Overload of Social Media

    March 5, 2007

At LIFT we talked about Internet addiction, that turned into an article on the BBC. I spoke up and said that my addiction got me lots of benefits. More friends. Invites overseas. And lots of interesting experiences including dinner with Douglas Engelbart (still one of the highlights of my tech tour).

Well, I’m not overloaded enough, so today I’m adding all 719 of my Twitter followers as friends which means my home page is fast and furious. Why do that? So I can listen in on 719 of the world’s early adopters. That might be interesting. I might learn something. Or, I might just get overloaded. We’ll see. It certainly isn’t easy to do. Twitter wants to make it hard to add friends. Probably so their servers don’t get overloaded.

That leads Chris Saad to ask when we’re going to get overloaded? Oh, Chris, we’re well past that point. It’s just that by listening to a larger network I see trends earlier.

Oh, Francine Hardaway links to a video of the presentation I did on Thursday in Phoenix — she also linked to almost everything I talked about, which makes it seem like an info-dense presentation. I started it by showing how I read feeds in Google Reader.

Speaking of last week, I finally met Phil Windley (formerly Utah’s CIO) and someone shot an awesome photo of both of us in front of the Utah snow. Damn, I wanted to go skiing so bad. It was a real honor to meet Phil. He’s as smart and nice as he comes across in his blog.

Shahar Boyayan wrote about the Utah “Slopecast” presentation I gave and said she liked meeting me. I liked meeting her. Back at you Shahar and keep it up, sounds like you’re doing an awesome job helping businesses learn their way around this new world.

Along these lines Louis Gray has 10 ways to improve Google Reader. Oh, I should make a list too!

My first suggestion? Make a “read” item disappear instantly out of my “all items” view. I really hate seeing items I already read there.



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