Wii Music Is Shown At E3

Wii Nintendo is finally jumping into the music with a Rock Band and Guitar Hero competitor called Wii M

Hitwise: Twitter Taking Off In The UK
· 7

Twitter may be associated with itty bitty messages and terrible reliability, but somehow, it’s managed to cross the Atlantic Ocean.  New data shows that Twitter is actually quite popular in the UK.

New Zealand Teen Hacker Escapes Charges
· 2

A New Zealand teenager who confessed to a major role in a worldwide cyber-crime ring, which led to millions of dollars of losses, was discharged from court yesterday without any conviction.

Blogger finds baseball stats proves Obama will win

Daily Kos favorite Poblano, the moniker for blogger Nate Silver, spent a lot of time getting right what powerful polling organizations missed with the Democratic nomination process. You could say he hit a home run.

DoubleClick Hopes New Ad Platform Is DoubleQuick

Google and subsidiary DoubleClick believe the ad-buying process is too complicated and slow. As such, DoubleClick announced this morning a new electronic proposal exchange platform for its publisher and agency customers.

Yang Acknowledged Google Deal Is Anticompetitive?
· 2

Jerry Yang’s facing all sorts of problems, and his own words may be digging him a little deeper.  According to what Microsoft’s general counsel told a Senate antitrust panel, Yang recently admitted that Yahoo’s deal with Google will more or less create a search monopoly.

Microsoft, Yahoo Antsy Over AOL

Time Warner’s negotiations to merge or sell its AOL Internet division to Microsoft or Yahoo have become more urgent ahead of Yahoo’s pivotal shareholder meeting on August 1.

The structure of any possible deal has not been disclosed, but if some type of merger does happen it is expected to change the balance of power for advertising online.

AOL Spammer’s Success Leads To Jail Sentence
· 7

Breaking through AOL’s anti-spam efforts, combined with talking to the wrong person, netted spammer Adam Vitale two and a half years in jail.

Lawyer Derided Over Google Domain Ad Suit
· 1

The litigant sought class action status for his lawsuit after an investment of $136.11 failed to bring him conversions from parked domains.

Digg Digs The News More This Year

Traffic flowing out from Digg still hits entertainment-related sites the most, but recently the gap between driving traffic there versus news & media sites narrowed.

Cutts Nips Net Neutrality Conspiracy Theory

Be careful with Google conspiracy accusations; Matt Cutts might make an example of you. After being accused of blocking anti-Net Neutrality pages on the Progress and Freedom Foundation site, Cutts gloats over data to the contrary on his blog.

Brett Glass, via Dan Farber’s Interesting People mailing list, discovered only pages on PFF.org’s website pertaining to Network Neutrality were flagged by Google as hosting malware. Once flagged, Google gandalfs the old "you shall not pass" command, barring searchers from accessing the infected page via search results.

Promptness Will Earn You Points With Older Email Users
· 1

It seems clear that, if you think about something for a few days and then take 30 minutes to sculpt a message, your emails will be a little better than if you dash out a quick blurb.  Only, in a lesson that both marketers and grandchildren should learn, older people prefer fast replies.

Study Urges Legalizing Online Gambling
· 2

The U.S. and Canada should legalize and control online gambling to reduce negative effects, because gamblers play more aggressively online than they do in casinos, according to a joint study by the University of Western Ontario in Canada and the University of Nevada in Las Vegas.

The study found that even though online gambling is illegal in the U.S. and Canada it is still easy for gamblers to gain access to sites that are located in other countries. More than $10 billion is spent annually worldwide by people gambling online.

Twitter Buys Summize For $15 Million
· 1

The not-so-quiet rumors circulating last week about Twitter buying social search engine Summize are no longer rumors but are confirmed. Twitter founder Biz Stone confirmed it on his blog today, and one report has the deal valued at $15 million in cash and stock.

Two surprises there:

1.    $15 million is exactly what Twitter just secured in its latest round of financing.
2.    Twitter has stock.

Carl Icahn’s History Of Shaking Up Companies

Is it just me, or does Carl Icahn shake-up the Board of Directors at every company he invests in?

News today suggests he’s hell-bent on replacing Yahoo’s board at the August 1st annual meeting.

Viacom Changes Mind On Demand For YouTube Data

It is now safe to return to your normal YouTube viewing habits. Viacom will not be getting its hands on your personal data.

According to the YouTube blog

Google Penalizes Newsday.com For Selling Links

According to Search Engine Roundtable, a popular media website Newsday.com, has been hit hard in terms of PageRank, as Google has specified that the website in question has been penalized for selling links that pass PageRank and for violating

Google Presents Seven Cities In 3D

Here’s a bit of news that belongs in some strange borderland between cutting-edge technology and the plot of a "Corner Gas" episode: seven local governments have worked with Google to publish 3D models of their cities.

Google, Yahoo Deal Could Raise Ad Costs
· 1

Yahoo’s search advertising deal with Google is likely to raise average keyword prices on Yahoo for most marketers according to a new study from search management firm SearchIgnite.

Keyword prices on Yahoo have the potential to increase by an average of 22 percent. The actual increase for a specific marketer depends on the amount of spending across different types of keywords and the ad ranking on the results page.

Google Inches Closer To 70 Percent Of Search
· 2

US market share of search queries rose again at Google, while that of its next three competitors dropped.

Microsoft, Google Battle On Capitol Hill

One might suppose it’s due diligence to listen to the arguments of companies enormously invested in the outcome of regulatory decisions, so the onus of coming to a reasonable conclusion rests solely on Congress whether to believe Microsoft or Google in two hearings today in the Senate and the House.

Forbes Shines In Uptime Among News Sites
· 1

A look at the availability of the world’s top news websites found only one with a glittering perfect mark over the first half of 2008.

BT To Pour $3 Billion Into UK Broadband

UK based BT said today that it plans to invest $3 billion in super fast broadband providing access to 10 million homes by 2012.

BT says the new broadband will have speeds of up to 100 Mb/s with the potential for speeds of more than 1,000 Mb/s.

The company says its broadband plan will only be rolled out if regulator Ofcom allows it to receive a good return on its investment.

Guardian Gives Page, Brin U.K. Media Crown

Larry Page and Sergey Brin are about as powerful as people get in the U.S. tech industry, and it seems they enjoy a similar standing among U.K. media figures.  Google’s cofounders have come out on top of the new MediaGuardian 100 list.

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