American Antitrust Institute Eyes Google-Yahoo Deal

A group called the American Antitrust Institute is probably the last thing Google or Yahoo wanted sticking its nose into their search deal.  Now the AAI has done so, though, and surprisingly, it doesn’t see the partnership as a completely objectionable proposal.

Get Relevant Quotes With Latest Google Labs Project
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The latest project to come from Google Labs is called "In Quotes". Basically what it does is pull quotes from stories linked to from Google News. You can search for a keyword or phrase, and it will find quotes talking about it.

Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Launches

Yahoo has launched its new Yahoo Messenger 9.0, instant messaging application for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Board Meeting Kickstarts Yahoo-AOL Rumors
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Microhoo negotiations have come and gone.  We’re midway through a tussle over the potential Yahoogle search ad deal.  And now, as a report indicates that the Yahoo board has authorized talks, the latest odd name attached to a possible combination of Internet companies looks to be Yahaol.

Google Co-Founder or Desperate Man?
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Some guy is claiming to be the third founder of Google. Hubert Chang has released a video in which he talks about helping Sergey Brin and Larry Page come up with PageRank, Google’s business model, and even the name "Google" back in 1997, but chose to pursue his Ph.D at NYU rather than attach his name to the Google project. Listen to what Chang has to say:

Google Wants to Make the World a Better Place
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Google has always had the policy of not doing evil. This is a policy that critics of the company love to cite when they don’t approve of something Google’s up to. It goes without saying though, that Google’s 10th anniversary project, titled "Project 10100" or "10 to the 100th" is definitely the opposite of evil.

Really, Beshear? Is that your final answer?

Just read Mike’s piece on KY Gov. Beshear’s demand that international gambling sites block access to Kentucky users or forfeit their domain names. I’ve liked Beshear mostly, he took down a real crook of a predecessor in the last election …

Narcissists Have More Friends On Facebook
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Researchers at the University of Georgia have concluded there are lots of narcissists on Facebook, and you probably know one—or several. How do you know if your friend is a narcissist? According to the study, count the number of contacts he maintains, as well as the number of wall posts.

Are there a lot of them? While you’re at it, check for palm hair and sudden episodes of blindness. This person loves himself. A lot.

AOL Developing BidPlace Ad Exchange

This development hinges on some big assumptions: AOL needs to avoid being acquired, the economy must stay un-collapsed, and WWIII shouldn’t break out.  Still, if this all holds true until some unknown point in the first half of 2009, Platform-A will launch a new ad exchange.

The Android Phone T-Mobile G1

T-Mobile’s G1 phone was officially announced today. It’s going to be the first mobile phone based on Android, the Google-and-partners powered (and supposedly soon to be open source released) mobile operating system.

Technorati Releases State of the Blogosphere
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It’s kind of astonishing how swiftly society can shift these days. In 2005, when I started covering this industry, the guys at the local pub would look over the tops of their sports sections with blank or puzzled faces if you uttered the word “blog.”

American Mobile Users Text More Than Talk

Americans now send and receive more SMS text messages than they do mobile telephone calls, according to the latest research from Nielsen Mobile.

In the second quarter of 2008, the average mobile subscriber sent or received 357 text messages per month, compared to placing or receiving 204 phone calls.

Startup Companies At Blog World Expo


Nielsen: Total Searches Dropped In August
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Nielsen Online has released data regarding the August search market, and certain persistent trends were defied in small ways.  But a really interesting deviation popped up as the overall number of searches fell.

The Blogosphere Is Expanding

Two weeks ago, I gave a class on blogging.

Kentucky Governor Cracks Down On Online Gambling
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Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has announced he wants to shut down 141 illegal Internet gambling sites in the state in an effort to stop unregulated online gaming.

Beshear has filed a civil suit against the 141 domain names and is asking the court to force the sites to block access to Kentucky users or give up control of their domain names.

Universities Use Social Networks for Applicant Screening
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When you’re a kid, say in high school, you don’t always consider the potential consequences for all your actions, especially on a career level. This is even truer when you don’t even have an idea of what you’re going to do with your life. When I was in high school, I had no idea that I would eventually be writing for an online publication. I didn’t even know where I would be going to college. I’m glad social networks were not in existence yet (not that I’m admitting to any foul behavior).

More Advertisers Move Against Google-Yahoo Deal
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The passage of time isn’t making people look upon the potential Google-Yahoo search ad deal with any more favor.  The World Federation of Advertisers has now joined a large group of organizations by stepping forward and objecting to the partnership.

Google Phone Comes Out Today!
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G1Today’s the big day for the Google Phone. T-Mobile will announce the availability of the G1 today, the HTC-manufactured phone featuring Google’s Android mobile platform. The phone is expected to be the top competitor for Apple’s iPhone, and will supposedly cost $199 with a two-year contract.

Netflix Strikes Deal With CBS, Disney
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Online movie rental service Netflix said today that it has signed agreements with the CBS Television Network and Disney-ABC Television Group that will allow current season episodes of a number of TV shows to be streamed at Netflix.

The Status on MySpace Music

The projected launch date of MySpace Music has changed a lot lately, but is still expected to launch before the end of the month. That gives us about one more week. It could launch anytime until then, but it’s starting to feel like they’re going to wait until the last possible minute.

Reasons for Delay

Social Media Whirlwind Leaves Las Vegas

The BlogWorld Expo has ended, and most of its participants have found their way home from Las Vegas. Now, for those who either didn’t make it to the city or had so much fun that the details are a little hazy, we’ll try to sum up some of the conference’s main points.

BlogWorld Expo: Building A Brand

Advice can live or die based on the standing of whoever’s giving it, and reputation management is an especially tricky subject.  Rather than have some unheard-of folks talk about blogs and branding, then, BlogWorld’s keynote tapped two people who are rather well known.

Microsoft Approved for $40 Billion Share Repurchase

Microsoft’s board of directors has approved a share buyback for Microsoft to the tune of $40 billion, with an expiration date of September 30, 2013.

The board also declared a quarterly dividend of $0.13 per share, reflecting a two cent or 18 percent increase over the previous quarter’s dividend. Said dividend is payable December 11, 2008 to shareholders of record on November 20, 2008. The ex-dividend date will be November 18, 2008.