Overseas Democrats To Cast Votes Online

    February 5, 2008

Democrats living overseas will be able to vote today in the U.S. Democratic Party presidential primary.

Democrats Abroad

Members of Democrats Abroad will be able to vote by Internet, mail, fax, and in person at voting centers in more than 30 countries. Democrats Abroad is an official branch of the Democratic Party and is recognized by the Democratic National Committee. The Global Presidential Primary allows voters abroad to vote from Feb.5 to Feb.12.

Powering the electronic voting is Everyone Counts in San Diego. "When voters register with Democrats Abroad, they provide various personal details that would be used to help authenticate them. On Super Tuesday, just before polls open, Everyone Counts will issue each voter registered with Democrats Abroad with a ballot number and PIN," Lori Steele CEO of Everyone Counts told IDG News.

"The voter is required to provide this ballot number and PIN, combined with select personal data that they used to register, to access their ballot in the live election. The system will only allow a ballot number to be used once, so if a voter has voted but tries to access a ballot again, the system locks them out," said Steele.

Since 2003 Republicans Abroad has been operating independently of the Republican Party but does not offer electronic voting or online voting. Republicans are still able to vote in state primaries by conventional means.