Oracle Responds To Real-Time Events

    July 12, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The company’s Event-Driven Middleware Suite debuted last month can complement service-oriented architectures with its pervasive messaging technology.

Popularity of service-oriented architectures (SOA) on standards-based platforms continues to grow. However, they are dependent on the input of the application user. Without that input, the SOA-based application is just the sound of one hand clapping.

Events happen frequently in a business, regardless of size. The movement of inventory, and its management, occupy business planners to a great extent. Technologies like RFID have helped in the administration of inventory levels.

But much more can be accomplished with the right technology solution. That’s what brought Oracle’s Kevin Clugage, product director of Oracle Fusion Middleware, to us via telephone today.

The product brings pervasive messaging to a business. It does so in a package that can scale from smaller companies to much larger enterprises. Since Oracle has based it on a standards-based platform, it should possess the extensibility a typical company needs to integrate it into existing operations.

Clugage provided an example of where such event-driven management can be of use. In an environment where certain sensitive products must be physically escorted out of a warehouse, the Middleware can track the RFID scan of a product unit and expect a subsequent scan of an authorized person’s ID to follow that within a few minutes.

If the preset timeframe between the product scan and ID scan passes without the second authorization, an event would be generated and communicated that a product may have left the facility without proper escort.

Oracle released the Fusion Middleware product in June. The Event-Driven Architecture consists of several components, which Clugage indicated would be hot-pluggable into an existing business’s processes:

•  Oracle Business Activity Monitoring – defines and analyzes event and event patterns;
•  Oracle Enterprise Service Bus – routes and distributes events between applications with no coding required;
•  Oracle Sensor Edge Server – captures, filters and manages events from physical sensors and automation equipment, including RFID;
•  Oracle Enterprise Messaging – delivers event messages reliably with configurable qualities-of-service; and
•  Oracle Business Rules – provides more flexible event routing and distribution via a high performance rules engine.

The automation that drives the real time responsiveness of Fusion Middleware can be an edge to those businesses that run a just-in-time inventory system. More information may be found online.

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