The Most Followers Assembled On Twitter
Sysomos released a new social media report today which looks deeper into followers on Twitter and they try to explain how influence is not always measured by the number of people who follow you.

Limewire Looking To Be Put Out Of Business By Music Publishers

bers of the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) have filed a massive copyright infringement lawsuit against LimeWire.

Google Docs Privacy Options Revised
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In the wake of privacy uproars about pretty much everything, Google’s taken steps to ensure Google Docs meets the highest possible standards.  This afternoon, the company introduced three easy-to-understand (and easy-to-set) document visibility options.

Here’s the most important thing to know: documents are private by default.  Documents’ visibility settings are now located right next to their titles, too, making them easy to confirm at any point in time.

Supreme Court – Gov’t Employees Texts Are Not Private
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Breaking eBusiness news bulletins ….

Second PayPal X Developer Challenge Announced
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Look for many, many interesting new PayPal apps and services to surface over the next four or so months.  The second PayPal X Developer Challenge was announced today, and the competition is sure to draw lots of participants with $150,000 in prizes on the line.

A PayPal representative explained in an email to WebProNews, "[T]he grand prize is worth $100,000 – $50,000 will be deposited directly into the winner’s PayPal account and the other $50,000 will go towards waived transaction fees."

FCC Seeks Comments On Broadband Regulation

The Federal Communications Commission today said it is seeking public comment on the best way to support its efforts to ensure universal access to high-speed broadband services while promoting innovation, investment, competition and protecting consumers.

A recent decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals derailed prior understandings about the FCC’s ability to ensure fair competition and provide consumers with basic protections when using broadband Internet services.

Google Introduces New Version of Commerce Search

Google has announced the launch of Commerce Search 2.0 for retailers in the United States and the United Kingdom. This is a new version that the company says provides a better online experience for shoppers, as well as greater control, while providing immediate ROI for retailers.

Google Commerce Search originally launched back in November. It was kind of like Google Site Search, specifically tailored to e-commerce and product sites. 

AdWords Advertisers Get Click-to-Call from Apps Format
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Google has made its click-to-call ad format for mobile apps and mobile website content available for all AdWords advertisers. The feature was demonstrated at Google I/O in May.

Text Phishing Attacks See Big Drop In Q1

Text-to-phone phishing attacks saw significant a drop in the first quarter of 2010, decreasing 62 percent compared to the previous quarter, according to a new report from security firm Internet Identity (IID).

Even with the drop, the number of credit unions being spoofed in text-to-phone cases stayed the same, meaning these organizations were the most targeted by industry. In these attacks, cyber criminals impersonate companies by text message and try to get people to call a fake interactive voice response (IVR) system designed to steal account information.

IL, MA Attorneys General Join Google Inquest
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Anyone near one of Google’s offices who’s interested in starting a small business might consider a torch and pitchfork shop.  Privacy groups and authorities of all types continue to look into Google’s WiFi data blunder, with the Attorneys General of Illinois and Massachusetts being the latest to launch investigations.

Advocacy Groups Want Better Facebook Privacy Controls
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The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the ACLU of Northern California, and number of other privacy groups are calling on Facebook to give users true control over their personal information by taking critical steps to protect users’ data.

Google Maps UK Gets Property Search

People who are in search of a place to live in the UK have a new ally in Google.  This morning, the search giant introduced a "Properties" option on Google Maps UK, allowing users to see and sort through many of the houses and apartments/flats that are available for sale or rent.

As you might gather from the screenshot below, the "Properties" feature isn’t omniscient; some largish empty spaces exist on the map where it’s hard to imagine at least one residence isn’t unoccupied.

Twitter Starts Testing the Promoted Trending Topics

Twitter is testing promoted trending topics as reports last week indicated that they would. If you go to Twitter.com and take a look at the trending topic list, you will probably see one with a yellow box marking it as "Promoted."

YouTube Talks New Video Editing Tool
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After early reports of a new YouTube video editor, the company officially announced it and talked about how it works.

The tool allows the average person to edit videos in the cloud. No software installation is necessary.

Users can combine multiple videos they’ve uploaded to YouTube, to create longer pieces. They can trim the beginning/end, add soundtracks from YouTUbe’s AudeioSwap library (which includes tens of thousands of songs), and create new videos without worrying about file formats (to be published to YouTube without having to upload).

Google Search Funnels Give Search Marketing Brand Value

A few months ago, Google introduced AdWords Search Funnels reports. These describe click and impression behavior on Google.com that leads up to a conversion, with reports like Assisted Conversions, First and Last Click Analysis, Time Lag, and Path Length.

Online Newspapers Attract More Than Half Of Internet Audience
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More than 123 million Americans visited newspaper websites in May, representing 57 percent of the total U.S. Internet audience, according to a new report from comScore.

The New York Times Brand led the category with more than 32 million visitors and 719 million pageviews during the month. The average visitor viewed 22 pages of content on the New York Times.  Tribune Newspapers ranked second in terms of audience with 24.8 million visitors, followed by Advance Internet (18.1 million visitors) and USA Today (16.8 million visitors).

Now You Can “Like” Comments on Facebook
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Facebook is rolling out a feature that lets you "like" comments on posts just as you can the post itself. It’s a simple feature that has surprisingly been absent until now, but now it’s here.

AOL Has Reportedly Found a Buyer for Bebo

Update 2: PaidContent reports confirmation:

Per Wednesday’s speculation, LA private equity firm Criterion Capital Partners has confirmed it’s buying social network Bebo from AOL.

PayPal Announces First Collaboration with Government Agency on Mobile Commerce

Update:  When asked about PayPal pursuing other collaborations wtih government agencies, Anuj Nayar, the director of globalcommunications at PayPal, tells us:

Our mobile strategy in Asia Pacific covers 5 areas:

1. Provide consumers with a simple, fast, secure checkout experience on the mobile phone.

2. Provide merchants with an easy integration of their online shopping site with the mobile phone.

NOAA Launches Website To Track Gulf Oil Spill
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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has launched a website with near-real-time information about the response to the Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill.

The site, GeoPlatform.gov features data on the oil spill’s path, fishery closed areas, wildlife and place-based Gulf Coast resources such as pinpointed locations of oiled shoreline and daily positions of research ships, into one customizable interactive map powered by Google.

Privacy and Security Still Obstacles for Check-In Services

uTest has released the results from a check-in services "Bug Battle" competition, in which over 300 users from about 40 countries reported bugs in popular check-in services Fousquare, Gowalla, and Brightkite. A total of 870 bugs were reported – technical, functional, and GUI bugs in the web and mobile apps of these three services.

The First Rule Of Dot War: You Do Not Tweet About Dot War
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Have you ever found yourself wondering if your Twitter icon could beat another in a pixel battle royale? Sure, we all have at one point or another… but now, thanks to Dot War, you can battle it out with other Twitter icons.

With whom are you going to have your Twitter icon do battle? Let us know.

Sun Covering Up its Page 3 Girls for Apple?
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Yesterday, the Sun’s iPad app made headlines because it was reportedly somehow able to sneak nudity past Apple’s app approval process, which is notoriously strict (even with cartoon nudity).

B.J. Novak Roasts Google, Apple, Facebook at Webby Awards

B.J. Novak of NBC’s The Office and Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basteds hosted the Webby Awards last night.

In his opening monologue, he talked about how great Pandora is, how Apple should stop updating iTunes "for two days", unreliable Google Maps time estimates, the New York Times accepting an award from the Internet, Facebook privacy, and more.

Watch the video below (hat tip to Silicon Alley Insider):

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