Outlast Free On PS4 Next Month For Plus Members


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Every month, Sony serves up a number of free games for PlayStation Plus members. January was a touch act to follow with great games like BioShock Infinite and Brothers going free on the PS3, but it looks like February might be even better.

Sony unveiled this morning that Outlast - the indie horror title that scared PC gamers in 2013 - will be going free on the PS4 at launch in February for Plus members. Outlast is only the fourth free game to hit PS Plus on the PlayStation 4, but it may be the most "next-gen" game thus far outside of Resogun.

For PS3 owners, they can look forward to a trifecta of excellent games - Metro: Last Light, Payday 2 and Remember Me. Metro: Last Light is the sequel to 4A Games' excellent Metro 2033. The original game was never available on the PS3, but gamers who only have a PS3 won't be lost as the game's opening does an admirable job of catching players up on the plot.

Payday 2 is the popular co-op shooter that has four players taking on the role of bank robbers as they attempt to get away with the perfect heist. The console versions of the title haven't been supported as well as the PC version, but it should still be a fun time for those looking for a good co-op game.

Finally, Remember Me is a new IP from Capcom that features a near future Paris, combat with customizable combos and a memory manipulation mechanic that makes the game worthwhile.

As for PlayStation Vita, fans of the handheld will get Modnation Racers Road Trip and Street Fighter X Tekken in February.

Here's a short preview of all the games in February's update:

Image via TheDufase19089/YouTube