Google News SEO Tips – Ranking in News Search
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I thought that one of the more interesting topics addressed at Search Engine Strategies San Jose a while back was that of SEO and the publishing industry. This is an industry seemingly at war with entities like Google (at least partially), even though there are clearly measures publishers could take, which would make Google and Google News in particular work to their advantage.

Google Homepage Patent Gratuitous?
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In early 2004, Google’s lawyers didn’t have nearly enough to do.  A patent on the design of Google’s homepage (AKA its "[g]raphical user interface for a display screen of a communications terminal") that they applied for at that time was granted Tuesday.

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Facebook Pages to Get Click Through Rates
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If you are the owner or an admin of a Facebook page, you are probably familiar with Facebook’s Insights. This is Facebook’s analytical offering that lets page admins see how fans are engaging.

Responses To Twitter and Fox’s Social Media TV Experiment

Earlier this week we told you of Fox and Twitter teaming up to create some buzz about repeats of the shows Fringe and Glee. Well, hopefully there is no such thing as bad press because the comments we received about the experiment were unanimous: FAIL! Check out our impassioned reader feedback.

Ginger Says:

September 3rd, 2009 at 10:02 pm

Google News Italia Probe Expands
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Google received a piece of bad news – and perhaps a laugh – today as we prepare to go into the long weekend.  Here’s the serious part: Italian antitrust regulators have decided to expand the focus of an investigation from the Italian version of Google News to the entire corporation.

Microsoft Granted Motion to stay Word Injunction
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Update: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has reportedly granted Microsoft’s motion to stay an injunction that would prohibit the software giant from selling Word. The injunction had an effective date of Oct. 10, but the motion to stay blocks the injunction until the appeal process is complete, according to The Microsoft Blog.

Four New Gmail Themes Released
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Gmail users who require that everything be just so may be in luck; a few new personalization opportunities have been made available in the form of four new themes.  And in fact, one of the four themes caters to indecisive types, so members of the Gmail team really covered their bases.

All right, we admit it – these Gmail themes aren’t going to generate Google’s next billion dollars.  In all likelihood, they won’t even convince more than one or two souls (if that) to switch from Hotmail or Yahoo Mail.

Bit.ly Shortens URL Shorteners
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URL-shortening service bit.ly, the favorite of Twitter, has introduced a new URL-shortening service, or an extension of the original one rather. The new one is j.mp, which as you can see by looking at it resides at a domain with very few characters.

That is exactly the reason bit.ly has introduced it. The company says that for some people, "every character counts," and that is certainly true in the Twitter age, where a maximum of 140 characters is allowed per tweet.

Microsoft Answers Common adCenter API Questions
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Microsoft says it has had a lot of questions lately about access to adCenter API tokens, and the company has addressed these issues on the adCenter API blog. The API program is still in the "pilot" phase, so API tokens are not available to everybody.

Google Releases Instant Messaging API
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Google has announced the release of a new API for building Talk bots on top of Google App Engine, Google’s product that lets developers create and host web apps on the Google infrastructure.

Google Introduces New Drawing and Form Features for Docs
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Google has launched some new features for Google Docs. They have made a couple improvements to drawings and added several new features to Forms.

Google Shares New Privacy Policy for Books
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Google has introduced a new privacy policy for Google Books, to try and appease the critics of Google’s enormous book indexing project. The company has also been in communication with the Federal Trade Commission, and has discussed both the new policy and a letter to the FTC on the Google Public Policy Blog.

Vietnam Clamps Down On Bloggers And Online Journalists
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The Committee to Protect Journalists is condemning the recent arrests of online journalists and political bloggers in Vietnam.

The crackdown comes as online journalists and bloggers independent reporting challenges Vietnam’s tightly censored state-run media’s monopoly on local news and opinion.

Top Google China Exec To Leave
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The man over whom Microsoft and Google practically started a war in 2005 is now quitting that second company.  Kai-Fu Lee, the president of Google’s operations in China, will leave his post sometime this month.

Google Shows Off New Android Market
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Google’s Android announced that it will soon introduce new features in Android Market for Android 1.6, which will improve user experience. For one, developers will be able to post screenshots and descriptions (as well as icons), to showcase their apps.

Google has also provided the following video (the first one) showing the new Android Market:

Google Popular In Brazil Too
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Online measurement firm Hitwise has launched its service in Brazil.

The company says it will track more than 60,000 websites across more than 160 industry categories based on the Internet activity of 90,000 Brazilian Internet users.

"As online usage grows in Brazil, so too does competition for the Internet consumer," said Juliano Marcillio, president of Serasa Experian Marketing Services.

Twitter’s Most Popular Users Breaking From The Pack
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Twitter’s most popular users are on a roll, according to new statistics from Rapleaf, accumulating followers at a very rapid pace.  The interesting thing is that less popular users, who should theoretically have less trouble doubling or tripling their audience’s size, aren’t keeping up.

Tips for Mobile E-Commerce Success
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According to comScore, over 63 million people in the US use the mobile Internet, with 35% of those people accessing it on a daily basis. eMarketer says that over 70 million US mobile phone users will access the Internet from their device in 2009.

eMarketer also says that mobile e-commerce is still in its infancy though. While some retailers are ahead of the game, many are still "watching from the sidelines," and planning their mobile commerce strategies.

Street View: Soon With More Blurriness
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On August 18th, Google released Street View imagery of Switzerland.  A few days later, Switzerland’s Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner complained.  Now, it looks like the two sides have reached an agreement that will have some rather far-reaching effects.

Sprint Bringing Google Android To HTC Hero
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Sprint announced today that it will be the first U.S. carrier to offer Google’s Android operating system on HTC’s Hero smartphone, slated to launch on October 11.

The HTC Hero will be available on the Sprint website and at retailer Best Buy for $179.

Google Cash Scams – SEOs to the Rescue
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There is a scam going on inside of Google search results called Google Cash, aka: Google Money Tree, aka: Google Treasure Chest. This is where alleged scammers misrepresent themselves as being affiliated with Google, and advertise a low-cast kit, which would enable people to make money.

Online Media Influencing Travel Decisions
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Less than half (39%) of Americans are using online media to research their choice of travel services, according to a new report from Ad-ology Research.

Hotel websites were found to have the most influence on consumers while online content also influenced 34 percent to visit local attractions like amusement parks, zoos, and concerts.

Suitcase with Money

65 Million People Use Mobile Facebook
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Facebook announced today it has reached a milestone of 65 million people actively using Facebook from mobile devices. According to the company, that is an increase from just 20 million as recent as 8 months ago.

Google Introduces Multi-Client Accounts for Product Search
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Google has introduced some new policies for marketplaces and aggregators on Google Product Search. They have also introduced multi-client accounts to help aggregators and marketplaces manage feeds for multiple sellers under a single account.