Oprah Winfrey Finds Lindsay Lohan Hard To Work With

    January 17, 2014
    Daryl Nelson
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When word got out that Oprah Winfrey’s OWN was releasing a reality show surrounding Lindsay Lohan’s life, the world uttered a collect “Oh-Oh,” because we all know that Lohan hasn’t shown the most amount of responsibility in the past several years. And now Winfrey is experiencing some of that irresponsibility first hand.

“There’ve been bumpety-bumps, bumpety bumps,” said Winfrey in an interview with the E! channel.

But despite those challenges, it seems the show will still air on March 9. At least as far as Winfrey can tell. “But as far as I know, as of right now, whatever time this is, we’re still filming. And that’s a part of it, that’s part of live, that’s part of coming out and trying to put your life together,” she said.

Most people first heard that Lohan and Winfrey were working together when the red-haired actress sat down with Winfrey in a no-holds-barred interview last year, but reports came out that Lohan was up to her usual tricks of jumping on a plane and leaving the country without telling anybody.

In fact, the person from E! interviewing Winfrey alerted her to the fact that Lohan was out of the country, much to the former-talk show host’s surprise. “You would probably know more than I do,” said Winfrey, when she was told that Lohan wasn’t in the States at the moment. “As far as I know we’re still filming. Do you know something?”

It’ll be interesting to see if Lohan completes the necessary amount of filming to get a decent show in, and if Winfrey has the patience to even deal with the 27-year old actress for a long period of time. But either way, it doesn’t seem that Winfrey is hiding her frustration, because when she showed a clip of the show to TV critics, she can be heard chastising Lohan. “My truth is, I really do want you to win, but if that isn’t what you want, I’m okay with that. I will tell these guys to pack up and leave today,” she said.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • Fake

    Oprah is as fake as the events on 9/11 and that is pretty fake.

    • @Fake

      That is pretty funny. Funny but true. Here is what gets me about 9/11. All people saw with their own eyes were two planes hitting two buildings. That is it. The rest they were told by the government.

      Yet, on that day Building 7 fell, the Pentagon was hit, and a crash happened in Shanksville (supposedly). I have a friend in Shanksville and he told me that there wasn’t a plane. There was nothing. In fact, it was weird because the NTSB was supposed to be at the wreckage site, but they weren’t there. He pointed that out to me when we looked at the pictures of the clean up crew.

      But the point is that all we really saw was two planes —- the rest we were told. I have also been to the Pentagon. Their are cameras everywhere. There should have been many pictures of a plane. Honestly, what I think hit the Pentagon was a drone painted as a plane. I have talked to many pilots who had experience flying 757s. Everyone of them told me it would be impossible to fly a 757, six feet off the ground, and hit the Pentagon. The g-forces that are required to make the approaching pattern are so great that a person who black out when doing them. That plane was also going over 450 knots. The pilots I spoke with referred me to Pilots for 9/11 truth and I likewise refer everyone to that site.

      If you travel, wait by your gate and talk to a pilot. I am serious. Most pilots will talk with you if they can. Most are pretty good people. Ask them if a 757 can be flown 6 feet off the ground at 450 knots. See what they tell you.