Former YouTube Monetization Guy Moves To AOL

The man to whom Google once entrusted YouTube’s financials is now going to see what he can do for AOL.  Former YouTube head of monetization Shashi Seth has been hired as AOL’s senior vice president of global advertising products. 

Record Label Launched for YouTube Stars
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A couple of guys have gotten together and started a record label for musicians who became popular on YouTube. The label is called DFTBA Records.

The label was started by Alan Lastufka, author of YouTube: An Insider’s Guide to Climbing the Charts and Hank Green of VlogBrothers. Now they have caught the attention of YouTube itself, which is promoting the duo’s endeavor on the company blog.

Google’s Financials Praised Yet Again

Don’t be surprised if you get a sense of dj vu while reading this article; except for a few details, the development it covers is the same as something that happened last week.  An RBC analyst has essentially followed in the footsteps of a Barclays analyst and improved his forecast for Google’s stock.

Anyone Can Develop Apps for the Yahoo! Homepage
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Today Yahoo! announced the integration of is Yahoo! Application Platform (YAP) with the new Yahoo! Homepage, which lets advertisers and publishers develop apps for the homepage. "In support of the Yahoo! Open Strategy, this integration offers a more customizable and personally relevant experience for over 118 million monthly homepage users across the U.S.," a Yahoo! spokesperson tells WebProNews.

Texas Tech Head Coach Outlaws Twitter from Team

Unless you are a college football fan (hang in there social media geeks, we’ll get to your stuff soon enough ;-) ) you probably wouldn’t even have a clue what this post is about. Honestly, unless you are a Texas Tech student or fan or resident of Lubbock, TX you may not know what a Red Raider is.

CNN Launches APP For The iPhone

CNN has released its new iPhone App and its hoping users will be willing to pay $1.99 to download it.

The CNN APP highlights news via text, video and photos. It features breaking news video, push notification, localization and personalization tools.

CNN iReport App

Microsoft Gives Out Free PC Security
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Microsoft has launched a new free anti-malware tool called Microsoft Security Essentials. The service is designed to protect consumers from viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.

The service has two very strong elements going for it. For one, it is from Microsoft, which means it comes from a well-known brand that practically all consumers are familiar with. Secondly, it’s free, and that is another word that resonates with consumers.

Open Android Alliance Poses Problem For Google
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About 11 months ago, Google made a big announcement about the Android Open Source Project.  The word "open" was used six times in a single official blog post.  But now, a group of developers has formed the Open Android Alliance to take things a lot further.

Facebook Is Still In The Thoughts of Marketers

It’s always great when the mainstream media realizes (again) that something is big—like social media marketing or Facebook. The Wall Street Journal posted an article Friday on the popularity of social media marketing on Facebook. Okay, so really they were reporting about the Social Data Summit in New York Thursday.

Google Splits Up Google Base
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Google has split Google Base into two separate entities – Google Base and the new Google Merchant Center. The Merchant Center will replace Google Base for users who submit product-type items to Google.

Warner Music Videos Returning To YouTube
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YouTube and Warner Music have kissed and made up, according to new reports.  Or at least, Warner has agreed to make its music video catalog available through YouTube again, and the two organizations have reached a deal concerning how they’ll share revenue.

Email Marketing Driving Offline Purchases
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Consumers worldwide are using online communication tools and responding to permission-based email (PBE) in varying ways based on their country of origin, according to a recent study by Epsilon.

The study found North American (87%) and European (74%) respondent are more likely than their peers in Asia Pacific (APAC) (58%) to use email as their main online communications tool.

As the primary channel for communication, instant messaging is considerably high in APAC with 28 percent while text/SMS and social networking remain consistently low across all regions.

Google Hot Trends Come to Results Pages
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Google has released an extension of its Hot Trends feature, which brings some of its components to the results page when a user searches for one of the "hot trends." Now when a user’s query matches one of the top 100 trends (or fastest-rising search terms), Google will show them a graph and further information about how popular the query is.

Warner And YouTube Close To Music Video Deal

Warner Music Group and YouTube are close to completing an agreement that would allow the video sharing site to play videos from a number of artists on the Warner label. Advertising Age is reporting that sources familiar with the situation …

Twitter Hires User Experience Architect From Digg

People who have been complaining that Twitter’s site needs an overhaul should pay attention.  Twitter’s added someone to its design team, and Mark Trammell, who will start one week from today, hails most recently from Digg.

Pizza Hut Aims to Feed Hungry Through Twitter
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Pizza Hut, a brand that has been in social media-related news in the past when they sought a Twittering intern, has now launched a campaign combining social media marketing with philanthropy.

Washington Post Cracks Down On Journalists’ Social Media Activities

What is probably most ironic about the story that you are about to read is the fact that an journalistic icon, the Washington Post, is trying to maintain control of its staff while it can’t even keep an internal memo from going public. Having made that observation from the start you can see that this is not going to get any better for them. 

Online Video Viewing Sees New High in August
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In August, online video reached a record high, with over 25 billion videos watched during the month, according to data from comScore. A pretty good chunk of these were watched via Google sites (hardly surprising, considering the enormous popularity of YouTube). Google sites accounted for over 10 billion videos watched in August.

YouTube Insight, Content ID Come Together

YouTube’s done a decent job of winning over content creators and rights holders, and its Content ID system, which lets them identify and profit from user-uploaded clips, has been a big part of that.  Content ID may become an even more popular feature, too, now that a quirk has been ironed out.

Social Media Changing Marketers Approach
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Social media is causing organizations to rethink and evolve their marketing strategies, according to a new study by Alterian.

The research indicated that 60 percent of organizations think that personal one-to-one engagement with consumers requires a new way of creating content and on-demand services, while 60 percent also feel the existing strategies for understanding consumers needs can be improved significantly.

Watch the New Yahoo Commercial
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Yahoo’s first commercial from the big $100 million "Y!ou" campaign has hit the web. The clip has been posted at several video sites and social networks around the web, and has likely been embedded all over the place by now. The company says it will soon air on TV (via SIA).

More Social Media Use Means More Email Use

Nielsen set out to prove that social media use put a significant dent into email use, assuming that the more time people spent on social networks, the less time they were likely to spend using email. It didn’t quite work out that way in the firm’s experiment however.

Nielsen explains its methodology:

EU Plans To Limit MP3 Player Volume
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The European Commission said today it wants to implement new rules for the makers of MP3 players that would require them to follow new volume standards.

The Commission pointed to a study that found listening to personal music players at a high volume over a long period can lead to permanent hearing damage and 5 to 10 percent of listeners risk permanent hearing loss. It’s estimated that up to 10 million people in the EU may be at risk.

Washington Post Social Media Policy Faces Criticism

The Washington Post has sent a memo to its editors/journalists outlining the publication’s social media policies. They don’t leave too many options for what is actually allowed to take place on social networks. This is an issue that never really seems to go away, and is brought up every time a publication’s social media policies are discovered.