Privacy Groups Protest Mobile Advertising Practices

A lot of things have prevented mobile advertising from becoming widespread; think phone tech, consumers’ reactions, and advertisers’ reluctance, to name a few.  Now, it looks like the list has grown longer, as the Center for Digital Democracy and the U.S. Public Interest Research Group have sent the FTC a formal complaint.

Facebook Shares Custom Tags with Developers
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Today Facebook announced "custom tags" for developers for use with FBML (Facebook Markup Language) applications. FBML is the language used to create the Facebook apps you have come to know and love.

Unabomber Writings To Be Sold Online
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Ted Kaczynski, more widely known as the Unabomber, got some bad news from a federal appeals court today: his writings are to be sold online.

Google Maps Launches Transit Layer for Over 50 Cities
· 2

Google has introduced the Transit Layer on Google Maps for over 50 cities around the world. The goal is to make finding public transportation info easier for citizens and tourists. When viewing applicable cities in Google Maps, if you want to access the Transit Layer, simply click the More button and select the Transit tab.

Amazon Loses New York Tax Suit
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A New York State Supreme Court Justice has dismissed Amazon.com’s lawsuit challenging the law that requires some out-of-state online retailers to collect New York sales tax.

New York Justice Eileen Bransten wrote in an order released today "there is no basis upon which Amazon can prevail."

The judge said the New York law does not tax "any and all Internet sales," but only requires businesses to collect state and local sales taxes if the company generates $10,000 or more in revenue via affiliate networks.

Yahoo Tracks Stimulus Searches

Yahoo has provided a look at how Americans have been searching for economic data in recent times. One query they specifically look at is "Obama stimulus package," which has quadrupled the number of searches over the last week, when compared to the week before.

Carol Bartz To Be Next Yahoo CEO

Yahoo’s search for a new CEO appears to be over.  Carol Bartz, an outsider who wasn’t even mentioned on most of the early lists of possible contenders, has won the spot according to several fresh reports.

As Dow Sinks, Charity Traffic Goes Up
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There’s probably more than one way to interpret Bill Tancer’s chart comparing visits to the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) website and visits to charitable sites. At first glance, if you’re an optimist, it’s a shred of evidence to support faith in our better natures.

Online Video Media Spend To Grow 22%
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Online video media spend totaled $2.1 billion in 2008, up 36 percent over 2007, and is forecast to continue double-digit increases through 2010 at a moderating rate, according to a report from AccuStream iMedia Research.

The report, "Online Video Media Spend: 2003-2010," calculates multiple ad sales components corresponding to annual growth  2003-2010 by avail unit: pre-roll, In-banner video, overlays, in-game, podcast, player display and skins.

Delicious Founder And Former Yahoo Goes To Google

The shortest drivable route between the headquarters of Google and Yahoo is a little more than five miles long, taking people around a golf course, Moffett Federal Airfield, and Ames Research Center.  We’d like to recommend that Google build a direct tunnel to make the ongoing employee transfer easier.

Advertising Groups To Develop Privacy Guidelines For Online Behavioral Ads

Four major marketing and advertising industry associations have announced they are working to develop enhanced self-regulatory principles for online behavioral advertising with the goal of addressing privacy concerns and increasing consumer’s trust in how online information is collected and used.

Those associations involved include the American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA), the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

What Will Data Portability Mean to Marketing?
· 3

Social media has changed and continues to change the way we communicate both professionally and casually. We talk and share things with our friends and family, and we market our businesses through networking with others and conversing with other professionals.

Facebook Within One Year Of A Win Over MySpace?
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Mark Zuckerberg might – just maybe – want to start considering how far in advance big entertainment acts need to be booked.  Because, according to new comScore stats, it looks like his social network could be celebrating an important victory over MySpace in about twelve months.

Google Launches Quick Search Box For Macs

Google has released a Quick Search Box tool for Macs that it hopes will make searching easier outside of the browser.

The Google Mac Blog offers more details. "One of our goals at Google is to make your search experience as fluid as possible. While much of our work is focused on Google.com, we’re trying to make it just as easy to search outside your browser."

Safety Group Calls For Cell Phone Ban While Driving
· 8

The National Safety Council is urging motorists to stop using cell phone and messaging devices while driving, and is calling on businesses to implement policies prohibiting it and governors and legislators in all 50 states to pass laws banning the behavior.

Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon Said To Still Be Hiring
· 2

Last week, some fairly devastating unemployment stats renewed comparisons between what we’re going through now and the Great Depression.  Fresh reports indicate that at least a few major tech companies are still happily chatting up potential employees, though.

User-Generated Content Sites Pose Security Threats
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Significant growth in user-generated content has led to new Internet security threats, according to a new report by Commtouch.

The fourth quarter 2008 Internet Threats Trend Report, out today, is based on the automated analysis of billions of email messages and Web sites in real-time at Commtouch’s Global Detection Centers.

Firefox Pushes Google Away In Russia

Google may be used to seeing its market share climb, but it looks like the search giant is getting kicked down a rung or two in one country.  Mozilla has decided to make Yandex, and not Google, the default search provider in future Russian versions of Firefox.

Yahoo Messenger Gets An Update
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Yahoo has released an update of its Messenger version 9.0. The new version, as highlighted on the Yahoo Messenger Blog, includes:

Verizon Offers Direct Access To Backbone
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Online video producers may be happy to learn that Verizon is offering direct regional access to its network. A more direct content delivery network means producers can skip the sometimes cumbersome peering arrangements that slow down online video and pump content directly onto Verizon’s Internet backbone network.

Verizon says its Partner Port Program results in a faster, more responsive connection to Verizon’s backbone network for less money.

Women View More Television, Internet Content

Women are embracing new media more than men and are integrating their computers and the Internet into their television viewing, according to a new report from Integrated Media Measurement Inc. (IMMI).

Usage of television and an Internet – connected computer at the same time averaged 17.5 minutes per day among females 15 – 48 and 15.7 minutes per day among males in the same group.

Ballmer Hints At Giving Up On Zune At CES

Recent by comments by Microsoft executives have led to speculation that Microsoft may abandon the Zune.

Microsoft CEO Ballmer declared at CES that consumers increasingly were moving away from one task devices like the Zune towards smart phones while at the same time stating flatly that no Zune phone was in the works.

Making An Impression Lifts Brand Awareness

It’s not just about clicks and easily measured click-through-rates. Search marketers shouldn’t forget about the power of branding, or presence as I’ve called it previously, in the search results. Just because a consumer sees the brand but doesn’t click right away, it doesn’t mean that appearance was without worth.

Italy Troubled Over Mafia On Facebook
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Italian anti-mafia activists are alarmed by the presence of Facebook groups that are glorifying the behavior of jailed mafia bosses.

"Fan clubs" of jailed mafia bosses Bernardo Provenzano, arrested in 2006 after nearly 40 years on the run, and Toto Riina, arrested in 1993 after 24 years at large, have sprung up on the Italian pages of Facebook.

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