Oscar Pistorius Tries Striking Deal

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Oscar Pistorius was best known as the "Blade Runner" for his incredible abilities as a double amputee sprinter. Pistorius was the first amputee to ever compete and win a medal in the able-bodied version of the Olympics. He did so in 2012. He medaled in the Special Olympics that year as well. Oscar made even more news when he was charged--just about a year ago--with the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. As he awaits trial for her murder, he is trying to strike a deal with her parents to avert a civil lawsuit.

Steenkamp was gunned down in Pistorius's home--shot through a bathroom door on Valentine's Day last year. Pistorius claims he believed she was an intruder. Prosecutors, however, believe the murder was premeditated and they want a conviction. In South Africa--where both Reeva Steenkamp and Oscar Pistorius are from--he could serve a minimum of 25 years in jail for her murder. He has hired an all star defense team including ballistics and forensics experts from America to aid in his defense.

Barry Bateman is writing a book about the Oscar Pistorius case. He claims the prosecution wants to make it clear to a judge and jury that Pistorius has--and had at that time--some serious anger issues.

“What the state is now going to do, they want to show that he’s a violent person... that he's a gun-toting hot head,” Bateman said.

If a civil suit gets underway, Pistorius could wind up paying Reeva Steenkamp's parents as much as $275,000. As per the video clip above, his murder trial is set to start in March.

It will be interesting to learn if Reeva Steenkamp's parents accept the settlement Pistorius is hoping they'll go for. Certainly no amount of money will bring their daughter back. Their only solace will come in the form of Oscar Pistorius spending the better part of the remainder of his life in jail.

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