Video Search To Use Internal Content

Today the WSJ profiles a number of video search engines that actually seem to be getting smarter. Instead of relying on external meta data to determine the content of a clip, these engines are looking to data internal to the clip itself—including dialogue and people (or characters) appearing in the clip. And yep, one day YouTube might not be the #1 video search engine (although they may still be the #1 video hosting site).

GPS Lingerie Resurrected In Brazil
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Back 2005, much of the press was fooled by the emergence of GPS panties—underwear with secret tracking devices and even pulse monitors jealous husbands and concerned fathers could plant in target underwear drawers. Panchira’s (Japanese slang for “show me your panties") controversial undies turned out to be part of a web-traffic contest.

Local is As Local Does
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It looks like search engines have officially trumped the Yellow Pages when it comes to customers looking for local businesses. Data from comScore and TMP Directional Marketing shows that this year more people are turning to search engines after last year’s showed that Yellow Pages were on top.

What the Data Shows

MTVmusic.com Censors Weird Al
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MTV, which recently made a super smart and exciting YouTube-combating move by making its music video collection available online, just ruined it. They’ve censored Weird Al.

Google Webserver Software Making Gains
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When looking at lists of market shares, one tends to find Google’s name near the top and the corresponding number always increasing.  Unfortunately for the company, that first trend doesn’t hold true in the case of webserver software, but the results of a new Netcraft survey confirm that some impressive rises are taking place.

Daughter Of Yahoo CEO Tells Guard To Google Her
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There are some statements that live infamy: I didn’t inhale; They misunderestimated me; Google me, you dumb f@#k. That last one is new, courtesy of Courtenay Semel, daughter of former Yahoo CEO Terry Semel.

Actually the complete phrase was: “Do you even know who I am, f@#king idiot?. . .Google me, you dumb f@#k.”

Big Celebrities: Use Google to Find Voting Info
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Google has a site where you can find your local voting information through Google Maps by searching for your home address. In an effort to get as many people to take advantage of this as possible (and ultimately vote), a lot of  big stars have come together in a public service announcement video to encourage viewers to do so.

Google Opens Door To More Alcohol Ads
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Happy Halloween, everyone.  As beer enthusiasts should know, this is the perfect day to enjoy a nice bottle of pumpkin ale, and thanks to a recent policy change at Google, advertisers are much more likely to point the fact out.  The search giant, you see, is now permitting beer, champagne, and wine ads.

Google Indexing Scanned Text
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Google is now indexing scanned documents in search results. In other words if you scan a page of text and post it to the web, it will be treated like an actual page of text rather than the image that it truly is (theoretically at least).

Google, Yahoo Ad Deal Unlikely
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Google and Yahoo may abandon their planned search advertising deal as early as next week.

According to the online edition of the Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed sources, reported that Google and Yahoo met with the Justice Department Thursday, and have not been able to reach an agreement to move forward on the deal.

Search Engines Celebrate Halloween
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In the Halloween spirit, Google has of course supplied us with a "doodle" for the day, but the interesting part of this to me as fan of horror films is that the doodle was designed by Wes Craven.
Wes Craven

More Fuel for the Social-Media-At-Work Debate
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Not long after we discussed the stats, pros, cons, and variables for social media use in the workplace, here at WebProNews, UK firm Demos has been talking about a study that suggests that social media is in fact good for businesses. I’m still sticking with the "it depends on a number of variables" theory, but the Demos info is worth taking a look at either way.

Google Helps Volunteers Recruit Voters

Recently Google launched a couple tools for helping people find out the information they need to vote on November 4th. They created a site based on Google Maps, and a Google Gadget supplying essentially the same info. To use these, you would search for your address, and then you would be provided with information like how to register to vote in your state, your state’s election website, and the location at which you are supposed to vote.

Showing Respect With Your Anchor Text
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Bloggers and other web-based writers do a lot of linking. It’s great for the Blogosphere. In fact it’s really the only reason we have a Blogosphere. How often are our links misleading though? I’m not talking about "paid" or sponsored links that are deceptive and just trying to go after a click. That’s another issue entirely. I’m talking about just the everyday point-of-reference links.

Cogent and Sprint Break the Internet!
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Tens of thousands of public internet addresses located on Cogent’s  backbone are no longer accessible from Sprint Customers. This disruption is affecting thousands of web properties including WebProNews.com. Drudgereport.com was also affected by this outage but has apparently managed to route around Sprint’s network.

Google Delays Opening Of Oklahoma Server Farm

Never mind vampires and zombies.  Here’s something even scarier: Google, the search giant with a market cap of $113 billion, might be applying the brakes in a big way due to our country’s financial situation.  The activation of a data center in Oklahoma is now supposed to take place sometime in 2010 instead of early next year.

Broadband Users See Service As A Must
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High speed Internet customers like their service but 30 percent are willing to ditch their provider if they can find a more affordable service elsewhere, according to a report from J.D. Power & Associates.

Cost savings is cited by 69 percent of high-speed Internet customers and 40 percent of dial-up customers as the main reason they would consider switching providers.

Google Stands Behind the Cloud

Today Google is touting the reliability of Gmail, and comparing the service to several "on-premises" solutions in terms of downtime and lost productivity. In a post on the Official Google Blog, Google Enterprise Product Director Matthew Glotzbach writes:

ICANN Delays Shuttering Of Spam Registrar
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The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has announced it will delay shutting down EstDomains, an Internet registrar accused of having ties with spammers.

ICANN Delays Shuttering Of Spam Registrar

ICANN sent a letter to EstDomains saying it would pull the company’s accreditation on November 12 and transfer the 281,000 domains under its management to another registrar.

What Home Entertainment Technology Will Win?

There has been a lot of new news lately around the idea of home entertainment and media and I wanted to write a post reflecting on recent announcements coming out of Microsoft on their Media Center platform in Windows 7, the new XBox 360, an increasing role for Netflix’s "watch now" technology and today’s announcement regarding Netflix by TiVo.

Link Directly To Any Moment in a YouTube Video
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YouTube announced today that it has implemented the ability to jump straight to any point in a video by simply adding a few extra characters at the end of the video’s URL. The YouTube Team explains on the official blog:

To create a deep link, append the following to the end of a YouTube video URL: #t=1m15s. This says to link to the time 1:15 – you can replace the numbers before the ‘m’ and the ‘s’ with anything you like.

McBrain vs. Zombama
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Upon a seller tagging his or her Barack Obama mask in such a way to make it appear for the term “terrorist costume,” Amazon has made the proper adjustments. While that’s a fascinating event, there’s still a lot of guilt-by-association fun to be had by examining Amazon’s “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought…” feature.

Blogs Attract More Than 14 Million Visitors In The UK
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More than 14.5 million people in the UK visited at least one blog in August, representing 41 percent of the total UK Internet audience, according to comScore.

When it comes to blog platforms the most popular in the UK was the Google-owned Blogger.com, which pulled in more than 9 million visitors, followed by WordPress with 4.8 million visitors and Six Apart with 2.7 million.

A Gold Rush For Twitter Squatters?

There’s no good way to mashup the words Twitter and squatting into anything new and cutesy (a la Twellow, Tweeple, Twapper); the two just don’t mesh well. The proposed rush to secure your or your brand’s Twitter ID to guard against Twitter-squatting might not mesh well to you, either.