Page, Brin Chat About Google At The WEF

    January 26, 2007

The World Economic Forum draws a lot of powerful people, and this year, Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page were in attendance. The guys took a short break from deciding the Earth’s fate, though, to discuss their little search engine company.

Forbes’s Hannah Clark was invited to a cozy little question and answer session in which everyone “sat on big, white leather cubes.” And, although the Forum is held in Davos, Switzerland, the conversation soon turned to Google’s PR disaster in China.

According to Clark, Brin “said the damage to Google’s image made the deal a ‘net negative.'” Page was a little more reserved when discussing the matter, and instead made an implicit reference to the old “do no evil” mantra. “I would hate for us as a company to make what we think is the wrong decision for people in China based on our reputation,” he told the group.

The pair also discussed their company’s reputation in comparison to other corporations. “We have very open partnerships,” Brin pointed out, and “[w]e’re very careful about being fair with revenue.”

Want more evidence of Google’s innate “goodness”? Page chimed in, adding, “We’re a big supporter of open source.” He also reminded the group that, in terms of net neutrality, Google is doing what it thinks is best for everyone. “We’ll lose a lot as a world if [net neutrality] is not a principle, and ultimately, we’ll pay for it with our productivity,” Page said.

The interview, which Clark described as having “a quasi-clandestine air,” covered a number of other topics, as well. If you’re interested in Brin’s and Page’s opinions about carbon offsets and the use of paper, you can read her article here.


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