Oprah’s Interview with Whitney Houston’s Family Broke the OWN Record with 3.5 Million Viewers

    March 12, 2012
    Heather Campobello
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Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Whitney Houston’s daughter (Bobbi Kristina), brother (Gary Houston), and sister-in-law and manger (Patricia Houston) on Sunday set an OWN record with over 3.5 million viewers. Winfrey’s new Own primetime series, Oprah’s Next Chapter, capitalized on Whitney’s demise and how the people closest to her wished her to be remembered. Prior to this exclusive interview, OWN’s 14-month run has never been able to capture so many viewers.

Bobbi Kristina shared that she treasured the relationship that she had with her mother and said that her favorite memories of her mother were when she was on stage performing. Bobbi plans to carry on her mother’s legacy through song and says her mother has prepared her to rise as a star. While her mother has passed away, Bobbi admitted to feeling her mother’s spirit “pass through her” and she even feels that Whitney is trying to communicate with her.

The interview also showed a powerful clip of Kevin Costner speaking at Whitney’s memorial about her fragile self-esteem. He said she always wondered if she was pretty or good enough, and while this helped her push through in the industry, he cited her insecurity as the reason for her final stumble. Bobbi also shared moments where her mother had exhibited a lack of confidence.

Her family said that Whitney took it really hard when her voice began to weaken and she became depressed. Patricia said the siren started to make excuses for not being able to hit the high notes and really struggled with her emotions.

Whitney’s family did not point a finger at ex-hubby Bobby Brown, despite the physical, verbal, and emotional abuse that was evident in their relationship. Apparently Bobbi and her father have a decent relationship and he has been reaching out to her throughout the mourning process.

The family denied rumors that they had asked Bobby to not attend the service; in fact they say that he “was supposed to be there.” But Bobby was not present during the memorial; he visited the lifeless Whitney before the service began.

The family was more appalled by a photo of Whitney dead in her coffin that was leaked and published by a tabloid. Her brother said that the act was plain “evil.”

While Whitney’s family is saddened, they say Whitney’s mother is taking it the hardest. Her mother refused to comment and seemed to be in desperate need of closure. What is most haunting is that Gary said their mother predicted that Whitney would die young and become an angel.

I am sure that more details about Whitney’s death and estranged dynamic with Bobby will unravel over the next few months.

  • Debbie

    Oprah, may have boosted her ratings but she failed miserably with the interview. It was stagged and raised more questions than answers. Oprah was tougher with Whitney’s interview than the interview with Pat. Very disappointed in Oprah. What this interview strictly to get good ratings? Oprah did not ask any follow-up questions that were pertinent. For example, if Whitney was Pat’s best friend, how could she not know what happened that Thursday night? There is no doubt Whitney discussed the incident with her. Also, Whitney left messages for Pat and she did not return the calls. A simple question, What did her messages say? What was Whitney’s state of mind? Oprah, Whitney was a great entertainer and her music filled my life for many years, and it will forever. It is very unfortunate that you chose to sugar coat Pat’s interview.

  • kevin

    personally i have been listening to the interview of whitney houston sister in law pat with oprah and i really think and feel that pat had a lot to do with her death.
    several reasons as to why i feel this way.
    1. upon hearing pat say that whitney tried several times in the course of the day to contact pat as pat ignored her calls while out and about leads speculation that pat knew what was about to happen to her and didnt want to be the one to blame so she ignored the calls. who would do such a thing and ignore someones calls all day? a person trying to hide something of course! then pat looks at her cell phone and noticed 2 missed calls from whitney and didnt call her back? really, why not?
    2. upon arriving back to the hotel pat heard screams and noticed whitneys hairdresser in tears on her knees on the floor of the hotel room in the hallway i take it near the room where whitney passed away raises more doubt as to why pat never addressed the hairdresser by asking whats wrong? pat just keeps walking on by the hairdresser. simply because she already knew.
    3. then again pat says that a woman opened her door and asked pat was everything alright? who was this mystery woman? that didnt call the front desk and report any of this or did she? instead of pat responding with a mere im not certain and or i hope so. she immediately ask this woman to dial 911. again pat knew.
    4. pat then reaches the room where she found her brother ray trying to revive whitney, at which point and time pat tells him to give up! really? how would pat know that he should do that not knowing what was wrong? again pat knew something.
    pat knows what she did and really if you look at all of her pictures you can see it written on her face and in her eyes.
    5. pat also states that she went out with whitney in her final days because she was concerned! really pat? and you told no one of your concerns? why so then ignore whitneys calls if you were so concerned? that says it all. pat did it and she sold the pictures of whitney in her casket to the national inquire as well. smh. case closed