Sun Losing $100 Million a Month as Oracle Waits

Sun Microsystems is losing about $100 million a month according to Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, the company that’s set to acquire Sun. Oracle is waiting to get clearance from European regulators before the deal can go through and Oracle can step in and try to put an end to this loss.

MySpace Introduces Twitter Sync
MySpace began rolling out new functionality today that allows users to sync their MySpace status updates with a Twitter feed.  Any U.S.

$350M-$500M Price Tag For Yahoo Small Business
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Yahoo Small Business isn’t going to sell for a particularly tiny sum if Yahoo has its way.  A fresh report indicates that Yahoo, which has been trying to unload the unit for some time now, would like to receive around $500 million by way of payment.

Newspaper Publishers Divided Over Paid Content

So the big guys like Rupert Murdoch and Barry Diller have already told us that paid content for newspapers is the wave of the future.

Yahoo May Dispose Of Zimbra
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To most people and companies, a $350 million purchase would represent a huge, long-lasting commitment.  Yahoo, on the other hand, apparently wants out of its ownership of Zimbra after a period of two years.

Facebook and Nielsen Look for What Makes Consumers Tick

Last week Facebook announced that it had surpassed 300 million users, and now the company has announced a strategic partnership with the Nielsen Company. This partnership is aimed at helping marketers better use the web for developing and marketing new products.

The Yahoo Profile Becomes the Social Media Profile
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Yahoo is highlighting some new features for its profile pages.The layout of the tabs at the top has changed, and a new one has been added that allows the user to access their account info. In addition, users can mouse over any of the tabs and easily see the options within each one. In other words, you don’t have to leave your profile to find your settings. If you want to use "profile settings," it is still there, but it’s been moved down beside the profile photo.

Apple May Have Some Explaining to Do Over Google Voice
· 12

There was a lot of hoopla made regarding Apple’s banning of Google Voice from its App Store. Fingers were pointed, names were (probably) called. Today Google announced that the FCC has made its letter (pdf) available to the public. The letter reveals what Google claims to be the explanation it got from Apple about why it would not accept its Google Voice app (as well as Google Latitude).

Google Gives Webmasters Another Duplicate Content Eliminator
· 7

Google has added a new way for webmasters to tell it which parameters in URLS, they wish to be ignored. They have added a new feature to Google Webmaster Tools called simply, "Parameter Handling." Google provides the following explanation with the feature:

Group Announces Support Of FCC Open Internet

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) said today that it is critical for U.S. policy makers to combine the important goals of Internet openness with the need to encourage investment in building a 21st century broadband system.

Celebrities Syncing Their MySpace and Twitter Accounts
· 1

MySpace is touting the fact that a bunch of celebrities have already synced their MySpace and Twitter accounts. The feature was just announced today, and MySpace has already issued an announcement listing a number of celebrities taking advantage of it.

When the feature is activated,  a user’s status update will appear in  their Twitter feed, and any Twitter feed update will appear in their MySpace Status & Mood.

Does Google Penalize Paid Links in Javascript?
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You may recall back at SMX Seattle earlier this year, Google’s Matt Cutts talked at length about paid links. He touched upon the topic of Google being able to read javascript after giving out advice for so long to use javascript as a way to keep Google from reading paid links.

Google to Start Crawling Google Docs Documents
· 3

Google has quietly announced that Google Docs documents that are published will soon be crawlable. This means if you have published documents as web pages, or used the publish/embed option for a document, and it has been linked to on the web, it can be indexed by Google and other search engines.

Internet Payday Lender Fined $1 Million By FTC

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have announced a settlement has been reached against an international Internet payday lending operation that failed to disclose key loan terms and used illegal debt collection tactics against consumers.

The operation will pay $1 million to settle the State of Nevada and FTC charges for its misleading tactics.

Facebook Gives Up On Beacon

Announced in November 2007, Facebook’s Beacon integrated advertising and profiles on the popular social network. It initially looked like a great way for Facebook to monetize—but users saw the implementation, where their activities on other sites were broadcast on FB without their consent, as highly invasive.

Conversions 11% Higher When Customers See Security
· 11

McAfee released results from a study of 163 million online shoppers, and found that the majority of them are "digital window shoppers." In other words, they start shopping on a site, leave for a period of time, then return later to complete the sale.

According to McAfee’s findings, conversions were 11% higher for digital window shoppers who were shown a security cue, and the longer it took a customer to complete a sale, the more responsive they were to security cues.

MySpace Users Can Sync Updates with Twitter
· 2

MySpace has announced that it is rolling out a feature that allows users to sync their status updates with their Twitter feed. The feature is available in beta to all US users.

A spokesperson for MySpace tells WebProNews that 55% of US Internet users ages 18-24 are on MySpace, compared to just 14% for Twitter (comScore) and that 31% of survey respondents who visit MySpace said they read other people’s updates on Twitter (source: Forrester, 8/09).

Omniture and comScore Join Forces For Online Metrics

It seems that getting itself acquired by Adobe isn’t enough to keep the web analytics giant Omniture busy.

Google Busts the Duplicate Content Myth
· 86

While Google’s Matt Cutts has certainly provided a wealth of helpful tips via the company’s Webmaster Central YouTube channel, he is not the only one to do so.

eBay Announces Plans To Reduce Emissions
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eBay has announced its first greenhouse gas emissions reduction target, saying its committed to reduce emissions 15 percent by 2012, over a 2008 baseline.

eBay said it will reach its goal through an ongoing commitment to energy efficiency and conservation along with its continuing investment in renewable energy. It will promote more sustainable behavior tied to travel and personal energy use among its 15,000 employees.

Site Hacking Facebook Accounts for $100 a Pop
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Security company Panda Labs has discovered an online service that promises to hack into Facebook accounts for $100. They claim they will provide "clients" with login and password information to access any account on the social network. Do you feel like your information is secure on Facebook? Comment here.

Online Video Mocked by Doogie Howser at Emmys
· 1

The 61st Primetime Emmy Awards (aka: The Emmys) were on last night on CBS, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, formerly of Doogie Howser M.D., and currently of How I Met Your Mother. During the show, "NPH" appeared as "Dr. Horrible" (not a reference to Doogie, but to a blogger he portrays on a web show), and made fun of online video and the notion that it could ever replace television.

Doogie takes stabs at common limitations of online video, such as size and buffering. Watch the clip below.

Netflix Announces Contest Winner…Finally

Update: Nefflix officially announced the winner of the first contents today, and the beginning of the second contest. The winner of the first one is a team of engineers, statisticians and researchers. 

Read the release here.

FCC Proposes Net Neutrality Protection Plan
· 1

This morning FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski gave a speech, detailing a proposal for keeping the Internet open for access to consumers, and protecting net neutrality. The proposal would prevent ISPs from discriminating against certain services, apps, or viewpoints on the web. It would also require those ISPs to be transparent about their network management practices.

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