Orbitz Launches New Hotel Price Display

    April 22, 2009

Online travel company Orbitz announced Wednesday that it will change the way it displays hotel pricing on its Web site.

Orbitz has introduced "Total Price" hotel search results which now show base rate, taxes & fees per night upfront on the initial search results page.

Barney Harford
Barney Harford

The company says it is now the only online travel agency that displays total pricing information up front and that its competitors only show base rates on their initial search results pages. Only later in the booking process do consumers see the total price they pay on other travel sites.

"With the launch of Total Price hotel search results we’re making it dramatically easier for consumers to search for hotels," said Barney Harford, president and CEO of Orbitz Worldwide.

"Until today, there was no convenient way for consumers to compare multiple hotels on a Total Price basis. Consumers had to click through to the details page for each hotel to see how much it would cost to book. With Total Price hotel search results, Orbitz is changing that."

Orbitz hopes its latest move will help create loyalty while attracting new customers.

The company also launched the "Hotel Fee Cut" promotion, which reduces fees on all of its hotel rooms booked by July 15.