Outsourcing a Digg Army

    January 19, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

This is probably a non-starter, but it’s fun to think about. It’s well known among the most ardent click fraud combatants that there are armies of low-paid workers in the world that are paid to do nothing but click on ads all day – in India, Vietnam, Thailand, and others. But what if the pay-per-digg model was expanded by some crafty, unethical, profiteer through outsourcing?

Flash platform developer Brajeshwar Oinam seems to think it’s an inevitability. Oinam, an Indian himself, is taking some flack in the comments section of his blog for being demeaning towards his own countrymen.

His written English is broken, but, basically, Oinam is warning Digg fans about the invasion by “the Indian troll,” one of the “Indian Technical Swarm” that has a date with outsourcing destiny.

The demeaning part:

The Indians are very patient, they can do repetitive and mundane task very effectively, they are quick to catch up with simple, quick to finish jobsthe Indian Technical Swarm is good with such works including the new growth of self proclaimed SEO experts, Web Masters and of course the much praised Technical Engineer Workforce working in Call Centers and BPOs.

Yeah, we know. Americans are fat and loud. The French are stinky and rude. Indians work in call centers. Stereotypes suck. We got it.

Muhammad Saleem, at his blog, The Mu Life, continues Oinam’s thread, no doubt releasing a breathy “hmmm” just like in his picture. Saleem explores the idea of “dirty marketing” via social media that exploits cheap labor in developing countries.

In Saleem’s estimation, a dirty marketer could hire 15 “drones” for less than $1000 per month (about 34 cents per hour) to create multiple Digg.com accounts, submit and digg selected content.

Boom. Instant buzz. Brilliant.

While it’s a good evil idea, it’s a non-starter because it seems it would be reasonably easy to block a sudden surge of new Digg members from certain IP addresses workin’ the dirty on the site.

Unless a new and better evil idea includes a way to get around that. I’ve heard the Indians are excellent hackers, too, Brajeshwar, just like how Americans are excellent at shooting things.


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