Orkut Community Info Leaked

    April 30, 2004

An email posted on the Blogoscoped blog from Rolan Yang of New Jersey, “A while back, an associate of mine aquired a mirror of the entire Orkut website.” He plugged the information into a data mapper to map out the relationships between Orkut members within the US.

This “ORKUT Personal Network GeoMapper” allows anyone to plug in the name of any Orkut member (try Larry Page or Sergey Brin) and map out friends and friends of friends in the United States in blue and red lines.

In addition, the friends of the person you type in appear at the bottom in blue, with links to their Orkut profiles, as well as a number showing the number of friends each person has.

As Mr. Lenssen, Blogoscoped creator, says, “the issue here is that I do not believe everyone at Orkut agreed to this data being shown.”

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