Microsoft Looks To Users For New Xbox Games

Microsoft has announced that it will start offering user-generated games for their Xbox 360 gaming console through the online Xbox Live service.

The company said it will start selling user-generated games later this year on its online Xbox Live service and share as much as 70 percent of the revenue with game developers.

Google’s Walking Directions Debut
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Walking directions first became visible to some Google Maps users about two weeks ago, and whatever tests the company conducted apparently went well.  Walking directions are now available to everyone, with Google answering several of the questions that came up.

Google PageRank Patent May Go Poof
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New criteria for restricting the scope of what the US Patent Office considers patent-worthy poses a threat to numerous software patents, including Google’s famed PageRank.

Hot Or Not, Market Pulls Web Interest

MSN Money drew nearly 16 million unique visitors in May 2008, a site record, showing how even the roughest of times can’t stem an interest in money.

ZipClip Makes Web To Mobile A One Click Deal
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Necessity, ease of use, and free are a good combination for convincing a market to adopt your product. But Berggi CEO Babur Ozden tells WebProNews his company’s new ZipClip application also "keeps you young."

Bango Doubles Up On Mobile Analytics

The company announced a new ability to provide a unique mobile visitor count to websites with the latest release for Bango Analytics. They now claim first mover status on site and campaign analytics for site publishers too.

Social Security Launches Online Calculator For Retirement
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The Social Security Administration has launched a new online calculator on its Web site that will allow people to plan for their retirement.

Google walks in with Maps walking directions

Once the province of Ask Maps before IAC gutted the project, Google Maps picked up the walking directions banner and made that feature available on its service.

MySpace May Board OpenID Bandwagon

MySpace may be making a move in the direction of universal logins, according to a new report.  The problem – aside from traditional security concerns – is that the social network sounds more eager to issue OpenID identities than accept ones established elsewhere.

BskyB To Launch Online Music Service
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UK communications company BskyB is set to launch an online music subscription service and has partnered with Universal Music Group.

The new service will be available later this year but details of subscription prices and a name for the service have not been released. The new service will attempt to take on Apple’s iTunes.

Sky says it is in talks with other music companies, both major and independent and plans to announce new partners soon.

Yellow Pages Dying Off In Ten Years?

Yellow Pages Dinosaur

LinkedIn, NYTimes.com Bond Over Targeted Articles, Ads
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It’s sometimes nice to see irrelevant news stories; look at the popularity of "Offbeat" sections if you need any proof.  Business-oriented individuals often want the best possible understanding of their industries, though, and NYTimes.com and LinkedIn are partnering in an attempt to provide it to them.

Comcast Set To Sign New York Child Porn Code
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Comcast said it plans to sign an agreement with New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to block access to Web sites and bulletin boards that distribute child pornography.

Apple Leader’s Health, Earnings, Raise Concerns

The leadership of Steve Jobs helped Apple become more than an iconic computer maker, by shifting it to a hugely profitable electronics business.

Rock The Vote Teams With Comcast To Register Voters Online

Rock the Vote and Comcast have partnered on an initiative designed to persuade young Americans, ages 18-29 to register to vote.

The multimedia partnership will include co-branded public service announcements and an Internet campaign on Comcast’s networks including E!, Versus, The Golf Channel, TV One, Comcast SportsNet, PBS Kids and G4.

Is The Blogher Conference Sexist?

To those organizers I challenge them to look in the mirror and realize that you’ve now become the same evil and sexist pigs you started out with the goal of overcoming.

eBay Meeting With Luxury Goods Manufacturers

Even if eBay could win them all (and at this point, it hasn’t) lawsuits from luxury goods manufacturers would get old after a while.  So, in a surprisingly logical move, lawyers representing the auction site are going to meet with the other side.

Pew: Newspapers Circling The Wagons
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The newspaper industry is at a crossroads, and a fresh report from the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism confirms this beyond all doubt.  What’s interesting is that industry experts have a hard time agreeing on whether the intersection is good or bad, and whether to praise or blame the Internet’s role in shaping it.

Serious Sports Fans Spend More Time Online
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Enthusiastic sports fans account for 19 percent of overall online users and represent a lucrative online audience according to a new report from JupiterResearch.

Since serious sports fans spend more time online, watch more online video and shop more online, sports sites need to integrate the right balance of video and social features into their destinations, the report found.

Carl Icahn Will Be Joining The Yahoo Board

Here’s an interesting twist in the Yahoo/Microsoft/Icahn love triangle–Carl Icahn and Yahoo have just kissed and made-up.

Under a newly announced settlement, Carl Icahn and two of his cohorts will be elected to Yahoo’s board of directors.

Qik Kicks Off Public Beta
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You may have never heard of Qik, but it seems to be the logical next step in the citizen journalism movement: live video feeds from mobile phones to the Web. A certain Twittering Congressman uses it already, and today it officially goes public, in beta, naturally.

iLike Launches Ad Platform And Full Song Playback

Music Web site iLike has introduced new features, including full song playback and a self-serve advertising platform.

Jimmy Fallon Wetting Late Show Feet Online
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Spending thirty years at one institutional American TV spot is so for the Carson era long gone. Late night talk show hosts in the new era move around a bit, leaving noobs at the helm more frequently. Because Jimmy Fallon will need some time to develop as smooth a stride as his predecessor, veteran producer Lorne Michaels is slapping training wheels on "Late Night" by letting Fallon wobble around the Internet.

Check How Much Time You’ve Spent On Twitter

They bill themselves as the “anti-Twitter.” What is it? It’s RescueTime, a service that keeps track of what you spend your time on. Here Tony Wright, CEO, tells me about the new service. This was part of our trip up to see interesting startups up in Seattle.