Google “Similar Images” Feature Goes From Labs to Actual Feature

Google launched a Google Labs project earlier this year called "Similar Images," as an extension to Google Image Search. It allows users to search for images using pictures instead of words. The project has now graduated from Labs and is now a part of Google Images.

Chinese Paper Accuses Google Of “Malicious Retaliation”
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Don’t be surprised if Google’s sites and services become inaccessible to people within China.  The search giant has gotten in trouble with a newspaper called the People’s Daily, and said publication just happens to be the official newspaper of the Communist Party of China.

Yahoo May Pursue Real-Time Search With OneRiot
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Bing and Google may have gotten a head start, but Yahoo isn’t ignoring the whole real-time search arena, according to a new report.  In fact (or at least in rumor, if you will), Yahoo may be working on a product with OneRiot right now.

Consumer Online Spending To Grow 24%

Online retailers can expect to see an increase in consumer spending compared to the previous quarter, according to a new survey by Javelin Strategy & Research and released by eBillme.

Online shoppers predict they will spend an average of $281 online during Q4 2009, a 24 percent increase over last quarter. This is the first increase in spending since last year, but an 18 percent decrease in the overall spending rate compared to Q4 2008.

Why Your Email Address May Show up in Google Search Results

Matt Cutts has provided some useful information for webmasters in the last few videos that have been uploaded to Google’s Webmaster Central YouTube channel. It should be noted that this channel is designed to answer questions and provide useful tips for webmasters regarding their site’s performance in Google. The topics are not always breaking news. Some you may know, but there are always other people out there that don’t know the information.

Is Google Wave Getting An App Store?

The rollout for Google Wave seems to be going a bit slower than anyone would like, but this hasn’t stopped Google from discussing its plans for the future. During the Google Wave GTUG (Google Technology User Group) meeting in London the company the company released one interesting detail that has the web buzzing.

AT&T Strikes Ad Deal With Vevo

Online music video site Vevo, launching in December, said today it has signed AT&T as its first advertiser.

Partners in Vevo include Universal Music Group, Sony Entertainment and investor Abu Dhabi Media Company. The new music video site will be powered by YouTube.

The announcement did not include details about ad revenue sharing, but AT&T said it would support Vevo’s services across multiple connected platforms.

Coming Attraction: Netflix on your PS3
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This question is for all you PS3 owners out there: How would you like to watch a movie streamed directly from Netflix via your PS3? Well, starting next month… you’ll be able to do just that.

Will you stream movies to your PS3 from Netflix? Let us know.

Twitter Has Big Plans For $100 Million In Funding

Twitter’s habit of raising tons of money – and not having any significant and regular source of income – has led different onlookers to theorize that its burn rate is anywhere between "moderate" and "Hindenburg."  However, one investor recently shared what fans should find to be some comforting details about the company’s finances.

AMA Launches Website Focused On Flu Symptoms
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There are a number of online resources available about the flu and the H1N1 virus and the list keeps growing with the American Medical Association launching AMAfluhelp.org.

The website asks users a series of questions to determine how serious their flu symptoms are based on the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. Users have the option to share their information with their doctor, as well as family members.

Google and Bing Increase Share of Enterprise Search Traffic
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iCrossing has shared the findings from its Enterprise Natural Search Share Index. This is a look at natural search traffic to enterprise level sites, based on a large sample of Fortune 1000 companies across all major verticals.

Baidu Pummeled Following Low Forecast

Baidu shared its third quarter earnings report last night, and the part that actually concerned the third quarter was quite positive – the Chinese search giant reported higher revenues and profits than most experts expected.  Unfortunately for the company, its forecast for the fourth quarter then caused what can only be described as panic.

Promote the Right Landing Page to Maximize Holiday Sales

With the holiday season on the way, online retailers are obviously going to be looking for big sales. A lot of retailers are turning to Facebook and Twitter to help in that department, but if you sell goods online, there’s no better place to start than on the site itself.

You Don’t Need a Google Number to Use Google Voice
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Google has announced that Google Voice users can now use existing mobile phone numbers. This means that even if you don’t get a new Google number, you can still get Google Voicemail.

Verizon CEO on iPhone: It’s Entirely Apple’s Call
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Recently during a third-quarter conference call Verizon CEO, Ivan Seidenberg, stated that bringing the iPhone to Verizon is a decision that is totally up to Apple. Do you think the iPhone will ever be on Verizon? Tell us what you think.

Google Does Some New Things with Custom Search
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Last week Google’s Custom Search offering turned 3, and the company launched Custom Search for smartphones. Now Google has launched a couple of additional features for Custom Search, as well as a Custom Search Wikipedia skin.

When a Wikipedia user enables the Custom Search skin, he/she will be able to use Google Custom Search across all Wikipedia articles for a given topic and find relevant pages linked from the Wikipedia page that he/she is currently on. Search results will appear inline at the top of the Wikipedia page.

Blinkx Adds Music Videos To The Mix

Online video search engine blinkx has launched blinkx Music, a new tool aimed at helping users find and watch music videos on the Web.

"There are hundreds of thousands of music videos available on the Web today which makes it nearly impossible to navigate and find what you are looking for," said Suranga Chandratillake, CEO and founder, blinkx.  

MySpace, MSN Now Said To Be In Talks

Yesterday, the surprising news that Facebook and MySpace are negotiating a content-sharing partnership broke, yet that’s not all the latter social network has on its plate.  A fresh report indicates MySpace is also in talks with MSN over some sort of music deal.

Apple Unveils New “Get a Mac” Ad
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Apple has released a new commercial in their "I’m a PC" and "I’m a Mac" successful advertising campaign. The new ad is aimed directly at Windows 7, which was just released yesterday.

Which has the better OS: Apple or PC - Tell us what you think.

Google Connects Friends on WordPress Blogs
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Google has developed a plug-in for WordPress that adds the social features of Google Friend Connect to WordPress blogs. The plug-in allows visitors to these blogs to authenticate using any OpenID account, including Google, Yahoo, or AIM and then comment on posts without having to register. When a visitor authenticates, it creates a WordPress account.

Facebook Redesign Emerges
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Update 2: Facebook announced today that the changes are rolling out. With the new design, you can view stories by News feed (what Facebook deems the most interesting stories in your feed) or Live feed (everything in real-time).

Why they did it:

Google Offers Free AdWords Shortcuts Stickers
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Running an advertising campaign is complicated enough without having to mentally assign new meanings to most of the buttons on your keyboard.  Google’s giving advertisers a hand, then, by offering them AdWords shortcuts stickers.

The stickers (see a mockup below) are meant to be applied to your keyboard.  Assuming your fingers don’t block your field of view, they should subsequently make it easier to figure out what key combos will let you go to the Ads group tab, for example, or select multiple rows within a table.

Only In Japan: Burger King Offers A Windows 7 Whopper
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UPDATE: A video has surface on Youtube of someone attempting to eat the Windows 7 Whopper… watch at your own risk.

Amazon Rolls Out Kindle For PC
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Amazon.com has introduced "Kindle for PC," a free software application that allows PC users to access Kindle content on their computers.

Users will be able to buy e-books from Amazon without having to own its Kindle e-reader. Previously users had to buy a Kindle or an iPhone or iPod touch to buy e-books from its Kindle store.

The new Kindle for PC download will be available from Amazon next month. Amazon introduced its Kindle for PC software at Windows 7 launch event today in New York City.