Osama bin Laden Raid: New Details Leaked

    August 31, 2013
    Kristen M. Foster
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While President Barack Obama’s administration prepares to annually declassify the number of people and businesses covered by National Security Agency surveillance, the Washington Post this week divulged details on NSA targeting that helped exterminate al-Qa’ida head honcho Osama bin Laden. The revelation comes from classified documents leaked by NSA-contractor-turned-fugitive Edward Snowden; the documents detail US intelligence budgets for 2013 and only make brief reference to the events surrounding the offensive.

The May 2011 assault on the compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan in which Bin Laden was killed, is marked as a banner success for US intelligence and the Obama administration. The Post article describes how the documents exposed some of the methods employed by the various agencies involved, including a group of satellites aimed at Pakistan in order to collect electronic and signals intelligence about al-Qa’ida whereabouts. Leading up to the operation, NSA tracked cell phone use of al-Qa’ida operatives and the National Reconnaissance Office collected almost 400 images of the location. Central Intelligence Agency analysts combined that data with other reporting to locate Bin Laden’s hideout. A team of US Navy SEALs conducted the strike and, in the hours afterward, Defense Intelligence Agency analysts confirmed the corpse indeed was Bin Laden. Despite employing the full arsenal of tools and techniques, intelligence provides analysis (not evidence), and US intelligence officials reported to the President that the odds were 40/60 that Bin Laden would be present.

Flown up with the satellites, an RQ-170 stealth drone collected electronic transmissions and the CIA recruited individuals to try using DNA evidence to identify Bin Laden or his relatives. A Pakistani doctor and public health workers attempted to obtain blood samples through a vaccination program.

The doctor, Shakil Afridi, is currently confined in a Peshawar jail while awaiting a new trial. Thursday, a Pakistani appeals court overturned a 33-year jail sentence convicting the doctor of “conspiring against the state” by providing funds and medical help to a banned militant group, Lashkar-e-Islam. Afridi denies the charges.

Washington has been vocal about Afridi’s heroism in the Bin Laden raids and Congress withheld $33 million in aid (assigning $1 million per year of Afridi’s original sentence). Islamabad considers the US operation illegal, which puts a spotlight on Pakistani officials for not taking action, and they consider the doctor a traitor for his involvement. Health workers and vaccination teams have been the victims of increased threats and even killings in the aftermath.

UK officials reported on Friday that the Snowden-leaked documents confiscated this week at Heathrow airport include over 58,000 classified British files. The documents apparently contain revealing, identifying details of British intelligence workers in-country and abroad. London assesses, based on Snowden’s travel record, that the data was exposed to foreign governments. The materials were obtained under special terrorism authorities from David Miranda who was en route to Brazil. Miranda is the boyfriend of Glen Greenwald, British journalist and the mouthpiece for most of Snowden’s leaks.

[Image via US Government.]

  • Reality

    It absolutely does not make sense that you would kill the leader of the world wide terror network that you have been fighting with for over 10 years. Then, on top of that, you dump the body in the ocean. The man created the network and funded the network. His knowledge would have been extremely valuable.

    I personally believe he was dead long ago. He was actually treated in a US Army hospital a few months before 9/11 (which is very odd) and his kidneys were so bad that he was on constant dialysis. If he didn’t die from his kidneys, he died in the caves after we bombed them.

    Combine these facts together and the whole thing doesn’t add up. It is just like building 7. Nothing adds up about that either. Absolutely nothing.

    • http://yahoo Major

      I read in SEVERAL REAL news websites that first of all, Bin Laden Family was friendly & dealt with Bush family(Bush Crime Syndicate) second, Bin Laden was on same board of Directors of several U.S. companies as George Bush, third, Bin Laden at one point was a PAID informant of the CIA under the name Tim Osman & lastly, Bin Laden had DIED in a hospital in Pakistan of Kidney problems in , I believe around, 2001 & was identified & spoke with a former CIA operative who KNEW him previously at the time before he died, His obituary was carried in the Pakistan, Egyptian & I think the Saudi newspapers as well at the time of his death !
      It is unfortunate in this present age false news can be manufactured so easily to dispute THIS, but I have researched this over several years PREVIOUS, BEFORE this NEW ( supposed) proof has surfaced.
      Do your own research & decide for yourself ! Actions ALWAYS speak louder than words & seems highly unlikely that IF Bin Laden had ACTUALLY been assassinated that the U.S. would hide EVERY shred of proof whereas when Sadam Hussein was captured, they had news Specials & private interviews all broadcast on National Television in the U.S. They even LEAKED photos of his execution. KNOW WHO your REAL enemies are & HOW they operate. There is a pattern to EVERYTHING, you just need to identify it !
      Also rather ODD that at this point ALL the members of the Seal Team that participated in that Bin Laden raid have died.
      I Apologize for being so long winded, but again, you can find ALL this on your own IF your NOT a SHEEPLE or slow witted government hack/shill !

      • ThirdEyeCam

        Major speaks the truth. Youtube has several people who have done their own individual research and made videos about it & also watch the movie Zeitgeist. 99.99% of you are fooled so bad and you don’t even have the slightest clue.

      • darrelkoch

        are you with the cia ? you sure are smart,,,ya right

      • @Major

        All you have to do is investigate Building 7. All of 9/11 falls apart because of building 7. The amount of things that don’t add up regarding 9/11 and the Bin Laden raid is overwhelming.

        Try asking a person, who believes all the government told us about 9/11, to sit down in front of a tape of Building 7. Try asking them very simple and logical questions. For instance, why does the one engine found at the Pentagon site not match the type of plane that supposedly hit the building and why was there only one engine? Why were there no bodies found at the crash site in PA?

        They will not do it because they don’t want to face the reality we were lied to. America is in a collective state of denial. Funny thing is. From what I can tell from general conversations I have listened to in my community. Deep down inside, people know that truth. They all know it.

      • Meg

        Learn how to spell “you’re” and use it correctly. Then, I may consider your points.

      • Meg

        Learn how to spell and use “you’re” correctly, and then I may listen to your points. Probably not though

  • http://bobbydias.com Bobby Dias

    The NSA was not involved with the death of bin Laden- Midget President Bush ordered that exact NAVY Seal team to train and kill bin Laden. The NSA head guy is ordering the lies to save his job on the spying on Americans scandal.

  • http://bobbydias.com Bobby Dias

    Obama is declassifying them so that he will not get the NSA into more trouble.