Oracle 10g Offers Integration With PHP Via Zend

    May 18, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The popular PHP scripting language gets a boost from database giant Oracle’s partnership with Zend Technologies.

A free download of Zend Core for Oracle will allow PHP developers to write applications in PHP that will work with Oracle’s database offerings. Availability will not be until the 3rd quarter, though.

“Oracle continues to support the open source and PHP developer community by providing them with a robust and proven infrastructure for development with our industry leading technology products including Oracle Application Server and Oracle Database,” said Christophe Job, vice president, Oracle Application Server Development.

Zend Core will be compatible with other software from Zend, such as Zend Platform and Zend Studio. Doron Gerstel, president and CEO of Zend Technologies, said: “Through our partnership with Oracle, PHP developers now have access to all the infrastructure necessary to build and deploy highly-reliable applications for enterprises of all sizes.”

The PHP scripting language, an open-source development, lets developers quickly build web applications capable of working with back-end databases.

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