Oregan Mobilizes Flash Renderer

    April 14, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Staying afloat in the movement to make web content available more smoothly on non-PC entertainment devices, Oregan Networks unveiled a new web media rendering engine for content authored with Macromedia Flash tools.

Specifically, says the company, the clean-room Flash renderer will help advance interactivity outside “the PC-centric ecosystem” as demand for the feature increases for gaming consoles, 3G and WiFi-enabled mobile handsets, set top boxes, and consumer electronics.

Sony, Oregan Network’s most high profile client, uses the company’s Flash rendering engine to power PlayStation2’s walled garden portal in EMEA, and the Sony PSP. It is also a part of the Oregan TV Browser, a UI engine licensed to device manufacturers and service operators as an IPTV or web video service building block.

Oregan’s new version of the Macromedia Flash player features:

Flash 7.0 content rendering

ActionScript 2.0 support

JavaScript to ActionScript control API

Highly optimised integer-based code for maximum performance on embedded platforms

Footprint – 500 KB

Oregan Networks is perhaps best known for its Oregan Media Browser – a media player technology for connected consumer electronics. These include W3C web graphics and interactivity standards, UPnP AV media device discovery and IETF ratified mechanisms for streaming and playback of media in multiple formats.

The company states that one of its aims to eliminate connectivity delays and download times that are accepted on the Internet, but are unacceptable in the living room or mobile entertainment environment.

”Macromedia Flash content is one of the most ubiquitous web formats. However, today most of it is viewed on PCs,” said Milya Timergaleyeva, Oregan’s VP of Marketing. “Oregan aims to continuously develop support for Macromedia’s latest rich media formats, thus enabling operators to deploy dynamic and rich web services.”