Expectations Improve for Media Advertising Revenue
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MAGNA released its US Media Advertising Revenue Forecast today, and reports that although the economy continues to face challenges, expectations for the future have improved significantly during the past two quarters.

Twitter Fights Spam With New Reporting Option
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Spam is something that can have a serious impact on Twitter: It annoys individual users, messes up lists of trending topics, and even makes the site look less suitable for businesses and monetization.  It’s a good thing, then, that Twitter’s going after spammers with a new spam reporting option.

Flickr Receives Four Billionth Photo Upload
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Yahoo-owned Flickr announced that its 4 billionth photo was uploaded over the weekend. It was uploaded by a user that goes by the name of "punimoe."

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YouTube Nonprofit Partners Get New Features

YouTube has added a couple of new features for its Nonprofit Program. These features include the option for nonprofit partners to choose custom thumbnails for videos and the ability to link to external websites through video annotations.

YouTube calls the features "game-changing". They are explained in this step-by-step walk-through:

“Invite A Friend” Links Coming To Google Voice
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It looks like a certain search giant is ready to let some more people get their hands (or, um, mouths and ears) on Google Voice.  Google announced today that users will soon have the chance to invite their friends and family members (or cash-equipped individuals) to the service.

Airlines Using Social Media To Relay Location In The Sky

No, this is not about God using Twitter so if you have any issues around that please put them aside now. This is actually about a service that some airlines are putting in place that utilizes Twitter and Facebook to update those who care where you actually are while flying from point A to point B. Just another update on every minute of everyone’s life brought to you by social media.

Mashable reports:

Search Engine Marketing Spend Stabilizing
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The Search Engine Marketing (SEM) industry continues to stabilize in the third quarter of 2009 and included some positive sings for the fourth quarter, according to a new report from Efficient Frontier.

"The third quarter results and a look beyond provide some encouraging signs for the Search Marketing industry as well as the overall economy," said David Karnstedt, President and CEO, Efficient Frontier.

Online Video Viewing up 25% Per Viewer

Nielsen released its latest findings on online video usage in the United States today. The firm found that time spent viewing online video is up 25% per viewer, year-over-year. In addition, they found that total streams were also up 25%.

The Nielsen Company reported overall online video usage and top online brands ranked by video streams for the month of September. Here are a couple of charts documenting their findings:

Advertisers Scammed By Invisible Impressions
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There are sites out there that may be selling you ads that consumers aren’t seeing. We’re not talking about just a lack of traffic to the pages they appear on. There is a lack of traffic because the pages are simply invisible to viewers, making them essentially worthless.

A report from the Wall Street Journal says that even large corporations like Kraft foods, Greyhound Lines, and Capital One Financial are among the victims of such scams.

Facebook Tries Harder at Page Verification
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Facebook has gotten tighter with its policy on page verification. There is now a form that Facebook requires page-owners to fill out in order to verify that they are indeed the rightful owner of a branded page. They have even been sending the form around to some of the larger page owners.

The new form asks users to verify that they are an "authentic representative of the entity" the page represents. Here’s a look at the form itself.

Gmail Aims to Save Embarrassment Yet Again
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Google has launched a new feature in Gmail Labs designed to spare users the embarrassment of sending an email to the wrong person. It’s probably happened to you at one time or another.

Google Launches New Webmaster Tools
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Google has launched a couple of new Labs features for Webmaster Tools. One is "malware details" and the other is "fetch as googlebot."

Google is providing snippets of code from pages it considers malware, in order to help webmasters eliminate the malware on their sites quickly.

Google Docs Gets New and Old Features

Google has made some updates to Google Docs. For one, they have introduced shared folders, which the company has been promising since July, and says is the most requested feature they get for Google Docs. Shared folders let users collaborate on groups of documents more easily.

Twitter Lines Up New Office Space

If you happen to know any Twitter employees, start saving cardboard boxes for them.  The company that’s associated with short messages has acquired a bigger office space and should soon move a couple of blocks within San Francisco.

Target Launches Digital Newsstand

Retailer Target has partnered with digital publishing company Zinio to offer a wide selection of magazines online.

The online newsstand offers single issue, subscription and archived issues at discounted prices. Target says the move complements the e-reading devices it sells online and in its stores.

"We are excited to partner with Zinio to offer our guests the unique ability to access digital publications," said Steve Eastman, President, Target.com.

Unemployment and AdSense May Cause Headaches
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Unemployed bloggers are apparently at risk of losing their unemployment checks (or at least having them drastically reduced) if they include ads on their blogs. That is exactly what happened to a woman named Karin, from New York, according to a recent Forbes piece.

Yahoo Expands “It’s Y!ou” Campaign With User Yodeling
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As part of Yahoo’s big "It’s Y!ou!" campaign, the company has started an initiative to let users contribute to the famous "Yahoo! Yodel". Yahoo has opened up what it calls the Yodel Studio. The aim is for people to personalize and reinterpret the yodel.

Colorado Launches Contest Using Social Media

The Colorado Tourism Office has launched a new promotion using social media to find three people who have never seen snow.

The campaign is called "Snow At First Sight" and it invites participants to submit a 60 second video to the Snow At First Sight website explaining why they have never seen snow and why they should get a three month all-expense-paid trip to Colorado.

Twitter as the New Ouija Board
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Online retailer FancyDress.com is hosting what it claims is "the world’s first interactive Twitter Séance or "Twéance" on October 30th – the day before Halloween.

The Twéance allows participants to nominate the names of their favorite "departed stars" along with a question they would like them to be asked by "renowned psychic medium Jayne Wallace." Participants are asked to simply tweet this to @tweance.

Google Celebrates Star Trek, Talks Cell Phones

Get ready to hear a lot about how a certain search giant’s offerings can be accessed through cell phones.  Google intends to honor a rather geeky occasion (the anniversary of the original Star Trek pilot) not with a doodle, but with a week-long "celebration of all things mobile."

Study: Half of Traffic to UK Sites Comes from Online Marketing
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The AT Internet Institute conducted a study comparing investments in online marketing campaigns among France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom. The firm’s findings are that the UK far exceeds the other three countries in this realm.

MapQuest Launches Navigator iPhone App

Update: MapQuest has now issued a pricing update on the official blog:

Expectations High Regarding Google’s Q3 Report

In about 74 hours’ time, Google is supposed to announce its third quarter financial results.  Holding a sort of countdown seems appropriate, too, as a lot of analysts and onlookers expect that the figures will be worth celebrating.

There’s something to be said for precedent, first of all; since Google’s IPO in 2004, it’s been very rare for the search giant to not make a positive quarterly report.  A quick glance at how Google’s stock has performed over the past three months also proves that the company has done all right in recent days.