Pacquiao Vs. Bradley: Twitter Reacts

By: Amanda Crum - June 13, 2012

In the sports world, nothing quite gets a crowd riled up like a good boxing match, especially when the fight has been advertised and built up for weeks beforehand, with one opponent boasting about his certain win. The Pacquiao/Bradley match was just that, and fans are buzzing today about the outcome.

The fight, which took place within the dazzling, glittering world of Las Vegas, drew a packed arena which included celebrities like Mike Tyson, “True Blood” actors Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, and Mark Wahlberg. For those rooting for underdog Timothy Bradley, the night was fairly electric with anticipation, especially when Bradley started off strong and then backed off, giving Pacquiao a chance to dart in and use some of that pent-up energy to his advantage. For the most part, it seemed Bradley was continually leaving himself open, receiving harsh blows every time he tried to avoid Pacquiao’s gloves and flinching every time the Pacman feigned a shot. It looked like Pacquiao had the fight in the bag.

In the end, though, Bradley’s bravado must have caught up with him, because he landed a lucky hit to Pacquiao’s jaw in the final minute of the match, earning him a win and taking away Pacquiao’s 7-year winning streak. Now, Pacquiao’s fans are looking forward to some retribution in November, when Bradley has challenged him to a rematch. There’s also quite a bit of talk about what really happened on those scorecards, since everyone watching was sure Pacquiao had the match clenched.

Twitter users blew up their feeds last night and this morning after the fight.

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  • josephine

    DAPAT PANALO TALAGA C PACMAN..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo Florence Binauhan

    This is insane!!!scoreboard shows Manny Pacquiao beat bradley on all the rounds.Are the judges blind?or perhaps paid million of dollars too.

    • Chris

      Its fixed. All they have to do is look who is leaving the Vegas pay window with a ton of money.

      • nasser


        • nasser

          Please. Reply /tweet : BOYCOTT. to confirm consensus

        • nasser


  • http://yahoo Florence Binauhan

    This is insane!!!Are the judges blind?scoreboard shows Manny Pacquiao beating Bradley on all rounds.

  • john smith

    Judges should be accountable for their decision. They should explain how they got their score. It’s a fight by an american boxer in American soil.

  • anonymous

    It’s time for Pacquiao to rest total he is already a legend in boxing. Pacquiao’s winning is not anymore challenging but upon knowing that he loose, its shocking but then maybe its time for another champion as God had already giving him more than anything else and enough for him.

    • Chris

      Your a total idiot. Its time for someone else? Its time for a new champion when Pac get beat…not when some judges feel like its time or the REAL ISSUE THE FEDS NEED TO LOOK INTO WHO BET HEAVY FOR PACMAN TO LOSE!! GLAD i DID NOT PAY TO SEE IT AND I NEVER WILL PAY FOR BOXING. THE MOB STILL RUNS IT.

      • carolyn

        I totally agree with you Chris

        • gloria merced

          that’s how i saw with the game too,so please boycott the next game….

  • stevie l stalings

    Stevie Wonder could see that was clearly a robbery. Judges was paid off, it has to be a stack of chips. Judges should be placed in jail. The Bible said thy shall not steal.

    • Mike Osterman

      Apparently you are not a fighter. Boxing is a tremendous sport. Just because you get more K.O. s with 6 Oz gloves does not make the sweet science a dinosaur. The best UFC fights are stand up fights anyways. Ohhhh btw yes Pacquiao was robbed.

  • Chris

    I love watching the sport of boxing die a slow miserable death. The powers to be want to set up another big PPV what better way then what happened. The sport has ZERO integrity. Between fights that wont happen and fixed MOB run fights like last night all I can say is Dana White is Jesus Christ and the UFC will be able to use this to stomp out the WWE…..I mean boxing its fake.

    • j

      You are ignorant. Boxing has its downfalls but at least its fighters are good. MMA, short of Mark Hammil and GSP, MMA are talentless idiots. I know first hand, I’ve trained both MMA and boxers alike. Plus, just to try and prove a point, Dana White took a boxer (James Toney) 8 years retired and put him in the cage with an active fighter. Wow,that proved a lot, Dana White is scared. I would love to see a UFC fighter step into the boxing ring with pacquaio or Mayweather. I know why Dana White won’t do that, if one of your beloved MMA fighters gets killed in the ring what then? Every sport has downfalls, but you can’t blame the players or in this case the fighters.

      • Mr.One

        Pacman won the fight easily. The Ufc is garbage. I hate watching to grown men have sex in the octagon. All that ground fighting is boring. Ufc will never be boxing until mma fighters quit making love and fight.

  • http://Yahoo Carrie Mitchell

    I think Pacquiao got cheated out of the fight I don’t see how Bradley won that fight, but thats okay because Paccquiao can get justice in the rematch.

    • Leo

      Manny now knows how it feels to loose this way when he fought Marquez in November 2011.

      • rudy

        ys but at least that fight was closer

        • jerry t.

          your are right,rudy.that is anybodys game.

    • Janet

      It’s really NOT okay – that’s a loss on Manny’s record that shouldn’t be there. The whole thing is disgraceful. Why should PPV and all of the cheats involved in this make even MORE money in November? Floyd will be out of jail by then – that’s the fight we should be paying for in November.

  • http://yahoo Roy Wren

    I have just paid for my last PPV . I felt better wasting money on Mike Tyson fights. When you hit your opponent twice asmany times as he hits you , you do not and can not loose , unless someone is getting paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Janet

      Well said Roy. The ONLY answer to these cheats is to boycott the fights, and don’t pay for PPV. That simple. We the people have the power to change this, but unless we collectively do that, nothing will change. Manny, you were robbed and you handled it like the true gentleman you are, with grace and class.

  • Stacey

    I think that people forget that the judges are placed on opposite sides of the ring. It depends on vantage point. For those that watched it on TV, got to see the overhead cam and the best angles. Judges don’t get to see that. I think that to prevent these types of situations, and to speak poorly on a judge, there needs to be a cam from his seat, so that we can understand what they saw. Or the judges need to be looking into the same monitor that we gives us the angles we see (of course without commentators). It was a busy fight, so its just hard to blame it on them depending on what they saw.

    • Kevin

      He rocked him the whole fight! It doesn’t matter what angle they saw it from! Bradley was in over his head!

  • http://yahoo Tony Daquipa

    I think the WBO is setting up Manny to win his 9th title and make a lot more money which I agree. There’s no way Bradley won that fight with Manny winning 11 of 12 rounds and rocking Bradley several times. Next time I hope Manny doesn’t hurt Bradley too bad the latter will have to quit boxing forever. Good luck Tim.

  • David

    This fight was fixed right from the beginning. Both Paquiao and Bradley were in it. When I noticed the Roach was silent in between rounds, it was his way of saying “I will have no part in this”. Roach knew something will happen that is beyond his control. Pacquiao was not even upset that he lost. He was told not to knock Bradley out to guarantee a rematch. I will not watch their rematch because boxing is just another mob business. It’s phony.

    • Kris

      I agree with you David. That’s probably why Manny wasn’t in his locker room hours before the fight and I noticed that he wasn’t smiling like he normally does when walking to the ring before the fight. He probably knew the outcome but can’t do anything about it. It’s all a money making scheme, so now they can have the rematch come November.

    • Casey

      Manny is a billionaire. Why would he give up his belt just to earn more for the rematch when he’s in his 30’s and is retiring soon?

  • carolyn

    The fight last night was a very good example of upfront robbing right before the public’s eyes. Those judges except for the third one thinks people are soooo stupid they can just do that and people wont notice it. They need to be in jail for being corrupted.

  • zoo

    It is so sad! May be the two officials must not watch the same fight compare to the world because number can never lie and so is Bradley was shocked for the decision.

  • ICS

    It’s not on the 2 fighters fault. it’s in the judges or perhaps who controls the judges?

    Hey, did you see bradley’s face changed from growling lion to a withdrawing tiger ? Did you see when asked at the post fight interview how he feels his winning ? His facial reaction which is controlled by mind and heart does not agree on what he was saying. I pity the guy in a worldwide feed video though a million dollar richer. Most cannot believe this fraud is happening inside American soil. If it can happen to Boxing, its sure can do to LAS VEGAS Casinos or worst local business integrity image. I hope not.

  • Joe Johnson

    I have watched every PPV with Pacquio, but this will be last if its found in Vegas. This was a crimal act if any I every saw. For Bradley to be declared the winner the judges not only had to be blind but deaf, dumb and mute. Bradley should man up and give back the belt, he knows in his heart he did not win; his wife knows it also, to sleep next this this man and call him a good and honest man for his kids to emulate is a lie that will haunt him. Bradley you are a good man watch the tape, man-up and return the belt to the rightful winner.

    • Stacey

      That’s ignorant. To question a man’s heart after being declared a winner??? So if a football team has over 500 yds of offense and the opposing team has 150, but of the 150 yds they got 2 touchdowns and the other team could only manage a FG and a TD with 500 yds, the team that “on paper” should have lost, should give their Super Bowl rings to the other team? That’s crazy. Make the best of your opportunities when you got them, then accept your fate.

      • johnny lerma

        comparing a football game with a boxing match reflects stupidity, and the key here, no matter how you look at it, is Pacquiao won, and won pretty easily…..when that happens you should not lose on the subjectivity of another, this goes back to the old time boxing, fixes and backrooms….This was bad for boxing….

        • Stacey

          No. It is not comparing boxing to football. It is comparing stats vs. results. Any comparison can be used from an sport. Domination, does not always equal victory. If he would have gone for the kill (KO), the rest would be moot. You leave it up to judges, then the outcome is the outcome. Depends on what type of style the judges prefer. Remember, Bradley was the busier fighter, not themost accurate, and di not land more, but he had a greater (overall) output than Manny. The judges are at 3 different angles, what they see is what they see. I have a previous post, that I think would help boxing fans understand the POV of the judges or to help judges, judge better.

          • Kevin

            Domination does not always equal victory” Isn’t that what boxing is all about? I’m sorry, have the rules been changed? Is it now about who takes the most power punches and throws the least punches? “Style”? There’s no post that you can put up that would explain this fight! There’s only 1 explanation for all of this. It was rigged, plain and simple!

          • Kevin

            He doesn’t even know if he won! He said he had to go back and watch the fight to see if he won! Really!!!? If you won then you know you won.

          • Stacey

            I meant Domination statistically. In boxing its more than statistics… To me Manny won without question, and he dominated statistically… Except in TOTAL punches thrown… That’s what I meant by dominate…

      • rudy

        r u an idiot you have to score to win in football stats ar for losers and wnna bee’s clearly in boxing you score the rounds and at the end the true winner should win unless you are in vegas were the money makes the winner

        • Stacey

          The same statement is made, you have to score in boxing to win. Maybe, you didn’t know that. I am not excusing that it may have been poor judging, but until you sit at a judges table and “score” according to what you see, its about angle and perspective. I am not discrediting Manny, nor will I credit Bradley, but the simple fact is, knock ’em out. Thats the “point” that matters. It’s completely subjective… By the way football is subjective as well… Depends on what the ref sees if it is pass interference or not ont he game winning touchdown. Walk a mile in their shoes before you judge the judges credibility. There is not a judge in the world (except for maybe Lederman who also gets to see a screen if he chooses) that has not had a questionable scorecard. Lastly, I am not saying it was or was not rigged, but for no one to know nothing about it… Thats tough to pull off where everybody is quiet.

          • Kevin

            Nothing you say can justify your argument. Everyone in that arena thought that Manny was robbed! The more you speak the more you prove that you know nothing about boxing. Why would you try to defend the judges? The fight was rigged and everyone can see that!

          • Kevin

            There’s no angle that he didn’t get his ass kicked!

          • Stacey

            Hmm… Were you there? Did you simultaneously sit in all judges seat?? Since I am sure you didn’t defy the laws of physics, there’s no way to know. And again, I never said it wasn’t rigged. I never said that Manny didn’t get hosed (IMO he did) but I am saying you just don’t know. So instead of thinking it’s some type of conspiracy, I choose to believe that it was the angles and points of view, considering the judge who did score it for Manny only has a 2 point swing from the other 2 judges. Basicall all 3 saying they thought the fight was close. I score every fight, but from the comfort of my living room with fantastic camera angles I had it 9-3 for Manny. I think there were a couple of close rounds but nothing better than 7-5. Again, I wasn’t ringside in a judges chair.

          • Kevin

            Wow! you’re delusional! You didn’t need a tv to see that he was getting his ass beat!If being the more active boxer and hitting nothing than air won fights then Mayweather would never win! All he does is run and dodge while his opponent swings and hits air and gloves!

  • gloria merced

    the word is lost coz it’s a game, guys used the word loose

  • Dion

    What fight was you guys watching Bradley won the fight but he should have not won on a decision because he did not knock pac man down was a great fight

    • j

      In no way did Bradley win that fight. I’m a true patriot through and through and I always root for the home team, but Manny won that fight in ever facet. And as a retired boxer, I can honestly say that PPV will NEVER see another cent from me because I have never seen a display of such incompetence.

  • Jesto

    I was acually rooting for Tim Bradly to win the fight. Clearly pacman won. Not sure how you can define this decision as anything other than a robbery. Hate to bring this up, but alot of people in this country dislike when celeb’s or even common people are publicly open about religon, faith, or GOD. I think that’s why we’re so hard on Tebow… Maybe, just maybe this decision was a reprsentation of they’re discomfort with the fact that the number one pound for pound champion would, give praises to the almighty in every interview and before and after every one of his fights. When he wins lots of people belive that shows the power of GOD and some people feel threatend by that.

    • Mary Bronson

      Manny renounced gambling, women and drinking on 24/7 and his fight was in Las Vegas. Hello-he was just being punished.

  • Dj Tonye

    I only seen the last couple of rounds of the fight. If the couple rounds I seen was any indication of how the fight went in the previous 10, there was no way Timothy Bradley could had won that fight.
    I’m not Pac fan, and I have never been impressed with anything Bradley has done but come man even Stevie Wonder could have seen who won that fight.

  • Boy Cott

    Imagine robbing the whole world.

  • leila lopez


  • christopher

    While I have no doubt you went to journalism school and presumeably graduated, I don’t understand how you could have watched that fight and honestly reported it the way you did. Why didn’t you report the truth? The truth being that the judges were wrong. The statement you made in your article “In the end, though, Bradley’s bravado must have caught up with him, because he landed a lucky hit to Pacquiao’s jaw in the final minute of the match, earning him a win and taking away Pacquiao’s 7-year winning streak”. Mr. Bradley did not earn anything – he said so himself prior to the judges decision. Please I implore you and your fellow journalists to please report the truth about what happens at these sporting events and maybe – just maybe the sport will gain back its respectability – at least I as a fan sincerely hope so.

  • Tristan T

    This is the worst case of highway robbery I have ever witnessed in boxing. And not to mention the act was caught on tape for the world to see. What a way to uncover the under belly of boxing where the judges are on the take and have no regards for how foul the odor of their decision. And I’m not buying that angle argument – hell one judge got it right, the media got it right, the fans got it right, but two rats had bad angles, c’mon now. TB is a good guy and fighter with a bright future, but its sad that he has to be tarnished by the judges decision and have that follow his boxing career. Boxing really needs to take out the trash and clean up the sport!!!

  • rudy

    last if this was a close fight i may agree, even that you have to beat the champ to be champ no free beees,tis was not a close fight and boing is going to kill itself with these kind of decisions. I was rooting for USA bradley but he clearly lost.

  • Ren Namoc

    Pacquiao should not fight anymore in Vegas.Other venues can be more credible. Only the judges in Vegas have this mentality of discrimination! Too obvious to be robbed of sure victory- – a landslide tSUNAMI NEGATIVE IMPRESSIONS OF WORLDWIDE MAGNITUDE pACMAN WON ! ! !

  • http://yahoo Nest

    Unfair judgement are killing the sports

  • David


  • sweetc

    We all know that pacman won…lets try to figured out ways to hold all the judges accountable for there action after every fight….i think they should have press conference for the judges after every fight as well to explaint there action..what u guys think ?

    • sweetc

      They should have press conference for the judges as well to explaint there action. If judges cant view there opinion in away that 99.9% of the peoples in the world view the fight then obviously there opinion is wrong… They should not give any more so call opinion or ( judging boxing ) any more and should be banned or retire from boxing unless there is politic involved then the boxing or WBO organization should be account for..if this was an everyday boxing match i would not give a damm….but this is a MEGA FIgHT..and this is boxing history … Why? Cauce Bradley is the first boxer to beat pacman in 7 yrs , the worse decision by these judges in a mega fight which the tittle involved . Like Bradley ssid he waited 18 yrs for this oppotunity and for pacman perhaps he didnt have to wait that long cauce he’s good, but that does not give these stupid judges the right with there dumm ass opinon to take the tittle belt away from pac cauce they all sre seenile..they really should be banned from boxing

      • Stacey

        HUH??? Not sure what you are saying… I really believe that they need to put cameras at every judge podium. That gives fans the angle that judges view it from. Then I think on each scorecard, after they put the 10/9 winner, they need to add an additional column called “justify”. Then all your questions would be answered. “Cause I thought he won that round” is not a valid answer. I thought that after the Amir Khan/Petersen fight.

  • letty_guison



    • Brian

      I have read through every post and the only compelling argument here for the scores is the one that Stacey made earlier today. Everyone is saying things like robbery, hosed, etc… I think cameras at a judge chair is an amazing idea. Good job mate. Round by round scoring it was a close fight. I thought it was amazing activity and it was nice to see an American stand in fight not like the Moneyweather chap. Good fight. Cheerio.

  • ed

    This is clearly a fixed game. Bad for the viewing public, but good for Arum. If Pacquiao wins this fight, what will happen? Of course we all know that Mayweather will not fight him. Now, that Pacquiao has been beaten most likely a fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao will happen, since Mayweather has seen that he could easily beat Pacquiao and will agree for lesser purse. But, definitely Pacquiao need to regain first what he lost to Bradley.

  • http://googlechrome Cardinal Evans

    So please who is giving serious attention to the effects on the young children witnessing a father robbed of victory in the presence of his family?

    It is reality, but the poor young minds to be so exposed to a highly questionable element in the so called “sport”.. what a pity for the young generation if this situation is handled casually..

  • Erik20

    I bet the judges are collecting their winnings after they bet their house on Bradley.

    What else could it be? Even Keith Kizer the Nevada State Athletic Commissioner is NOT GOING TO REVIEW THE JUDGES DECISION??? So, is everyone in on the conspiracy??

  • Brian

    I have read through every post and the only compelling argument here for the scores is the one that Stacey made earlier today. Everyone is saying things like robbery, hosed, etc… I think cameras at a judge chair is an amazing idea. Good job mate. Round by round scoring it was a close fight. I thought it was amazing activity and it was nice to see an American stand in fight not like the Moneyweather chap. Good fight. Cheerio.

  • james

    please ask bradley to watch the recorded tape as he told to more than 100 millions who watching, see if he is the winner or not, return the belt to packqiao with reward of rematch, than this is a true heart winner and we will watch your fight again Bradley.

    • Stacey

      that is absolutely retarded… “Hey I am going give back the belts.” “I guess I am going to give back the purse money too.” “Heck, I wonder if they will give me back the 3 months of training camp” He will give it back if he ordered to by the NSAC

      • john

        If Bradley had any integrity he would call up Manny and give him back the belt. Timothy earned his money, his hard training showed us that he could go the distance with Paquiau ,albeit running away was the only tactic that would have worked for him. That being said, Bradley was outboxed, outclassed,and was clearly never in control throughout the entire bout.

        This is not an opinion, this is fact. Anyone who says different was not watching the same fight as we were.

        Manny was in the best form that he has been in since anyone can remember. His combos looked so good that they resembled the fake boxing sequences in a Rocky movie. In comparison, Bradley looked like an amateur boxer with little to no answers to Paquiau’s blistering speed and powerful flurries.

        Yes Bradley is a good boxer, but Paquiau is a great boxer, and this time he was the far better boxer who was robbed of his title belt by biased and possibly bribed Judges. Even the judge who voted for Paquiau was far out of line for believing that the fight was close at all.

        In the end the real loser here is the sport of boxing. Why would anyone want to watch a fight where the outcome is more akin to a WWF pre decided drama match.

        Manny, you have the world in your corner, and we all know who the real champion is.

        Timothy, I know you trained hard and fought even harder, but it would be such a great thing if you could acknowledge what really happened in the ring that night and graciously return that belt to its rightful owner. I know, not very likely considering how arrogant and proud you seemed to be before the fight. Is it really worth having the trophy( belt) when you dont deserve it?

        Show your kids that you are a big enough man to know the difference between right and wrong.

  • Stacey

    Thank you Brian. I am glad that someone understands what I have been saying.

  • divina Herrera

    The viewing public cannot resolve this corruption in boxing through social media. What happened with Pacquaio-Bradley fight last Saturday was an upfront disregard & disrespectfulness to the millions of viewers around the world. We were deprived of our dignity & principle as citizens of this country. It doesn’t matter anymore if Bradley will surrender his belt to Pacquiao or not, what matters most is for us, as the viewing public, to make an action to end up this corrupt practice in the “most corrupt sport” in the world. If there will be a rematch, don’t support it, don’t get pay per view or don’t watch it live. I know it may be hard to do it, but if we want the real meaning of “Sport”, then let us make our voice be heard.

  • Roman

    Yeah Stacey, Bradley should give up his belt becuase he lost in every way shape or form, and the the fight was not close. He should give up his belt, not his winnings or his hard training……just his belt because he got beat up pretty good!! This is exactly why boxing has gone down hill, and i hope no one pays for the rematch. I know were suckers, but its time to put and end to the corruption.

    • Stacey

      I just don’t agree. Regardless if the judges were right or wrong (wrong in this case) he was still awarded the belt. To me (I am saying to me) thats equivalent for getting a raise or a promotion at work but not really doing anything extra to warrant it. Would you turn it down? It’s doubtful. I say Manny should just TAKE it back, the same way it was stolen from him. Knock dude out next time.

  • ade

    For those 3 judges,they must be blind. Who they think they’re fooling? The whole viewing public? Overwhelmingly, the viewing public (lots of these people are professional writers and commentators of boxing) said that Pacquiao won. It certainly smells fishy? Lots of money involved. None of these 3 judges will admit, but it’s highly suspicious that they benefited financially. How much guys? Only 3 judges against millions of people watched the fight – verdict Pacman won. Even the referee was biased. Watch the fight again. First round, referee did not stop Bradley for punching Pacman on a clinched. Several times, he’s on Pacman’s way obstructing the fight. Pacman cannot move freely from side to side when he attacked Bradley because of the biased referee. At one time, Pacman was beating up Bradley so bad, that the referee stop Pacman’s attack to give Bradley a rest. (Dirty trick from the Biased Referee). That referee should be banned for life.

  • Bill Stamos

    The decision was void of reality, the fight was obviously fixed. Follow the money, Bradley was an underdog and those who put money on him won big time. The fact that Bradley anounced the poster for the rematch prior to the fight backs up the fact that the judging was corrupt and he was in on it!

  • Boy Cott

    Return the championship belt to Manny ! You will not get credit Bradley. It’s shameful keeping Manny’s belt. The 5 international judges declared Manny is the winner !

  • nivra

    the match shows that Manny is just a Filipino… who were the judges? they are the same americans with bradley…

    If I am bradley, for peace in the world of boxing, return the belt as humbly as you can… in this way you will earn the respect of the many fans of boxing