Google Revamps Mobile Local Search Experience
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Google has launched a new version of local search for mobile. This version heavily utilizes Google Maps to make organization of results easier on your phone.

The new local search for mobile lets you find business listings on Google Maps while you’re on your computer, where you can "star" them. Once you star them, you can easily find your starred listings grouped together from your phone, making it easy to keep the listings you need while you’re out, together. This can potentially make errand running a lot easier, as demonstrated in the video below.

Grateful Dead Archive To Move Online
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UC Santa Cruz has received a major grant to help digitize the Grateful Dead Archive at the university library.

The university was awarded a National Leadership Grant of $615,175 from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

The grant will allow the UCSC Library to digitize materials from its Grateful Dead Archive spanning from 1965 to 1995. The project will include a new website titled, "The Virtual Terrapin Station."

Good Chunk of Holiday Spending Will Be Online

Nielsen has shared some findings from research involving how American consumers intend to spend their money during the upcoming holiday season. About 42% expect to spend less.

eBay-GM “Click And Buy” Experiment Ends
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eBay and GM have finished trying to sell new cars together, at least for the time being.  The California-only "Click and Buy" experiment that benefited from one extension has now wrapped up according to the revised schedule.

Mobile Web Usage Up 34%
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Web visitors using a mobile device increased 34 percent year-over-year, from 42.5 million visitors in July 2008 to 56.9 million in July 2009, according to a new report from Nielsen.

Overall, year-over-year growth among the 13-17 and 65+ age groups outpaced the growth of the total mobile Web audience, with a youth increase of 45 percent and seniors climbing 67 percent in July.

Earthquake and Tsunami Searchers Targeted By Malware
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You have probably heard about the Indonesian Earthquake that took place last night, claiming the lives of many. Shameless cybercriminals have not wasted anytime exploiting the disaster targeting people around the world who search for information on the subject.

New Forecast Downplays Importance Of Mobile Ads

Google and Yahoo may not want to count on their interest in the mobile market paying off anytime soon.  A Bernstein analyst has forecast that, even by the time 2013 wraps up, mobile ads still won’t generate much in the way of income for either company.

Yahoo Pushes Sponsored Search to iPhones and Android
  • Yahoo announced that Yahoo Sponsored Search ads now appear on iPhones and Android devices. 

Facebook Connect Made Easier for Site Owners
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Facebook has announced the launch of the Facebook Connect Wizard and Playground. These are tools that are designed to make it easier for website owners to integrate Facebook Connect into their sites.

ICANN Becomes More Independent
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The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the body responsible for managing Internet domain names, has announced it will no longer be controlled by the U.S. government.

ICANN and the U.S. Department of Commerce signed an agreement today supporting the model of international multi-stakeholder governance of the global Internet addressing system.

ICANN was created in 1998 to manage the Internet’s addressing system such as top-level domain-names and IP address space. The group has been criticized for being too influenced by the U.S. government.

Mobile Advertising Guidelines Get an Update
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The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has released a new version of its Global Mobile Advertising Guidelines, which serve as a source of global formats, guidelines, and best practices for the implementation of mobile advertising campaigns.

Controversial Facebook App Lets Users Become Members of Al-Qaeda
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Just days after a controversial poll about killing the president ran on Facebook, and attracted an investigation from the secret service, an interesting press release has hit the wires. The release is about a new game, which comes in the form of a Facebook app, and will no doubt draw additional controversy.

eBay CEOs Slammed For Compensation Excess

eBay investors who are wondering where their money’s gone may be within their rights to hit up former CEO Meg Whitman and current chief exec John Donahoe for a few bucks.  This morning, Eric Jackson outlined some questionable compensation strategies that have seen both individuals take home a lot of money and also use a large amount for personal travel expenses.

Free App: TiVo for BlackBerry
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Do you have a TiVo DVR hooked up in your living room? Do you have a BlackBerry? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then you’ll probably be interested in this new app. TiVo and RIM, the BlackBerry maker, have unveiled a free app that will allow people to control their TiVos from their BlackBerry.

Bing Ads Warn Consumers Of Online Scams
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Microsoft has partnered with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) and Western Union on a series of online public service announcements (PSAs) aimed at protecting consumers from a number of scams.

Bing Warns of Scams

Online Advertising is Having a Big Year
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Things are looking great for the online advertising industry. Several recent reports share data that is quite optimistic for the industry as a whole.

eMarketer points to research from GroupM, which claims that digital spending will be at 17% of total US ad spending in 2010. This would be an increase from 15.4% this year and 13.9% in 2008. GroupM also predicts 4% growth in US online ad spending in 2009, to $22.77 billion.

Will E-books As Text Books Ever Work?

As students begin to reject the Amazon Kindle ebook reader, the idea of ebooks as text books for colleges should start taking center stage. What device or system is going to truly work for busy students who want to use ebooks, but are finding it hard to use them at all on any device?

How Much Data Do Content Owners Need?

Mm, I love the smell of data in the work day.youtube vampire logo Introduced in March 2008, YouTube Insight data and stats on video usage. In May of that year, they added demographic data.

Do We Really Watch That Many Online Videos?

This week comScore has released the latest numbers regarding video viewed online and I am still scratching my head. According to the findings (remember class, repeat after me – “It’s research and research ain’t perfect”) in August of 2009 there were just over 25 billion videos viewed by the approximately 161 million US Internet users. That works out to be an average of 157 videos viewed per user during that time period.

Facebook Translates Websites and Apps

Facebook has announced translations for Facebook Connect, which a spokesperson for the company tells WebProNews, "simplifies and streamlines the process of translating a website into any of the more than 65 different languages Facebook currently supports."

"By opening the same framework Facebook used to translate its own site, passionate communities in countries around the world can translate some of the best websites and applications into their native languages," she says.

Global Broadband Continues Solid Growth
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The number of household broadband connections continues to experience solid growth and one in five households globally will have a fixed broadband connection by the end of 2009, according to a new report from Gartner.

A total of 422 million households will have a fixed broadband connection in 2009, up from 382 million households in 2008, and the market will continue to grow with nearly 580 million connections by 2013.

Photo Inclusion Can Bring in Traffic
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Hitwise has released some interesting data regarding photo-searching habits. The concept was conceived of as the firm noticed the popularity of the search "great north run photos".

"This made me curious about the popularity of searches for photos related to big events and news stories," says Hitwise’s Robin Goad.

Former YouTube Monetization Guy Moves To AOL

The man to whom Google once entrusted YouTube’s financials is now going to see what he can do for AOL.  Former YouTube head of monetization Shashi Seth has been hired as AOL’s senior vice president of global advertising products. 

Record Label Launched for YouTube Stars
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A couple of guys have gotten together and started a record label for musicians who became popular on YouTube. The label is called DFTBA Records.

The label was started by Alan Lastufka, author of YouTube: An Insider’s Guide to Climbing the Charts and Hank Green of VlogBrothers. Now they have caught the attention of YouTube itself, which is promoting the duo’s endeavor on the company blog.