Opera to Reinvent the Web Next Tuesday

...and it's not Opera 10

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Next Tuesday at 9:00 am Opera is going to reinvent the web.

Sigh. How many times has the web been "reinvented" now? I’ve lost count… but could this time be different?

What does Opera have up their sleeve? Tell us what you think.

Opera's reinventing the web

Naturally, we just thought that the reinvention was going to be the launch Opera 10 after we first saw the cryptic page over on the developer’s website. At first glance nothing seems out of the ordinary, but if you view the source of the page you see the following message…

We start our little story with the invention of the modern day computer.
Over the years, the computers grew in numbers, and the next natural step in the evolution was to connect them together. To share things … 

The message just ends with three dots, but it appears that the message is continued over on Opera’s Twitter account.

Opera Tweet

So when the message is pieced together… what does it mean? We’re not quite sure, but it seems much larger than just the launch of Opera 10.

OnSoftware received the following message when they requested a preview of the reinvention…

Our request for a preview was answered with a cryptic message stating that Opera will be unveiling ‘a new technology‘ on Tuesday, and that there’ll be a live webcast.

New technology? Something to do with the cloud
maybe? I’ll guess we’ll find out on Tuesday.

Opera to Reinvent the Web Next Tuesday
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  • http://bloggerstop.net Sai @ Blogger Templates

    But as these little networks grew, some computers gained more power than the rest and called themselves servers …

  • Guest

    You just know this is going to be disappointing.
    As soon as someone says “reinvent” or “Revolutionise” you just know it means rebadged or added a wow feature with a shelf life of 3 minutes….or am I being too cynical.

    OK, the clue’s suggest client server technology, I know, it’s JavaScript+ or a technology to make it easier for Flash to access server site data sources to make it sort of like Silverlight but in a revolutionary way.

  • Guest

    Why bother to report such trivia ?

  • Guest

    Is the image with the clouds and the thunder arrow (flash) telling us something?

  • http://www.dbd-sxa-psycho.webs.com Victoria

    It mentions “some computers gained more power than the rest and called themselves servers …” So it would be very stupid to say that there isn’t anything going on with servers. (DUH) But since I only use Opera, and I’m no coding expert or really use Opera other than to check out my website for any glitches, I really can’t say much more. (Yes, for anyone who wants to comment me on the sheer stupidity I’ve displayed, I am a bit brainless at times and can point out the obvious shamelessly.)

  • Guest

    Doesn’t Opera’s mobile browser work by loading the page on their server then sending it to the phone? Sounds like some kind of cloud-web browsing experience for desktops maybe.

  • http://bloggerstop.net Sai @ Blogger Templates

    “…Today, millions of people are connected together in a great web …

    I think it is coming up with a new browser which is somewhat similar to FLOCK (a browser with easy access to social networking sites) !

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