Online Advertising To Be Major Subject At Cannes Event

Online advertising is expected to be a major subject when advertisers from around the globe meet in Cannes on the French Riviera as the industry tries to deal with uncertain economic times.

About 12,000 ad people, art directors, markets, producers and clients will attend the week -long Cannes Lions 2008 festival that started on June 15 and runs to June 21.

Picture This: Swarmcast As The New Video Network

With a fundamental patent in file swarming secured, and a new adaptive bit rate streaming technology opened for work, Swarmcast CEO Justin Chapweske told WebProNews his firm wants to be the next TV infrastructure.

Who Owns Blog Comments?
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Here’s a head-scratcher with a deceptively obvious answer: When a person comments on a blog or website, who owns, or owns the rights to, that comment? Is it the commenter or the blog/website publisher? It’s a trickier question than you might think.

Narnia Estate Chronicles Lawsuit Over Domain
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CS Lewis’ estate is furious over the registration of narnia.mobi by an individual in Scotland and wants the domain reassigned.

FCC Chair Supports Sirius-XM Deal

Federal Communications Commission chairman Kevin Martin said he would back the merger of XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio under voluntary conditions created by the two companies.

"As I have indicated before, this is an unusual situation," Martin said. "I am recommending that with the voluntary commitments they’ve offered, on balance, this transaction would be in the public interest."

eBay Unveils Project Aimed At Developers
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eBay may be a slow learner, but it is at least picking up on a few things.  Now that almost all of the popular tech companies have made some sort of nod to developers, the auction site is beginning to encourage the integration of applications into its Selling Manager tool.

Blogger Arrests On The Rise
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An increasing number of bloggers are being arrested for criticizing governments and exposing human rights abuse, according to a report from the University of Washington.

Since 2003, 64 citizens have been arrested for expressing their views on a blog. In 2007 three times as many people were arrested for blogging about political issues than in 2006. Over half of the arrests in the last five years were made in China, Egypt and Iran.

Ha ha, cable limits will hurt content providers

Cable’s rush to meter the Internet long after such metering means the cable companies that need content to make their broadband customers happy will damage the media companies trying to provide.

Obama Uses The Web To Fight Rumors

There’s no doubt that democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama knows how to use the web to improve his chances of being elected this November. His campaign has used the internet to raise millions in funds and our own research has proven that Obama’s efforts have created a very positive online reputation.

UK To Ban Product Placement On TV

One of the great things about digital TV and a personal video recorder (PVR) is the ease with which you as a viewer can wholly control what you watch.

With the exception of the news, I rarely watch TV as it’s broadcast. Instead, I programme the PVR to record things that I might want to watch, and then watch it when I have time.

Of course, one thing I always do when watching a recorded programme is skip through the ads.

That behaviour is pretty consistent among everyone I know who uses a PVR.

What Do You Think About Speech Technology?

If it works for your blog, why not your bank?

This blog is created by using the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software from Nuance. Just dictate away and typo-free text appears on the screen. It works very effectively and rarely makes a mistake. It really is very impressive. It is one of the reasons why I believe that speech technology is the killer app for the mobile web.

The iPhone’s Ultimate Role

Watching the video of Apple CEO Steve Jobs giving his keynote address at Apple’s developer conference last Monday, I was struck by two things.

First, Jobs is a compelling presenter, a true showman and storyteller. Not a showman in the negative sense but in the sense of someone who really can – and does – engage with his audience.

Zappos Will Pay You To Quit

As this past year at Yahoo! has been my first year working for what I’d consider to be a large company, I’ve become more interested in strategies around running and operating companies efficiently. My past experiences have been with startups or small companies where a lot of the challenges that larger companies face don’t exist.

Toddlers Get Their Own YouTube

Totlol is a community-moderated video site for “those between the ages of 6 months and 6 years.” Its video embeddings – like the Googleheads song – are based on the YouTube API, making for a customized, integrated look*.

Report: Online Video To Drive IP Traffic Growth

The Internet is going to be a busy, busy place by the time 2012 rolls around.  A new report from Cisco suggests that global IP traffic will have sextupled by then, with – depending on how you look at it – online video being mostly to thank or blame.

Legal Battle Over Narnia Domain Name

A Scottish father has become entangled in a legal battle with the estate of author C.S. Lewis after purchasing a Narnia Internet domain name for his 10-year-old son as a birthday present.

Richard and Gillian Saville-Smith, of Edinburgh, paid $140 to buy the domain name Narnia.mobi from the Internet registration company Fasthosts in 2006 so their son could use it as an email address.

Politics Online: Obama Has An Edge

Social networking, text messaging, and online video pulled in plenty of interested people looking for more details about the candidates for the US Presidential election in November.

Icahn Considering Merits Of Yahoo, Google Pact

While it doesn’t represent a quick exit from his holdings in Yahoo with a tidy profit, billionaire investor Carl Icahn did not dismiss the ad deal between the two search advertising companies.

Microsoft Opens Up About Future in Search

Robert Scoble scored a video interview with Brad Goldberg, manager of the Microsoft Search team, and had an interesting discussion on what Microsoft has up its sleeve as far as their future in search is concerned.

What kinds of things can they do to compete with Google? Scoble suggests that some Mahalo-type strategies could be in order.

Conflicting Futures for Social Networks
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It is being said that major social networks like MySpace and Facebook, and perhaps social networks as we know them have reached their climaxes in terms of usage and monetization.

Om Malik says these networks are getting a "sanity check", citing new numbers from comScore:

Today there are numbers out from comScore that indicate plateauing growth for the big two — MySpace and Facebook — in the U.S.

Yahoo and Google – How Bad is it?

It’s time for another edition of Good Idea/Bad Idea!

Good idea: Making more money.

Bad idea: Making more by admitting that you suck and your competition is so good at this that you’ll let them make the money for you.

Actually, other than the “admitting you suck and your competition is so good,” that doesn’t sound like an entirely bad idea, does it? I mean, using the competition to increase your profits could potentially be a good thing.

Spammers Celebrate Father’s Day In Your Inbox

When June 15th rolls around, Dad will be glad if you ignore spam offering “reproduction” Rolex watches, and just buy him something useful. Tools are good; we love tools (hint hint).

Yahoo Punted Recent $9B Microsoft Proposal

An alternative to a full takeover of Yahoo presented the company with a Microsoft offer of a billion dollars for Yahoo’s search assets, and $8 billion to buy back stock from corporate raider Carl Icahn and other investors.

The Web Quick To Eulogize Russert
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News spreads fast in small towns and the Internet these days. Seems as though most of the news articles popping up on Google news reporting the sudden death of NBC Washington Bureau Chief Tim Russert today were written within the last hour.