Yahoo Whips Up Clever Food Finder

It must be rare for a person to crave a certain restaurant ("ooh, those straight-backed chairs would hit the spot right now"); instead, most hankerings relate to food.  Yahoo seems to have introduced a very helpful feature, then, as it’s started allowing users to search for exact menu items instead of eateries.

Apple Buys 2 Companies For Edge in Competition with Google
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Apple and Google are becoming increasingly competitive, and it would seem that they’re even competing for who can acquire the most companies in the shortest amount of time. Apple has now acquired Siri and Intrinsity.

Siri is a voice command-based personal assistant app that lets you tell it what you want to do, and it will do most of the work for you, whether that be find the right restaurant and book a reservation, get a cab, or whatever. Watch this clip to see how it works:

FTC Launches Site To Teach Kids About Advertising

The Federal Trade Commission has launched a new advertising literacy campaign aimed at helping older children understand the ads they say and become smarter consumers.

"Today’s kids see advertising everywhere – in movies and TV shows, outdoors, on phones, in games," said David C. Vladeck, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. 

Google: Facebook Similar to Gmail, Bing Similar to Dogpile
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Google has launched a new feature in its search results, which displays results that are deemed "similar" to the query. If you search for eBay, for example, you may get results for Craigslist, uBid, Buy.com, and ebayanuncios.es.

Basically, if someone searches for a brand, there is a good chance Google will inject links to the competition on that results page by default (though at the bottom).

Ask Jeeves Co-founder Takes Leadership Role at Interesting News Site

Ask Jeeves co-founder David Warthen has joined citizen journalism-meets-mainstream journalism site Allvoices as Chief Technology Officer. He will be responsible for the technical direction of the company.

Keyword Research Basics For SEO
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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … there is no more important step in the SEO process than keyword research. One could make a compelling argument for link building or for architecture or for copywriting but at the end of the day – ranking highly for keywords that either don’t convert or which you close up shop waiting to rank for isn’t going to help too terribly much so in my opinion – I’d put keyword research higher in importance.

The iPad Debut Of UrbanSpoon

According to Techcrunch, app store veteran, UrbanSpoon, has officially launched their iPad app. I agree with them in that the iPad app will not be useful for quick dinner solutions (like it is when firing up the app on an iPhone), however the iPad app will be useful for longer, more thoughtful decisions. Details of the UrbanSpoon iPad app below:

Brands Get New High-Speed Moderation Tool For Facebook Walls
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Social network marketing company LiveWorld, has introduced a high-speed moderation tool for brands’ Facebook Walls and WebProNews spoke to Peter Friedman, Chairman and CEO of LiveWorld about the new tool.

Friedman said the moderation tool was created in direct response to requests from its Fortune 500 brand clients. "We provide both advanced power moderation tools and the actual moderators for our clients branded online community sites," said Friedman.

Hulu’s UK Expansion Plans Fall Apart

The only country mentioned by name in Hulu’s terms of service document is the United States, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon.  Hulu is said to have abandoned plans to offer content to individuals in the UK.

MySpace’s VP Of Corporate Communications To Leave
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Today is not likely to be remembered fondly by members of MySpace’s PR department.  One of the most visible people on MySpace’s payroll announced this afternoon that she is leaving, and to complicate the situation, Dani Dudeck is actually the company’s vice president of corporate communications.

Nicorette Launches Facebook Contest Promoting Mini Lozenge

Nicorette has launched a Facebook contest promoting its new mini lozenge.

The contest called "mini Moments" ask smokers to share their most important reason for wanting to quit smoking. The mini Moments Facebook page is designed to help connect smokers who want to quit, allowing them to offer each other support during the quitting process.

Yellow Pages iPhone App Gets Voice Search
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Voice search is one of the more convenient features of phones these days (at least when it works). AT&T Interactive has launched the latest version of its Yellow Pages app YPMobile, and it comes with voice search, which should make the app a great deal more useful.

New Social Networking Site Aims To Streamline Communications
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A new social networking site has launched called RecreateMyNight.com and WebProNews spoke to Tejpaul Bhatia, President of the site about its offerings.

Bhatia said the idea for the site started last year when his team noticed that discovering and sharing media from special events was difficult due to the high fragmentation of photo sharing, video sharing and social networking sites.

If the iPhone/Gizmodo Incident Had Happened to Google
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Brad Stone at the New York Times Bits Blog has an interesting article up in which he talks to Andy Rubin, vice president of engineering at Google and co-founder of Android. While the article is mainly about Android, there’s a part toward the end that is humorous when Stone jokes with him that his press relations colleague wanted to confess that he had left a prototype Android phone at a local bar.

Iams Sponsors Free Online Dog College Program
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Dog Fancy magazine and DogChannel.com are offering dog owners a chance to earn a free online degree by enrolling in Dog College.

The program sponsored by Iams Healthy Naturals runs from April 15-July 15. The three-month program consists of nine courses that give pet owners better insights into caring for their dogs.

The Dog College curriculum includes courses on physiology, natural nutrition, communication, genetics, environmental science and art history.

What Facebook “Likes” Mean for Search & Reputation
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It’s been nearly a week since Facebook rocked the world with its Open Graph announcements, and many of us are still wrapping our heads around all of the implications they have. I don’t think there’s any dispute that it’s a huge move, and that it’s important to pay attention to from a business perspective, but just what it means for businesses is still up in the air in some regards.

Samsung “Considering Google TVs”

Earlier this year, DisplaySearch put Samsung’s share of the global television market at 17.2 percent, and while that may not sound impressive, DisplaySearch also asserted that no company has ever reached the 20.0 percent mark.  It’s rather significant, then, that Samsung has Android TVs on the mind.

Goldman Sachs Takes Google Off “Conviction Buy” List
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Sorry, Google fans, but from a financial perspective, the search giant seems to have lost some of its luster.  Goldman Sachs hasn’t come close to suggesting that anyone sell their stock – and is in fact still recommending that people buy more – but at the same time, the firm has removed Google from its "Conviction Buy" list.

More Americans Going Online For Government Information

More Americans are turning to government agencies websites for information, according to new research from Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Some 40 percent of Internet users have gone online for raw data about government spending and activities.

Online activities related to the government include:

*23% of Internet users have gone online to see how federal stimulus money is being spent

*22% have read or downloaded the text of legislation

PayPal Lands Alibaba Deal
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Earlier this week, Alibaba.com launched a new business-to-business platform, and now, it looks like eBay and PayPal will get a boost from it, too.  It’s been decided that AliExpress will offer PayPal as a payment option.

This may turn out to be a significant moment for both sides.  Alibaba is a successful ecommerce platform based in Asia, with about 47 million registered users, but of course AliExpress is brand new.  And PayPal is a big moneymaker for eBay, with roughly 84 million active accounts in existence, but Asia isn’t its home market.

Opera Claims it Has the Fastest Browser for Mac
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Opera has released its new browser for Mac, and the company claims it is ten times faster, based on speed comparisons between Opera 10.52 and Opera 10.10.

"To all Mac users who value fast browsing, please meet Opera," CEO Lars Boilesen says. "Opera is a consistent performer on even the most congested networks, giving people the fastest browsing experience, coupled with a powerful feature set that is finely attuned to the needs of Mac users."

Google Acquires Widget Developer Labpixies
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Google has acquired widget developer Labpixies, which developed some of the first gadgets for Google’s personalized homepage iGoogle. It also develops apps for Android and iPhone.

"Over the years, we worked closely together on a variety of projects, including the launch of a number of global OpenSocial based gadgets. Recently, we decided that we could do more if we were part of the same team…" says Don Loeb of Google’s iGoogle team.

Google Earth Sandwiched Into Google Maps
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Ready or not, another integration of Google’s products has occurred.  Now, when Google Maps users go looking for a terrain view, they won’t find it (easily — see correction); instead, a new option that essentially functions as a link to Google Earth is at the ready.

Papa John

Papa John’s has launched a social media campaign on its Facebook page, called "Papa’s Specialty Pizza Challenge," asking customers to create and name its next specialty pizza.

Whatever the name and combination of ingredients, Papa John’s is offering the contest winner a "slice" of the sales in return for the winning recipe.