McCain Has A Drinking Problem

 Obama Has A Drinking Problem

The Latest on MySpace Music

- Myspace Silicon Alley Insider says the MySp

Google Remains Top Property In August

The Olympics and the U.S. Presidential campaign were the primary drivers of Internet traffic during the month of August, leading to increased visits at politics, sports, news and humor sites according to comScore Media Metrix.

The politics category rose 33 percent to 14 million visitors as many Americans focused on the presidential race.  The fastest growing category for the month was led by BarackObama.com with nearly 4 million visitors (up 113% from July), while JohnMcCain.com surged 108 percent to 1.4 million visitors.

Report: Facebook Making Gains On MySpace
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Nielsen Online has released some new numbers concerning social networks, and things aren’t looking too great for MySpace.  While the News Corp property is still ahead of Facebook in terms of unique audiences and the length of users’ sessions, the one stat has leveled off and the other has fallen.

Maryland Football Player Becomes YouTube Star
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Maryland senior cornerback Kevin Barnes has become a YouTube star after putting a punishing hit on California running back Jahvid Best.

The brutal hit came in the second quarter of Maryland’s 35-27 win, and at the time Barnes had no idea that he would become an online sensation. The hit left Best crawling on his hands and knees and eventually vomiting onto the field.

Searching for Video Relevance

Google has started integrating audio indexing or "GAudi" (Google Audio Indexing) into video search. The company hopes to eventually apply it to all YouTube videos, but so far it is only limited to a narrow selection. The experiment began as an iGoogle gadget for political videos, but has now become a Google Labs project, though it is still only being applied to the "Politicians" channel of YouTube.

Two More Important Yahoos Leaving

It appears that the small boxes used to carry office supplies and personal effects are still in high demand at Yahoo.  New reports indicate that Amit Kumar and Kiersten Hollars – two relatively high-ranking employees – are expected to move some within the next week or so.

MySpace Launches MyDebates.org
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MySpace and the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) have launched MyDebates.org, a new Web site focused on the upcoming Presidential debates.

Top Search Engine Marketing Tools

The number of internet marketing tools launched over the past couple years has been staggering. Many of them are both free and highly valuable. SEO, which was once considered a bit of a seedy niche, has grown with search to become a mainstream marketing practice, with…

Is MySpace Music Going to Launch or What?
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Yesterday MySpace announced the advertisers that will be involved with MySpace Music, and the hype surrounding the site is certainly out there (I think I’ve done my part).

Google Maps Posts Business Listing Quality Guidelines
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Google has posted some official guidelines for listing your business in Google Maps. As more and more people refer to the Internet rather than the phonebook for looking up local businesses, business owners will want to pay close attention to the rules, so they are easily found on Google Maps.

iEntry on Google Maps

The new guidelines read as follows:

Searching For Celebrities Leads To Security Risks
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Actor Brad Pitt has surpassed Paris Hilton to become the most dangerous celebrity to search for on the Web according to Internet security company McAfee.

Users searching for "Brad Pitt," "Brad Pitt downloads," and Brad Pitt wallpaper, screen savers and pictures have an 18 percent chance of having their PCs infected with online threats, such as spyware, adware, viruses and other malware.

Cybercriminals are also using names and images, like Beyonce and Justin Timberlake, to attract Internet users to bogus web sites that look legitimate.

Google Looking For Genetic Detection Expert

Google employs a lot of smart people. Everybody knows that. But when a search ad company posts a job opening for a “genetic detection expert,” you may be genetically predisposed to stopping and staring.

Google Looking For Genetic Detection Expert

Google’s My Location Gets More Accurate

Google’s My Location offering is a great idea that hinges on the company’s ability to accurately detect users’ positions.  As such, Google’s seen fit to tinker with the way in which approximate locations are represented.

More Businesses Embracing Social Media
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More employers are becoming open to allowing social media use in their organizations.

In a 2007 survey from Awareness Inc, 37 percent of business allowed their employees to use social media applications during business hours. In 2008, 69 percent of businesses allow their employees to use social media for business.

Currently, 75 percent of employees use social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn for business purposes, up 15 percent from 2007.

Google-Backed BMW Search Launches

BMWs have long been able to outhandle and overpower most other cars on any given road.  Now, the owners of some 2009 BMWs will lose their last excuse for being late, as the automaker has teamed up with Google Maps to create BMW Search.

Google Phone Gets Release Date
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Google AndroidIt’s October 20th according to CrunchGear, who received the info from a "little birdy" who also confirmed that the phone’s official announcement would go down on September 23rd. It looks like Jason Miller’s daughter is going to get here first.

About.com Launches Election Section

About.com has launched a political editorial section on its site focused on providing visitors information about the upcoming 2008 election.

The section called Election 08: Behind the Headlines features information on each of the presidential candidates, what people can do to participate in the upcoming election and opinions on the concerns voters have raised about Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain, along with other election topics.

Google Debunks CPC Inflation Study
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Google’s Chief Economist Hal Varian effectively dismantled all of SearchIgnite’s study on CPC inflation resulting from Google’s ad deal with Yahoo except for one: that prices could rise. That may be irrelevant, though, since, Varian notes, Google and Yahoo don’t actually set ad prices. Advertisers do.

comScore: UK Online Video Market Healthier Than Ever

According to new comScore numbers, UK Internet users really like watching videos online.  They managed to view a total of around 3.2 billion clips in June, surpassing France, Germany, Canada, and even the US in terms of videos per person.

YouTube Co-Founder Talks About The Future Of Online Video
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Online video has proliferated in the last ten years and YouTube co-founder and CEO Chad Hurley talks about the future of online video on the Official Google Blog.

Hurley talks about how ten years ago online video was in its infancy and how it was used in closed settings with limited bandwidth and expensive and bulky video gear. He says it was the Internet that helped online video to grow.

Popular Facebook App (fluff)Friends Purchased by SGN

While some Facebook gaming apps are causing users to have their Facebook accounts revoked, others are making their owners some money.

Gmail Labs Gets Another Pair Of Features
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Considering what it is – near-instantaneous communication between potentially distant people – email’s pretty easy to use.  But Gmail Labs has just introduced two new features that have the potential to save folks some time and embarrassment.

Online Shoppers Expect Better Service
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While online shopping remains popular a new survey done by Harris Interactive for Tealeaf found that the majority (87%) of users conducting transactions on the Web have experienced problems.

Among those who experience an online transaction issue, 41 percent would switch to an online or offline competitor or abandon the transaction completely.  This represents a $57 billion potential impact to revenue on shopping sites.

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