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Isn’t there something just inherently ‘Internet-y’ in speculating about what the future will bring? Personally, I always enjoy chatting with smart web-savvy internet folks about where we are headed with ‘this’ or ‘that’ in the future.

At SMX Advanced in Seattle this year I asked Rebecca Lieb about what she is reading in the tea leaves insofar as search is concerned. Here are a few key concepts I considered the big takeaways from the discussion.

3% of All Links Using Nofollow
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Linkscape, the link data analysis tool from SEOmoz, has rolled out an update to its index. The company has shared some data and statistics from it, and that includes some interesting stats on nofollow use.

First, if you are unfamiliar with Linkscape, watch this WebProNews interview with SEOmoz’s Rand Fishkin from when it was first announced. This will give you an idea of what Linkscape is all about.

iTunes Activation Server Was Down for Hours
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UPDATE: It appears that iTunes is back up and running…we’ll let you know if anything changes.

The iTunes Activation server is currently down as a result of the iPhone OS 3.0 update.

Is the iPhone OS 3.0 worth all of this headache? Tell us.

Salesforce Launches Mobile App Update for iPhone 3.0 OS
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Salesforce announced today that its CRM mobile application has been updated to take advantage of the new iPhone 3.0 OS software. The 3.0 OS  update became available today (and has sparked quite a bit of conversation).

Google News Publishers Get Their Questions Answered

Google has posted a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for publishers who either have their content picked up by Google News or are looking to do so. On the page Google answers questions regarding acceptance, content inclusion, sitemaps, and errors.

AP Has Some Ideas For Making Money Online
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The Associated Press (AP) is saying it hopes to negotiate more lucrative licensing deals with major web sites. Reporting for the AP itself, Michale Liedtke says that AP CEO Tom Curley discussed possible revenue initiatives to protect online content.

AP logo

Here are some key facts from the Liedtke’s piece: 

TweetDeck for iPhone now Available for Download
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UPDATE: Mashable has just confirmed that TweetDeck for the iPhone will be releasing tonight at 9PM Pacific Time. The app will be available for free at the Apple App Store.

TweetDeck is probably the most famous Twitter desktop app, so it really comes as no surprise that they’re now making the jump to the iPhone.

That’s right… TweetDeck for the iPhone.

New Google Apps Feature Breaks Microsoft Outlook

Suppose, for Father’s Day, you got dear old Dad some new power tools, and he then had trouble adjusting to them.  One way of speeding up the acclimation process could involve trashing the old ones, right?  Now, Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook seems to have created a similar situation. 

TweetDeck Desktop Quietly Relaunches
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During the madness of last nights TweetDeck iPhone app release, TweetDeck quietly released a new version of their popular desktop app.

Oh, and the new release has loads of new features.

Manage multiple Twitter with TweetDeck.
Manage all your Twitter accounts from TweetDeck without switching between them.

North Carolina Following New York’s Lead With Affiliate Taxes

It appears that North Carolina is about to follow New York’s lead and implement a tax collection scheme that will see Amazon.com shut down its Associates affiliate program in the state. Today, all Amazon Associates in NC received this gloomy email from the online retailer:

Online Reputation Management in the Future
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There is no question that people are putting a lot more of themselves out there online these days with the rise of social media. At this point, it seems that generations will be born into this lifestyle. Who knows what other tools/services will be popular in the future?

eCommerce Concerns Regarding Blended Search
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The SEO industry has only seen one constant — change. The well known proverb, "change is the only constant" should be stenciled somewhere near all our desks. Sometimes the change is wanted, and sometimes not.

A specific aspect of SEO that has seen a lot of change is blended search. Jill Kocher of Practical-eCommerce wrote about her concern regarding blended search and e-commerce

New Report Slashes YouTube Loss Estimate By $300M

A little less than three months ago, Credit Suisse predicted that YouTube’s 2009 losses would be in the neighborhood of $470 million.  Which is, of course, quite bad.  But a new report from RampRate – together with info out of Microsoft – makes it look like Google’s video-sharing site is doing somewhat better. 

Facebook’s Twitter-Fication Continues

It looks like Facebook isn’t going to miss the real-time search boat.  Instead, the social network has begun a little experiment, and it seems that it’s started with Twitter’s ideas on the subject and added some interesting features from there.

Ask Gets More Serious About Answers
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Ask.com has released a database of 300 million Q&A pairs available to users in the US and the UK.

"Delivering the best answers though innovations in semantic search technology is the direction in which the search industry is headed, and Ask is best-placed to lead the industry in this regard given our database of hundreds of millions of questions, and our core search technologies," said Scott Kim, Ask.com’s EVP of Technology. 

eBay Completes Tender Offer for Gmarket
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Today eBay announced the completion of a tender offer for all outstanding common shares and American Depositary Shares (ADSs) of Gmarket. Back in April, eBay announced that it was spending $1.2 billion to acquire those shares.

Gmarket is known as Korea’s leading eCommerce business, and it will apparently be combined with eBay’s existing online marketplace in Korea, Internet Auction Company.

The Twitpocalypse Is Upon Us
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Update 1: The Twitpocalypse occured on June 12, 2009 at 11:52 PM GMT.

UPDATE 2: The Twitpocalypse has claimed its first victim, the popular iPhone app Twitterrific, read more here.

That’s right, the Twitpocalypse is almost here.

iPhone: Fun Facts and Apps of the Day
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As you are probably aware, Apple announced last week that the iPhone 3G S would go on sale this Friday. Phone recycler Gazelle tells WebProNews that 300 iPhones were traded into its site that day alone.

Saving Money on the iPhone Upgrade

SEO Checklist with Vanessa Fox
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When you are evaluating your website from an SEO/Indexing/Crawlability perspective there are a few things to keep in mind and some important questions you may not be asking yourself. What questions are you asking yourself? Share with WebProNews readers.

Google Aims For Idiot Box Opposite With Citizentube

Over the years, YouTube’s been used for increasingly serious purposes.  Now, we’ve apparently reached the point at which those purposes are important and numerous enough to get their own blog, as Google’s set something called Citizentube (with zero capital "t"s, yes) aside to cover them.

YouTube Gives Viewers Advertising Options
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It’s no secret that YouTube has been struggling to find the right advertising formula to gain revenue for their parent company Google.

So now they’re turning to you, the viewer. YouTube has begun testing on a new advertising model, which allows viewers choose which type of in-stream ads they see…and the answer is NO; you have to watch the ads.

Sitepoint Marketplace Getting a New Home
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Users of the Sitepoint Marketplace are getting a new home for their community. Sitepoint announced that it is moving to Flippa.com, which is currently in beta, and boasts an updated web 2.0-style design. Do you like the new destination? Tell us your thoughts.

Digg Wants You To Create More Useful Apps

Digg has introduced some new additions to the Digg API today. The company says with these, developers can create increasingly useful and interesting applications using Digg Data.

One of these new additions is a search endpoint, which utilizes the same search functionality that Digg introduced a couple months ago on its site. Users will be able to use advanced shortcuts, common search tricks, and search by source (domain).

SEO Ranking Factors for 2009
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Search Engine Marketing and SEO have always been very dynamic fields.  Search engines make changes all of the time.  Sometime they announce their changes, sometimes we are left to guess at them.  In either event, more often than not, we are left  largely to our own devices in terms of assessing the impact of these changes and what to do about them – if anything.