Hulu Adds New Options to the Queue

Popular online video destination Hulu has added a new default view for the user’s queue. The new view groups all videos within the queue by show. In the past, users could only sort everything by show by clicking on the title and information column.

"As we’ve added more content and as users’ queues have grown in size, grouping by show as a default was a logical update," says Eugene Wei VP, Product at Hulu.

Facebook Gives Translators Awards for Their Services
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Facebook has launched an award system for translators, where those who translate for the social network can get special icons as they accomplish specific milestones. Awards are grouped into into the categories of voting participation, words published, and translations published.

The Bad Habits of Social Media

I had just dropped my daughter off at school this morning. As I waited at a traffic light a woman was making a left turn heading in my direction. I noticed she rolled down her window despite the rain that was falling. Immediately my mind went to “She’s smoking.” I was right. Next I went to the inevitable “She is going to toss that cigarette butt into the middle of the road” because in her nicotine choked mind that is not littering, She did.

The Top Twitter Trends of 2009

Before we get into the meat of the article I have a challenge for you. Say “Top Twitter Trends” 3 times fast. Frustrating isn’t it. Every time I try it I end up saying “Top Twitter Twends” thus giving the Baba WaWa (Barbara Walters for you young kids) sound to it. As you have likely guessed I think I may have too much time on my hands so let’s get back to the real deal.

Facebook Responds To New Privacy Problems

While many people already lie on their Facebook profile despite the pleas by Privacy Czar Mark Zuckerberg to keep the Facebook database clean for YOUR benefit, it is now an informally ‘recommended’ practice by some at Facebook. Before we move forward, let’s put this on the table first. Facebook’s move toward less privacy for its users may have profoundly changed the service once the full scope of what they are looking to do hits the masses.

Yahoo Hires New SVP Of Partnerships

Without getting into whether they’re right or wrong, it’s safe to state that some of Yahoo’s critics might say the company needs all the help it can get.  Those same critics might be interested to hear, then, that Yahoo has hired someone whose primary job will be to connect Yahoo with other organizations.

PayPal Launches Send Money App for BlackBerry Devices

PayPal has launched a new "Send Money" app for BlackBerry. It is now available for free via the BlackBerry App World.

"Have you ever gone to lunch with friends and forgotten your wallet, but remembered your BlackBerry? Well you longer have to be the friend who is constantly borrowing cash," says Eric Duprat from the PayPal Mobile team.

The app lets users quickly send money to people around the world – anyone in their contact list.

Google Adds Way to Easily Merge Duplicate Contacts in Gmail
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Google has added a feature to Gmail, which allows users to merge all of their duplicate contacts into one. Until now, users have had to go through contacts one-by-one in order to clean up their list.

"Managing a big address book can be a challenge, so it’s no surprise that the top request for Google contacts is a fast, easy way to merge duplicate contacts," says software engineer for Gmail, Dominik Marcinski.

FTC Sues Intel, Intel Says “Misguided”
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The Federal Trade Commission has sued Intel, saying it has "abused its market dominance" according to the LA Times. Richard A. Feinstein, director of the FTC’s Bureau of Competition is quoted as saying:

"Intel has engaged in a deliberate campaign to hamstring competitive threats to its monopoly. It’s been running roughshod over the principles of fair play and the laws protecting competition on the merits."

What the Most People Watched on YouTube in 2009
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It’s that time of year when all of the big web properties reflect on the year’s worth of activity. We already saw Twitter’s top trending topics for 2009, for example. YouTube is also sharing its most watched videos and most searched for queries.

What People Talked About on Twitter Most in 2009
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Twitter has broken down the top ten trending topics of 2009 for a variety of categories: news events, people, movies, tv shows, sports, and technology, as well as the top ten hashtags used.

Yahoo, Bing Trade Market Share Again

Despite a number of positive developments, Yahoo did not have a very merry November according to the latest statistics from comScore.  In fact, as the company’s share of the search market dropped again, it hit an all-time low, landing at 17.5 percent.

Yes, Yahoo’s share of the search market shrunk from 18.0 percent in October to 17.5 percent in November, which counts as a sizable slip.  Yahoo’s biggest competitors, meanwhile, kept chugging along.

Watching YouTube Videos on Your Microwave
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There’s a microwave that has been getting some attention this week. It’s called CastOven, and it plays YouTube videos while you cook your food. Not only does it play videos, but it plays videos specifically catering to the amount of time you have the microwave set for.

The CastOven was created by two designers from Keio University in Japan, Keita Watanabe, Ph.D. and Shota Matsuda. Their description of the CastOven reads as follows:

Yahoo Aims For Better Local Business Results
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Yahoo’s got something to offer people who are tired of typing cities’ names and zip codes into search boxes.  Today, the company announced improved local business results that will allow users to find nearby places without first providing tons of details.

Google Maps Introduces Useful Popups
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We’ll admit from the start: this change will not revolutionize the world.  It probably won’t even bring a single new person to Google Maps.  Still, a nice little interface tweak’s been made insofar as Google Maps now displays business info when users hover over any points of interest.

Microsoft Addresses Search Privacy

Sree Kamireddy, Bing Program Manager and self-proclaimed "Privacy Champ" has written a post on the Bing blog discussing how Microsoft handles your Bing search history information. More specifically, Kamireddy explains how this is actually in users’ hands.

Kamireddy explains that Bing Offers the following:

comScore: Facebook Attracted Over 100M Visitors In November

Well, it’s official: Facebook is freaking huge.  Today, comScore released some statistics regarding November, and during that month, the social network managed to hit (and pass) a very significant milestone.

Sexting Most Common Among Older Teens
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New research from the Pew Internet & American Life Project finds that 4 percent of cell phone owners ages 12 to 17 have sent sexually suggestive nude or nearly nude images of themselves to someone else on a cell phone.

Pew found 15 percent of teens that age have received this kind of image of someone they know personally on their cell phone. Sexting was most common among older teens with 8 percent of 17-year-old cell-owners saying they have sent suggestive images of themselves by text while only 4 percent of 12-year-olds have.

Dictionary.com Gets New Leadership in Yahoo/Microsoft Vet

Ask’s Dictionary.com has appointed a new President – Shravan Goli. He replaces Doug Leeds, who was named President of Ask.com-U.S., in October.  Goli will report to Scott Garell, President of Ask Networks, and will be responsible for leading the strategy and overall business for Dictionary.com.

Google Puts Universal Search in Suggestions, Launches Quick Scroll
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In case you were thinking that Google hadn’t made enough announcements this week, they have made a couple more. First, they are adding universal search results to Google Suggest, and second, they have released a new Chrome extension called Google Quick Scroll.

Google Analytics API Gets New Features

Google has launched some new features for the Google Analytics API. These include support for advanced segments and 48 new metrics around goal performance, as well as goal configuration data.

Verify Your Place Page in Google’s Local Search Results
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When you find a business on Google Maps and click "more info", you will be taken to that business’ "Place Page." These are the pages that Google introduced a while back that essentially gather content related to that particular business in one place. One might find photos, coupons, reviews, etc. on the Place Page.

Paramount Launches Clip Website For Businesses

Paramount Pictures has launched an online service to sell its movie clips to businesses in an effort to combat declining DVD revenue.

ParamountClips.com is powered by Digitalsmiths VideoSense platform. Users can search the Paramount library by actor, locations, or lines of dialogue. VideoSense combs through the collected metadata to locate the relevant clip.  Clips can be reformatted, exported to any platform that plays video, and monetized.

NBC Launches Social Media Game On Facebook And Twitter
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NBC is introducing a new social media game aimed at promoting the network’s series "Chuck" by getting fans to spread the word about the program on social networking sites.

The game called "Mission: Chuck Me Out" allows fans to use Facebook, Twitter and MySpace or the Chuck Me Out website to talk about the show.