get the whole social media gig. It’s like Woodstock on the ‘Net, where people gather together for several minutes, days, weeks, months and years to hang out, talk, share, listen to music, run around naked and slide in the mud.

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