Advertising To Make Its Way Onto Amazon Kindles

Amazon apparently has some big plans for their Kindle e-reader and it involves advertising. That’s right, advertising. After all, what would a good book be without advertising, right?

Best Buy Lists Twitter Followers As Job Qualification
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A recruitment ad for a Sr. Manager – Emerging Media Marketing Job at US retailer Best Buy includes an item under the ‘Preferred Qualifications’ heading that applicants have “250 plus followers on Twitter.”

Technorati Trying To Make A Comeback

How long has it been since we’ve heard about Technorati? When did you last visit the erstwhile-preeminent blog tracking site? And even then, didn’t you get the sense they were going downhill? While that may just be what happens to every media (or blog) sweetheart, Technorati has seen a decline. Many have attributed this to a lack of features, innovation, relevancy of results, etc. 

Aardvark Turns Twitter Into A Q&A Engine

While we’re tapping our feet–waiting for Twitter to come to our search results page–Aardvark has been busy bringing its answer engine to Twitter.

A Breakdown Of Trust In Advertising

One of the core messages in my book Radically Transparent came courtesy of Edelman data which demonstrated that consumers overwhelmingly trusted recommendations from "a person like yourself."

Two years after that data was released, new numbers from Nielsen suggest that trust in others has increased dramatically. In fact, 90% of consumers now trust recommendations from people they know.

Marissa Mayer Talks Real-Time Search, Twitter

In late May, Larry Page stated at a conference that he believes real-time search is a necessity.  He also referenced Twitter.  Now, Marissa Mayer’s performed a sort of follow-up on both counts, and this might indicate an official corporate interest.

Smaller Circulation Newspapers Hanging In There

If you work for a smaller paper or you have a favorite local paper that you simply don’t want to see fade into the sunset this is OK news. I can’t honestly say that there is real good news. It’s about the newspaper business after all.

AOL Names Bebo VP Head Of European Sales

AOL has named Kate Burns as head of its European Sales division where she will be in charge of ad sales on AOL’s properties.

Burns was previously Vice President and Managing Director, Europe, of AOL’s social media company, Bebo. In her new role, Burns will report directly to AOL Global Advertising and Strategy President Jeff Levick.

Yahoo Adds Capabilities to YQL

Last year, Yahoo debuted its YQL language, which lets users query, filter, and join data across web data sources or services on the web. YQL or Yahoo Query Language is based on a SQL-like language, and it helps apps run faster with fewer lines of code.

Today, Yahoo announced a new feature for YQL, and that is the Insert/Update/Delete feature. A spokesperson for Yahoo tells WebProNews this extends the platform by adding “write" capability to its capabilities, including YQL Open Data Tables and Execute."

Yahoo Settles Lawsuit With NFL
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Yahoo and the NFL Players Association have reached a settlement over the use of players’ statistics, images and other information in Yahoo’s fantasy football games.

Yahoo sued the NFLPA last month arguing it should not have to pay additional royalties to use players’ data in its fantasy football games because the information is publicly available.

Following Up with Website Abandoners
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SeeWhy shared some interesting findings from a survey of over 150 Google Analytics about website abandonment. They discussed "post session remarketing" and say it is going to grow rapidly.

Post session remarketing is basically going after individual users who have abandoned your site. "Of all the techniques out there, remarketing in real-time (thru e-mail specifically) is set to grow 152 percent," a representative for SeeWhy tells WebProNews.

Chad Ochocinco and His Tweeting Ways
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The football player formerly known as Chad Johnson is ruffling some feathers with the National Football League. He has told the media that he plans to use Twitter during games. I haven’t seen any official statement on this from the NFL itself yet, but sports analysts seem to pretty much agree that it’s just dumb.

YouTube Gets Break On Some Claims In Copyright Case

A federal judge has dismissed some claims for damages against Google’s YouTube in a class action copyright suit involving music publishers and Britain’s Premier League.

U.S. District Judge Louis Stanton ruled that damages are not available for any foreign works that are not registered in the United States except those that fall under a live broadcast exemption.

Facebook Movie Script Makes Reviewer’s Top 10 List

The Facebook movie (which is titled The Social Network at its current stage of development) may be of interest to people outside Silicon Valley, after all.  A professional reviewer has gotten hold of the script and given it high marks.

Will Google Chrome OS Challenge Windows?
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Google has announced that it is working on an operating system based on Google Chrome (their browser). The company says the project is an attempt to "re-think what operating systems should be."

The OS-in-progress is simply called Google Chrome OS,  it is open source, and it will initially be aimed at netbooks. The announcement came on the same day that Google dropped the "beta" tag from Google Apps.

Online Opinions One of Most Trusted Forms of Advertising
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Nielsen released some interesting findings from a study (pdf) on consumer trust and advertising. The most important takeaway is that consumer opinions posted online are the most trusted forms of advertising globally.

Right off the bat, this tells me that:

Online Health Videos Top Resource For Consumers

Almost 50 percent of consumers say that online health videos are a top resource when searching for medical conditions and prescription drug information according to a new survey by Prevention, Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines.

Health information websites such as WebMD were rated as the most popular destinations to view health information videos (43%) followed by pharmaceutical websites (14%), video sharing sites (9%) and social networking sites (6%).

Microsoft May Be Making Antitrust Progress

Maybe Microsoft won’t get fined a gazillion dollars by the European Union, after all.  The software giant is supposedly making an attempt to settle two antitrust probes, and according to the same report, even has a firm cut-off date in mind. 

Microsoft Opens Hohm To Public
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Microsoft has launched Hohm, its new website for managing and regulating home energy usage.

Hohm allows people to better understand their energy usage, receive recommendations and ways to save money. Recommendations can vary from placing new caulking on windows to removing air leaks to installing a programmable thermostat.

The recommendations are based on specific information about a users home including house features, usage patterns and appliances. The savings will vary based on the information shared and the characteristics of consumer’s households.

Report: FeedBurner Boss About To Quit Google

An important figure at Google may be about to leave, according to a new report.  Dick Costolo, the cofounder and CEO of FeedBurner, is supposed to depart the corporation sometime this week.

Michael Arrington apparently confirmed the news today, and with regards to what Costolo has been up to since the $100 million FeedBurner acquisition, continued, "He currently reports to Neal Mohan, an exec in the Ads group, as the group product manager for social ads."

Shortened URLs Used in 2% of All Spam

If it’s a tool that can make life on the web easier, you can pretty much guarantee that it will be abused by spammers. That is why it should come as no surprise that spammers are now abusing URL shortener services.

Representatives from Symantec’s MessageLabs contacted WebProNews to point out that just in the last couple of days, the presence shortened URLs in spam has skyrocketed. The prominent security company claims that shortened URLs now appear in over 2% of all spam.

Video Game Engagement Continues To Increase
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Fans of video games are spending increasingly more time playing games, according to a new survey from Nielsen.

The survey, "The Value Gamer: Play and Purchase Behavior in a Recession," found since the beginning of the year and through May, gamers are spending an additional one to two hours a week playing games, compared to 2006, when Nielsen started tracking video game data.

Gmail Out of Beta After All These Years
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Today is a landmark day for Google. The company has finally announced that Google Apps is no longer in beta. I suspect this is more of a way to increase the adoption of its services, particularly among businesses, than any new accomplishment being met, but it is what it is. No more beta label on Gmail and other products that fall into Google’s cloud offerings category.

Google Maps Gadget Aims To Help Businesses Be Found

Let’s be honest: someone who’s incapable of copying and pasting an address into Google Maps may not be worth having as a customer.  But most companies like to make things easy on people, and a new Google Maps gadget should ensure that it’s easy for would-be clients to find businesses.