‘Orange Is The New Black’ Is Being Searched For More Than All Other Netflix Shows Combined [Bing]

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‘Orange Is The New Black’ Is Being Searched For More Than All Other Netflix Shows Combined [Bing]
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Last month, we looked at some search data from Yahoo about Netflix’s original shows. Orange is the New Black was quickly generating more search buzz than even Netflix’s Emmy-nominated shows House of Cards and Arrested Development.

Now, Microsoft has shared some information with us about how Netflix’s shows have been comparing with one another in terms of search volume on Bing. Unsurprisingly, Orange is the New Black is being searched a lot more than the others over there as well.

Orange is the new Black has been the most searched Netflix show of the entire summer, followed by House of Cards, then Arrested Development, according to Bing. In fact, Orange is the New Black has been searched for more than all other Netflix shows combined.

The rank in search volume on Bing for Netflix shows has been like this:

1. Orange is the New Black
2. House of Cards
3. Arrested Development
4. Hemlock Grove
5. Lillyhammer

Orange is the New Black does have the advantage of being released more recently than the others, but the rest of the list doesn’t really indicate that recency of debut is playing much of a role, other than the fact that Lilyhammer is fifth. It was, of course, the earliest Netflix original. It’s unclear where Mako Mermaids factors into this. Out of the six, it is actually the newest, but hasn’t received nearly the publicity of the rest.

House of Cards has been out since the beginning of February, and it managed to take the number two spot. The fact that it is up for nine Emmys probably has something to do with it. Arrested Development and Hemlock Grove are also nominated in various categories.

Lilyhammer is the closest to having a second season available to watch. It’s due out sometime this year, while second seasons of OITNB, House of Cards and Hemlock Grove are all due out next year. Arrested Development is still up in the air, but it’s looking like a movie might be more likely than a fifth season.

“Laura Prepon was the most search for OITNB cast member, even ahead of series lead actress Taylor Schilling,” a Bing spokesperson says.

Orange is the New Black

You learn something new everyday… #SwollenFeet #OITNB

“Natasha Lyonne was searched for more than her American Pie co-star Jason Biggs,” he adds.

Both, of course, are in Orange is the New Black.

The top-searched OITNB cast members on Bing have been:

1. Laura Prepon
2. Taylor Schilling
3. Natasha Lyonne
4. Kate Mulgrew
5. Jason Biggs

“Kata Mara was searched more than any other House of Cards cast member, including Kevin Spacey,” the spokesperson notes.

The top-searched HoC cast members on Bing have been:

1. Kate Mara
2. Kevin Spacey
3. Robin Wright
4. Corey Stoll
5. Kristen Connolly

“Also, people like Kevin Spacey, Jason Biggs, Taylor Schilling, Laura Prepon, Robin Wright, Kate Mulgrew, and Natasha Lyonne show up in Snapshot in Bing,” the spokesperson adds.

Bing recently started adding more info about celebrities in its autosuggest feature as well.

‘Orange Is The New Black’ Is Being Searched For More Than All Other Netflix Shows Combined [Bing]
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